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Passenger Transportation Serbia


Our fleet consist of various vehicles of all possible capacities and sizes, from economy vehicles to compact ones, luxury limousines for business occasions to family cars, minibuses and buses/coaches for taking organized groups to the major cities or the farthermost places in the country and abroad.

We extend our vast array of services by the new offers, tailored to your particular needs. In that sense, we can offer you short term/long-term bus or car rental, along with the intercity, long distance and airport transport. We take organize tours by vans, minibuses or coaches regardless of the distance or location.

One of our most popular services are airport shuttle transfers –we are providing full door-to-door support, picking you on the airport and driving you to the desired location (e.g. hotel). This service is available for groups of all sizes – from individual transfers to large groups. Our professional drivers are multilingual and will help you during the drive if you require any assistance. At your disposal are luxurious limousines like Mercedes S class 2012, Mercedes E class 2012, BMW 320d, Skoda Octavia 2013 or Skoda Fabia 2013. We accept all major credit cards.

professional moving & transport service

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airport transfer and transport
airport transfers
airport transport
bus transport
hire mini bus
international transport
international transport of passengers
passanger transport
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Jasički put bb
Kruševac , 37000
Tel.: 060/411-15-00
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  • Fila
  • Mango
  • Millers
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • SAS

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"Auzzie Quality" - Quality clothing!

Our company, "Auzzie Quality" deals with selling of quality new and second hand clothing which is imported directly from Australia.

In our assortment you can find clothing collection for men, women and children: jackets, jumpers, T-shirts, dresses, trousers, shirts, spacesuits, hats, scarves, summer mix, sweat suits...

In "Auzzie Quality" you can dress up for any occasion: elegant, sport, business...

In "Auzzie Quality" you can choose between quality materials like cotton, jeans or leather...

We would like to emphasize from the offer of "Auzzie Quality", the quality jumpers made of Australian wool, which is the most popular in the world.

From the trade marks "Auzzie Quality" offers: Millers, SAS, Mango, Puma, Nike, Fila...

The price of 1kg of merchandise is from 150-600 dinars and depends on what kind of purchase you`re interested in:

- Merchandise which is packed in bags, 10-15kg/bag
- Choosing one-by-one or by piece,
- Classified merchandise
- Mix clothes, for example different clothing for summer or winter mix.

For more detailed information you can call us by phone or write an e-mail:

Sales manager: Predrag Milovanović
Tel.: 060/4 111 500
Tel.: 069/4 111 500

Tel.: 060/4 111 503
Tel.: 060/4 111 504

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Branded clothes
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Eko Vent Tehnika company deals with design, sale and installation of ventilation, air conditioning, heating equipment and eco-systems.
A team of engineers, with long experience in this field, offers you adequate solutions for your requirements. The company works only with certified equipment of renowned manufacturers. For all the works and equipment, company provides warranty and service.
# household appliances
# electric thermo fans
# heaters
# heating
# domestic heating
# heating for industry
# Industrial fans
# heater
# bathroom heaters
# quartz heaters
# quartz oven and furnaces
# air humidity taker
# heating equipment
# equipment for air conditioning
# heating system
# installation of air conditioners
# installation of ventilation systems
# air technique
# air curtains
# ventilation channels
# fans


Eko Vent Tehnika Ltd.
Temerinski put 8
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/6413-777
Fax: 021/021/6413-777
Mobil: 065/47-12-812

E-mail: info@ekovent.rs, office@ekovent.rs, prodaja@ekovent.rs
Web: www.ekovent.rs

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 Smoke exhaust fans
aerator system
aerator system installation
air conditioning equipment
air technics 
axial fan
Backward bladed centrifugal fans
Cabinet fans
centrifugal fan
Corrosion proof centrifugal fans
duct fans
electric thermo fans
Explosion proof fans
Forward curved bladed centrifugal fans
Heat recovery unit
heating industries
In line centrifugal fans
industrial fans
modular fan
plastic centrifugal fans
Roof fans
Speed regulators
 Smoke exhaust fans
aerator system
aerator system installation
air conditioning equipment
air technics 
axial fan
Backward bladed centrifugal fans
Cabinet fans
centrifugal fan
Corrosion proof centrifugal fans
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ABS COMMERCE Ltd. is importer and distributer of profiles for finishing works from World famous manufacturers GENESIS and PROLUX. The products we sale are first class profiles what enables modern and long lasting solutions for all problems what can appear in finishing works.

    In our product range you can find:

  • PVC profiles

  • Profiles for moisture insulation

  • Profiles for wall edge protection

  • Borders

  • Dilatation profiles

  • Metal profiles

  • Profiles for stair protection

  • Transition

  • Crosses 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm

In our product range you can find two component, epoxy tile mass STARLIKE what is acid proof and it is suitable for grouting joints from 2mm up to 10mm width.
Tile mass STARLIKE contains of 3collections CLASSIC, GLAMOUR, METALLIC. With addition of special finishing colors to the basic color you can reach 94 different tones.

    STARLIKE grout is suitable for applications:

  • In areas that are subject to aggressive chemical actions (dairies, bakeries, breweries, slaughterhouses, etc.)

  • It is suitable for acid installation and grouting of floor and wall tiles, mosaics outside and inside too

  • Grouting of the pool and water tank with thermal and salt water

  • Floors and coatings of bathroom and shower cabins

  • Kitchen work tiles

  • Terraces and balconies

  • Floor heating

STARLIKE grout can be used as adhesive for setting up mosaics.

More contacts:

  • Predstavništvo u Beogradu:
    Pariske Komune 39.
    E-mail: abscom@open.telekom.rsTel.: 011/3016-150,  Fax: 011/2608-420
  • Tel.: 011/2608-421, 

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accessories for bathroom
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium slats
aluminum and plastic profile
bathroom accessories
bathroom equipment
bathroom equipment
bathroom shelves
bathroom slats
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Wholesale of hand tools and equipments
General importer and distributor for Serbia for the next brands: Extol, Extol Premium, Fortum, Herom from Czech Republic

The company Madal Bal was established in 1978 in Switzerland. We are successfully operating in over than ten countries.

In this part of Europe (Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.) we are dealing with wholesale of tools. Reason of the relationship between high quality and price is a unified line of business from the factory to the wholesaler.

In addition to high quality and affordable prices for us important is that our tools look good.

    Our brands are:

  • Extol - high quality hobby tools for really affordable prices

  • Extol premium - half professional tools. Exceptional quality and price ratio.

  • Fortum - professional tools for affordable prices

  • Heron - high quality aggregators, virtually noise-free digital generators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

    Our offer of tools and equipments:
  • screwdriver

  • Bits for screws

  • Keys

  • Pliers

  • Gedore sets

  • Allen, torks keys

  • hammers

  • Knives, Skalper inserts

  • Masonry tools

  • measuring tools

  • Taps, cutter knives

  • screws

  • Clamps

  • Staplers

  • Paint brushes

  • Drills, cutters

  • Blades for saws

  • Cutting and grinding wheels

  • Wire brushes and abrasive tools

  • Accessories for electrical machines

  • garden tools

  • Fortum professional keys

  • Fortum professional gedora

  • Aggregators, noise-free aggregators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

Ostali podaci:

Centrala: Tel.: 024/622-134 Tel.: 024/622-133
E-mail: info@madalbal.rs

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Extol Premium

Accessories for electric machines
Blades for saws
Cutting wheels
delivery pump
electric hand tool
electrical tools
Extol premium 
Fortum professional keys
garden tool
gas station
Gedore sets
hand tool
hand tools
high quality tools
hobby tools
imbus torks keys
import of tools
Knives knife inserts
Masonry Tools
Measuring Tools
paint brushes
professional tools
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Marcom-Plast is direct importer, distributor and service for Leister plastic welding machine in Serbia, and Montenegro.

Our effort and your trust was worth, we got certificates for "Basic Plastic Welding" and "Repair Training Basic" from the Swedish company Leister.
Also we have become part of "Process Heat" family.

With this certificates the company Leister confirms that it is satisfied with our work as their official importer, distributor and service center for this area.

Our efforts will not stop here and we will continue to strive to improve our services to sales and service of Leister products.

Leister is a Swedish company, company with a reputation that is already 60 years old. the world market leader in production of:
- blowers
- unit to hot air welding of waterproofing membrane, plastics, awning, roof and floor insulation, car repair, etc.

We are located in Belgrade - Obrenovac, but in agreement with you, we can provide delivery of goods to you. For all products and services that we offer we provide technical support, warranty and service.

For more information visit our website:



Marcom-plast d.o.o:

SR 106807277

Matični broj:

tel/fax: 011/41-27-058
mob: 060/41-27-058

tel: 060/317-2714
Gandijeva 5 Lamela B Lokal 3
11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija

E-mail: office@marcom-plast.rs

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 welding of tarpaulins
blowers for welding
machines for plasticization   
machines for plastification
plastic welding
reparation of tanks
tarpaulin welding
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Fireplaces are the elements of the room that draw attention by their appearance, form and function. We tend to say that fireplaces ennoble and heat the space and the soul. That`s why we believe that special attention should be given to the development of each one of the fireplaces, so that they fit into a given space, the interior, into the wishes of their future owner.

Many times the question is being asked if it is possible to build a functional fireplace at a given place, which already possesses a chimney and other specific conditions.

For these reasons, we do not develop typical fireplaces, which are stuck to a particular place, but we opted for an individual approach to every fireplace. Thats why we are proud to say that we have never created two identical fireplaces. Each one of them is beautiful in its own way, each has its own story, its own soul - each one is unique.

* fireplaces * gas fireplaces * bio fireplaces * electric fireplaces * grills * pizza ovens * bakeries * semi-products


Pavel Kulja

Cell phone: 063-8251-610
Tel/fax: 013-667-687

Ive Andrića 6
Padina 26215



More contacts:

  • direktor Pavel Kulja
    Tel.: 063-8251-610, 

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barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces for floor heating
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
fireproof material fire clay
gas fireplaces
open fireplace
pizza oven 
barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces for floor heating
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
fireproof material fire clay
gas fireplaces
open fireplace
pizza oven 
barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
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service description:

The company, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža has been present on the Serbian market since 1958. The new owners follow European trends, that`s why they constantly widen the assortment of the goods which we offer to our regular and potential customers and partners.

Besides metal procession, metal ware, screws, fasteners, racks, holders, stands, metal structures according to the customer`s order, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža also has its wholesale where in the first place we offer the following:

KRAUSE - Werk GmbH Germany - the program of professional aluminum ladders, movable construction stands, facade scaffolds.

Tools for masons, painters, carpenters (jointers, scrapers, spreaders, protective fence for construction works...) Concrete mixer - LIV - Slovenia.

Agricultural hand tools - MUTA Slovenia, (villas, spades, shovels, rakes, hoes, pickaxes, axes, scythes, sickles and agricultural carts, mill carts, sprayers...)

Welding machines and protective equipment, as well as electrodes (Jadran, VAC wire...), Varstroj.

Spraying devices, watering equipment, lawnmowers, motor hoes and many other items for wide consumption for home and professional use.

Wheels of all kinds - LIV WHEELS - Postojna, and all this at affordable prices.

"METAL" a.d. - Kanjiža
24420 Kanjiža, Put Narodnih heroja 10. Serbia
TEL: +(381) 024-874-243, +(381) 024-874-138
FAX: +(381) 024-873-707

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aluminum ladder
bricklaying tools
cnc metal processing
equipment for irrigation and watering
Facade scaffolding
facade scaffolding
garden tool
locksmith good metal construction
machine metal processing
metal construction
metal goods
powered saw lawnmower
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service description:

About us

Mp Tropic d.o.o. was established in 2005, and deals with import and sale of pyrotechnic resources (first, second, third and fourth class). We have all permits MUP for sale.

We are organizing fireworks for all occasions too, such as:

  • Various events

  • Meetings

  • Concerts

  • Weddings, birthdays

  • We use only the goods that was examined by the Ministry of Interior.
    We have cars for transporting explosive materials.

    We are making performance stage effects too, in the internal (closed) region : Smokeless fountains, colored flames, dry ice (heavy fog), performance fireworks from water surface (directly from water).

    Our workers have all necessary certificates for performing and organizing fireworks for all kind of events. In our shops we offer pyrotechnics (1st and 2nd class), and equipments for hunting. In our shops you can find ammunition and weapons of all calibres too.

    Contact Us


    Sedište: Zmaj Jovina 7, Novi Banovci

    Tel: 022 / 349 - 443; 022 / 342 - 692

    E-mail: mptropic@ptt.rs; mptropic@gmail.com

    Web: www.mptropic.co.rs; www.pirotehnika-mptropic.rs

    More contacts:

    • direktor Pavlović MIlan
      Tel.: 063-528-860, 

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    amateur pyrotechnics
Arms and ammunition
arms sales
battery sales vatrometnih
box fireworks
colorful confetti
equipment for hunting and fishing
firecrackers and rockets
firework beograd
firework cake
firework organization
firework performance
fireworks beograd
fireworks Cake
fireworks for  cakes
fireworks for weddings
fireworks sale
fireworks shop
    Company Info ::::.
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    Pap Pala 17
    Subotica , 24000
    Tel.: 024/622-136
    Fax: 024/551-100
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    • Burberry
    • Bvlgari
    • Calvin Klein
    • Carolina Herrera
    • Cristina Aguilera
    • Dior
    • DON JUAN
    • Elizabeth Arden
    • Gianfranco Ferre
    • Giorgio Armani
    • Hugo Boss
    • Kozmetika MIRJANA
    • LALA krema
    • Lancome
    • Naomi Campbell
    • Nina Ricci
    • ONE COAT
    • Paco Rabanne
    • Roberto Cavalli
    • Salvador Dali
    • Versace
    • Yves Saint Laurent

    service description:

    Dear friends,




    Tel.: 024/622-136

    GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS, "InterŠped Shop"

    SALE! "InterŠped Shop" has prepared a new discount offer for You! for ONLY 790 dinars BUY 9,5 kgs of "WEST" loundry powder! Sale lasts until the stock lasts!


    What else do we have in our offer?
    You can look at the part of it on: www.poklon.co.rs



    *** INTERŠPED SHOP ***

    Subotica ul. Pap Pala 17
    Tel. : 024/622-136 Fax: 024/551-100
    Tel. : 024/622-137 Tel.: 024/622-138
    Tel. : 024/622-139

    E-mail: interspedshop@gmail.com

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Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Cristina Aguilera
Elizabeth Arden
Gianfranco Ferre
Giorgio Armani
Hugo Boss
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    service description:

    The company "Ženeva Evro S" Ltd. was established in 1988 as a family business. It was dealing with sale of groceries, chemistry and drinks.

    Over the years all with the goal of completing and improving the supply for our customers, the company has expanded its activities.

    The market "Ženeva Evro S" was built in 2000, and it has a wide range of food industrial products, chemistry, drink and school supplies in its offer. We pay special attention to our customers and their needs.

    We also have discounts on certain products, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have special weekend price reductions with 10% discount on products (except bread, sugar, oil, newspaper and tobacco products).

    The company opened a shop in Lesnica where customers can buy fresh baked goods of own production, from 2012 Mini pani pastry.
    There was opened a confectionery too, with high-quality pastries and cakes, and all kinds of warm and cold drinks.

    In 2007. the company is entering a phase of intensive development, it begins with production of pasta and later production of confectionery products.
    In our offer we have more than 90 products, we distribute to the whole territory of Serbia.

    In 2010 the company opened another one retail shop in Brezjak where it sells groceries, chemistry and drinks.
    In this shop we also have discounts on certain products, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have weekend price reductions with 10% discount (except bread, sugar, oil, newspaper and tobacco products).

    Agriculture is the future of our country and consequently "Ženeva Evro S" invested in fruit growing, so the company now has 8 acres of land with apple and pear trees.

    We believe that the best indicators of our business are growth and development of our company are satisfied customers in the territory of Serbia, and out of it.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 015/841-441, 
    • Tel.: 015/841-442, 
    • Tel.: 015/841-008, 

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bakery pastry making
biscuit and cake production
confectionery products
culinary yeast
distribution of food items
distribution of mini pastries
fashion shop
fasting gingerbread
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 426820
    Apatinski put 69
    Sombor , 25100
    Tel.: 025/433-710
    Fax: 025/433-710
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    service description:

    Mexsell shop for mobile phone parts:

    With wire and wireless headphones for mobile phones

    Memory cards
    They are used for wanted content collecting and storing.

    Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for mobiles and stable telephones

    Chargers for mobile

    Masks and keyboards for mobiles

    Cases from different materials (plush, leather, etc.) and dimensions for mobiles and digital cameras

    Usb connections are used for connectioning the mobiles to computers in order to exchange datas

    Working hours:

    weekdays 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
    saturdays 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.


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    batteries for phones 
business cell phones
cell phone service
cell phones service
household charger
memory cards
mobile phone
telephone and equipment
telephone equipment
telephone service 
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    service description:

    EB barbecue are made of vibro concrete with an appropriate combination of additives. Therefore, its features are strenghtness and durability.

    The most important part of a barbicue is the stokehole. Therefore EB fireplace grill are made of specially shaped chamotte, which design is functionally adapted to save energy (wood, charcoal, gas, electricity ...).

    The number and type of additional components, such as stainless steel bars, skewers, kettles and more, the buyer choose oneself. In accordance with customer requirements, on the chimney of each grill can be mounted a mini dryer. Eurobet company performs transportation services and grill installation.

    EB 130 and EB 2130 barbecue models are for professional use. EB 130 can be delivered in variants with one or two skewers, as EB 2130 has three skewers.

    In addition to exceptional economy and grill practicality, Eurobet company provides its customers the possibility of selecting colors. In this way, the EB grill can be fitted in coloring of each environment (interior and exterior).

    EB barbecues are exclusive, highly functional and high quality design, a prerequisite of real gastronomical satisfaction in your restaurant, home, villa, yard, garden ...


    BARSKI PUT 188
    e-mail: eurobet@sbb.rs

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concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
    Company Info ::::
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    Petefi Šandora 56.
    Senta , 24400
    Tel.: 024/827-505
    Fax: 024-827-505
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    service description:

    Second Hand Clothes

    Euroshop is established in 1997. Our occupation for the last 3 years is to wholesale second hand clothes from England, Italy and Netherlands.

    We import clothes which are sorted and classed. From February 2009. we started to import new Stock clothes from Europe.

    We exclusively sell classified and sorted second hand clothes, what means seasonal sorted and sorted by class, like I class, II class, extra class and cream class.
    In our shop price and quality are equal, prices are from 2,9 to 20euro.
    Packages are from 30 to 50kg in transparent bags.

    Our goods can be found in more than 120 shops in Serbia.


    1st class mix (skirts, blouses, tunic, shirts, T-shirts, etc.) without pants 4,5
    I + extra mix 7,5
    extra mix + cream mix 10
    1st class + extra jeans 5,5
    1st class + extra - summer pants 7
    extra summer pants 10
    I + extra transitional pants 5,5
    I short pants 6
    1st class vests 6
    extra vests 8
    extra leather 12,5
    1st class leather 7,5
    extra swimsuit 12,9
    extra underclothing 12,9
    1st class + extra childrens clothes 8,5
    1st class jacket for man 6,5
    extra summer blezer 9
    extra sport 9
    extra mens long sleeve shirts 7,5
    extra jeans 9
    pijama 1st class 4,5
    domaćinsto 4,5
    domaćinsto extra 4,5

    All goods listed, nice complex in clear bags.

    Petefi Šandora 56 Senta
    Telefon: 024/827-505 i 063/529-530

    Retail and wholesale in Zemun:

    Sremskih boraca 6/A


    business hours od 10-18 č


    Senta, Petefi Šandora 56
    I klasa roba

    Subotica, Jovana Mikića 56
    I klasa + extra roba

    Novi Sad, Svetrozara Miletića 43
    I klasa + extra roba

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    second hand clothes 
second hand Serbia 
second-hand clothes shop
second-hand clothes shop Szabadka
secondhand clothes shop
secondhand clothes shop
sorted second hand goods
wholesale of second hand goods
second hand clothes 
second hand Serbia 
second-hand clothes shop
second-hand clothes shop Szabadka
secondhand clothes shop
secondhand clothes shop
sorted second hand goods
wholesale of second hand goods
second hand clothes 
second hand Serbia 
second-hand clothes shop
    Company Info ::::
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    service description:

    I have the bottle for you...

    New product - wine bottle 187 ml

    In order to the constant development of our portfolio, to satisfy the demands of our existing and future customers, we present You the newest product of HemoTehna, the WINE BOTTLE, which capacity is 0,187 l.

    The new bottle is ideal for packaging of wine which is served in restaurants, hotels, mini bars, planes... The high elaboration of the plastic results transparency, high shine, firmness and law weight - it`s light but still unbreakable. The bottle is so smooth that all labels perfectly fit, while the standard green color preserves the quality of the wine. Of course it can be produced in other colors too. There are plastic and metal caps that are used for closing.

    "HemoTehna" Ltd Company from Subotica was founded in April, 1991. We started the production of PET packaging in 1994, and modernized it with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. So we increased the capacity of the production, expanded the assortment and improved the quality of the packaging.

    As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer`s demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

    From Sempember 2007 the management of the company established a sustainable directing system that meets the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

    PET Polyethylene terephthalate is our choice first of all because of the technical characteristics this material offers. It is an attractive material, has good mechanical features, transparency and gloss. It substitutes conventional materials because it is cheap, weighs little, it is resistant to hits, grease and emulsifiers. One of its most important characteristics is that it is reusable.

    In the last few years, "Hemotehna" Ltd. focused research on the issue of physical deformities on PET bottles. The problem occurred after bottling content that have a tendency to react later, which led to retraction of the bottle. To solve this problem, we offer caps with ventilated liners.


    PET packaging for Food Industry: this PET packaging has a wide purpose of use: to pack oil, vinegar, distilled water, drinks, wine and similar.

    PET packaging for household chemicals: this PET packaging is designed to pack household chemicals, liquid window cleaners, liquid fertilizers for plants and similar.

    PET packaging for energy drinks: this PET packaging is designed to pack energy drinks and similar products.

    PET packaging for Pharmaceutical Industry: this group of PET packaging is designed to pack pharmaceutical products.

    PET packaging for alcoholic drinks: this group of PET packaging is for alcoholic drinks, ethereal oils, different elixirs and similar.

    PET packaging for Chemical Industry: this group of PET packaging is to pack chemicals for agriculture, and it is also designed to pack medicines nad powdered products.

    Više o nama i našim proizvodima: www.plasticna-boca.rs

    Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-136
    Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-176
    Fax: +381(0) 24-547-658


    your images:


bottle of brandy
bottles for pharmaceutics
bottles of oil
cosmetic package
distilled water
industry plastic packing 
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 952713
    Milunke Savić bb
    Jošanička Banja, 36345
    Tel.: 064/968-9-373
    Fax: 036-5478-208
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    service description:

    The company SZR GRANIT was established in 1966. We are in Jošanička Banja near Kraljevo. Our main activity is processing natural granite and marble. Of these precious materials our experienced team makes tombstones, stairs, bars... We are also covering private and public buildings with floor and wall granite and marble slabs, with all types of domestic and imported materials. We guarantee first class materials and service.



    More contacts:

    • direktor Branko Ostojić

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    ashlar granite marble
bathroom equipment
granite sale
kitchen plates
mosaic tiles
stonework shop
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 489988
    Dragačevska bb
    Vranje , 17500
    Tel.: 017/400-412
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    service description:

    The company Herc doo was established in 2000. We are producing leather shoes for men and women. We are producing a wide range of classic and fashion shoes from first class natural leather.
    The combination of highly educated professional team and contemporary technology guarantees the highest quality of our products which meats the European standards.

    Our wholesale supplies more shoe stores in all largest cities of Serbia. The complete assortment of our leather shoes you can see in our stores:

    1. Vranje - street Proleterskih brigada 113
    2. Trgoviste - street Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica
    3. Bujanovac - Karadjordja Petrovica 21
    4. Belgrade Borca - street Valjevskog odreda 29

    Dragačevska bb
    Vranje, 17500
    Tel.: 017 / 400 - 412
    Dušan: 062 / 242 703
    Jelena: 062/ 242 805
    Web: www.hercobuca.rs
    E-mail: jelenaherc@yahoo.com

    your images:

    classic shoes
fashion shoes
leather shoes producing
men shoes producing
shoes for women
womans shoes 
women shoes producing
women's fashion footwear
classic shoes
fashion shoes
leather shoes producing
men shoes producing
shoes for women
womans shoes 
women shoes producing
women's fashion footwear
classic shoes
fashion shoes
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 1855298

    service description:

    PEZOS Company is reliable supplier of first class seamless steel pipes, steel and messing welding fittings, flanges, zinc coated steel pipes and other products used in all kinds of system building and mantaince projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport.

    PEZOS export-import d.o.o. is direct importer of:

    1. first class seamles steel pipes - by DIN, ASTM and EN standards
    2. steel welding fittings - elbows, tees, elbows with reduced pressure, torispherical heads
    3. flanges
    4. industrial valves
    5. zinc coated steel pipes

    We have developed succesfull cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies which are working on a system building and mantaince projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport...

    Through the years we have devoted special attention to the development of our company and building its business image. We constantly insist on providing continually excellent product along with best service.

    Our aim is to expand our cooperation both with the domastic and foreign companies in order to make better future !

    - Seamless pipe
    - Seamless steel pipe
    - Fittings for welding
    - Galvanized pipe
    - Brass fittings
    - Industrial valves
    - Flanges and flange sets
    - Welding electrodes
    - Manometers and thermometers
    - Other products used for system maintenance
    - Gasification and heating works, oil and gas transports.


    EN 10216-1, 10216-2, EN10220, DIN 2448, DIN
    API 5L, ANSI , Grade B, X42, St35.8, DIN17175, ASME SA 106,
    ASTM A106, ASME B36.10 , PED 97/23 EC ...


    your images:

 steel tubes
air conditionings
ASME B36.10
building reinforcement Serbia
central heating
civil engineering
DIN 2448
elbows tees caps
EN 10216-1
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 747661
    Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 40
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 063/88-68-455
    Fax: 021 6301 427
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    • Daf
    • FAP
    • Iveco
    • Man
    • Mercedes
    • Tam
    • Volvo

    service description:

    Production and import of spare parts for trucks. We sell all kinds of repressed bearings and drive shaft carriers.

    Product-In Ltd. is a company which was established in 1981. in Indija. The occupation is mostly producing of parts from metal, rubber and plastic.


    We produce spare parts for trucks. The main products are all kinds of repressed bearings and drive shaft carriers,axle trap, shaft spring, hanger spring, bronze capsules of all types, mainstreams, screws. Our products are made of metal (high quality metal), cast iron from well known foundries, plastic and rubber.


    Our services are: welding (various materials), turning, milling, cutting to fi-500 mm, fine grinding, drilling, etc. We have 12 machines in our production. There are series production and piece production by sample or technical drawing. We repair drive shaft carriers and water pumps.


    We also trade spare parts from import - Man and Mercedes. Those are clutch sets, water pumps, air valves, clutch systems, drive shaft carriers, etc. There is an opportunity of goods import by order thus the goods are not in our domain.


    From January 1st we are repairing Wolksvagen vehicles and marketing vehicles too.


    More contacts:

    • Nebojša Ilkić
      Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 40 Novi Sad
      Tel.: 063/1796-574, 

    your images:


bearing sale
cardan import
cardan service
crankshaft bearings
cross shaft
lorry spare parts
parts for trucks
repair center gimbal
spare parts
spare parts for freight vehicles
spare parts for vehicles
truck equipment
universal joint crosses
universal joints and bearings
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 891163

    service description:


    Cvetic Design is a young company producing baby and children equipments.

    The main activity of the company is production, wholesale and sale of cotton clothes for babies and children.

    We offer baby equipments for newborns 0/3 months: baby shirts, caps, bibs, baby kits, pajamas, pampers shorts, skim, sweat.

    Buying clothes for babies is a challenge for parents.
    At the request of experienced mothers we have made body, rabbit, body shirt to make you easier dressing up your baby.

    With mixing natural materials we made a baby collection so we offer pants, track suit pants, baby sweats, sweat jackets, shirts, vests, dresses.
    To help your child feel comfortable and pleasant look at our childrens collection of track suit, sweat, track suit pants, body shirts, pajamas in happy colors and terry products such as towels, bathrobes.
    Childrens sport wear is designed to be easy to wear easy to move.

    For girls we have made tights, tunics, skirts, body shirts, where we have paid a special attention not just to material but for gentle and cheerful colors.
    In our new collection spring - summer you can find T-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, capri pants, baby doll pajamas and a lot of models of T-shirts.

    your images:

    Piccolo Popolo

baby bib
baby blouses
baby body
baby body athletes
baby clothes
baby clothing
baby collection
baby dresses
baby equipments
baby kits
baby knitwear
baby pajamas 
baby rabbit
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 463399
    Vardarska 8/a
    Zrenjanin, 23100
    Tel.: 023/542-098
    Fax: 023/542-098
    on the map

    service description:

    The stocking factory Imsaplet-zr was established in 1995.

    Our production program consists of cotton socks for children and adults, which are produced from the finest imported yarns. This provides recognizable quality.

    Modern machinery and professional staff trained in Italy provides very precise production and diverse ways of weaving, what gives to socks extra quality. Our products are made in a wide range of colors and patterns. All products have a bar code, and they are packed in quality cardboard label with opening, which enables hanging on different kinds of shelves.

    We are proud that we have a unique company for manufacturing cotton socks that provides for you high quality at the lowest price in the market.

    Our products can be found on the market in former republics of Yugoslavia.

    It features our precision and accuracy of deliveries, while respecting your time and deadlines that we agree. All items that we offer are made exclusively of high quality cotton yarn, which provides increased durability of our products. All our item meets all the standards.

    Ten pair of socks are packed in aggregate bag (as protection from dirt) with the same pattern, color and size. Because of the large number of different combinations of childrens socks we specially sort them by customers request.

    More contacts:

    • direktor gdin. Emil Šarvari
      Tel.: 063/8015-526, 
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 773178

    service description:

    Alta Moda company was established in 2004, in Subotica, wishing to bring new waves of fashion to the Serbian market, especially fashion and business programs, dictated by Italian trends.

    Alta Moda is a family company which has successfully developed the volume of business from year to year. It is reflected through numerous wholesale distributions but also in retail sale like boutiques, perfumeries, bookstores, gift shops...

    Listening constantly to the wishes and needs of our customers, in the yer of 2005 we significantly expanded the range of products.

    To our great satisfaction, in 2005 and 2006 we became general distributors of brands Renato Balestra, Carraro, Dielle and Perletti.

    We are looking forward to lead you - as our new future business partner - into the world of Carraro, Ferre, Dielle, R. Balestra...

    In our wide sales program you can find the following products:

    * bags for women
    * bags for men
    * wallets
    * gloves
    * scarves, shawls, ponchos
    * hats, caps

    * belts
    * ties
    * jewelry boxes
    * manicure sets
    * vanity cases
    * mirrors
    * pendants

    * suitcases
    * suitcase sets
    * travelling bags
    * sports bags

    * briefcases
    * small accessories
    * table maps

    * gum boots for children
    * rain coats
    * water jackets
    * umbrellas

    * matting
    * scarves and hats
    * beach slippers
    * skirts and t-shirts
    * beach bags


    your images:

Renato Balestra

advertisement bags
advertising good
backpacks and bags
bags for women and men
belts for women and men
business bags
canvas bags
coat hair home textile
fashion bags
hand bags
laptop bags
laptop bags 
leather accessories
leather accessories production
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 513209

    service description:

    AQUABAU Ltd. is a company which occupation is selling and construction of new family swimming pools, and their maintance.

    Within society, there is a retail store which offers all the necessary equipment for swimming pools and equipment and maintenance of water quality.

    With professional help and advice, our goal is to contribute to a culture of living with a beautiful swimming pool. We do everything that is in our power to respond to all questions for future owners of existing pools.

    Pools are not a luxury for a long time but a part of everyday needs, decoration of living space and improvement of living content.

    In making decisions for construction of the pool, it is best to consult experts in this field. Pools that we offer can be divided into:

    europool pools with plastic liners
    concrete pools
    polypropylene pools
    hydromassage pools

    One way to improve mental and physical state after the daily stress and exhaustion is - a sauna. Saunas do not need a large area and can be easily fit into any interior. We share them to:

    finland saunas

    infra cabins

    There is a wide range of accessories that can be installed into the pool but only underwater lighting must be installed during construction of the pool, because the subsequent installation can not be performed.

    For understanding the specificities of this area of our business, we divided equipment into three groups:

    basic equipment

    Additional equipment

    conditionaling of water

    your images:

    assembly swimming pools
badu jet
cover pools
coverings for swimming pools
equipments for pools
europool pools
family swimming pool
filtration device
Finnish sauna
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1018330

    service description:


    HRI-vitalion tablet is the essence of natural herbal and medicinal substances. The basic ingredients of products are grown in bio culture, during the production process are saved in them contained useful elements. HRI-technology provides an exceptional effect placing the constituent elements in an optimal relationship.

    HRI-Vitalion is appropriate to remove the causes of lack of calcium in the bones and it has positive effects in eliminating the causes of osteoporosis.

      The success of HRI-Vitalion is reflected in:
    • prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

    • preventing problems with osteoporosis

    • removing excess amounts of urea from the blood that leads to the development of gout

    • removing hypercholesterolemia by binding cholesterol in the blood and eliminate it from the body

    • helps the detoxifying role of the liver, thus eliminating toxic substances from the circulation through the kidneys

    Thanks to prevent accumulation of toxic substances in the body HRI-Vitalion effectively regulate varicose veins, spondylosis, high blood pressure, a strong physical fatigue, migraine headaches, bleeding gums, loss of hearing, severe halitosis and tumors.


    your images:


alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
Anti Osteoporosis
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 580776

    service description:

    "FKS" is the biggest Serbian manufacturer of cables, cable accessories, connectors and cable sets.

    "FKS" is the biggest Serbian exporter of cable products. Significant part of its production is sold on the international market.

    The main activity from the beginning has been production of safety and telecommunication equipment, systems and services.

    - Energetic cables and conductors thermoplastic insulated and sheathed.

    FKS Jagodina makes PVC cables ​​by all leading world standards: JUS, VDE, BS, GOST, NFC, IEC, section 1.5 to 630 mm2.

    - Power cables with crosslinked polyethylene insulation

    Crosslinked polyethylene is one of the best materials for energetic cables. Its main features are good electrical, mechanical and heating characteristics.

    Operating temperature of energetic cable with polyethylene insulation is 90C, with short duration overloads 130C, during the course of the year 100h, without affecting the life of the cable. The maximum allowable temperature in short-circuit is 250oC.


    Cables with this kind of insulation are applied in electric power networks and distribution facilities for low, medium and high voltage. The application area is wide:

    - Distribution and industrial networks
    - Hydro and thermal power plants
    - Distribution systems


    - Telecommunication cables for the transmission of digital signals
    - Telephone cables with paper insulation
    - Telephone cables with thermoplastic insulation
    - Coaxial telephone cables
    - Combined signal - telecommunication cables for railways
    - Signal cables and power measurement cables - for regulation technique
    - RF and CATV coaxial cables
    - Optical cables

    More contacts:

    your images:

    cabel trade
cable boxes
cable carrier
cable distribution network
cables for video surveillance
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1030883

    service description:

    Plastic shutter
    Pressed shutters
    Plastic toys

    Workshop for making plastic products: pressed plastic shutters up to 10L

    Production assortment: shutters for regular usage (bottles, jars, balloons and canisters), pharmaceutical shutters (PE bottles and boxes, powder jars), shutters for toilet waters (bottles)

    Shutters for chemical products (adhesives, temperas, inks...), shutters for chemicals (bottles for toners and for oil), toys (ninepins and balls)

    Producing shutters of plastic weight

    Producing other products of plastic weight

    Shutter for chemical products

    Equipments - pharmaceutics

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063/313-235, 
    • Tel.: 060/031-3235, 

    your images:

    archival product
cosmetic package
industry plastic packing 
package and packaging
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
pharmacy packaging
plastic canister
plastic fabrication
plastic fittings
plastic good
plastic kettle
plastic manufacture
plastic package production for cosmetic products
plastic spray
plastic toys
plastic wrapping 
plastic plastic ware
production of plastic
production of plastic drums
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging for food indutry
production of plastic subjects 
products from plastic mass
PVC balloons
spray packaging
tobacco packaging
tools for spray plastic making
archival product
cosmetic package
industry plastic packing 
package and packaging
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
pharmacy packaging
plastic canister
plastic fabrication
plastic fittings
plastic good
plastic kettle
plastic manufacture
plastic package production for cosmetic products
plastic spray
plastic toys
plastic wrapping 
plastic plastic ware
production of plastic
production of plastic drums
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging for food indutry
production of plastic subjects 
products from plastic mass
PVC balloons
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 726785

    service description:

    The company Frigo-Elektro was established in 1988 in Rum. We give to our customers the best quality service, and we create and design whatever the customer wants.
    A wide range of products has enabled us to break the domestic and foreign markets.

    Our products have proved their quality in many commercial facilities.

    We have satisfied customers in all countries of the region: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

    We have every day more and more satisfied cutomers, whose commendations and recommendations we deserved with our professional and excellent work.

    "Professionalism and quality."

    +381 22 476 472
    tel/fax: +381 22 472 472
    + 381 63 521 860
    +381 65 521 8600
    ul. Grobljanska 83
    22400 Rum

    More contacts:

    • direktor Darko Čaljkušić
      Tel.: 63/ 521 860, 
    • Tel.: 065/521 8600, 

    your images:

ad showcases
bakery equipment
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
cold rooms
cold vests
combined cabinet
commercial cooling device
cooling desks
cooling equipment
equipment for bakery
equipment of heat treatment
glass washer machine
neutral equipment
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 885805
    Kruševačka 18
    Aleksandrovac, 37230
    Tel.: 037/355-53-82
    Fax: 037/355-53-84
    on the map

    service description:


    GRO-AS doo Aleksandrovac company for production, trade and foreign trade and services was established in 1993.

    The production program of the company:

    - Production of copper and aluminum seals in SRPS.MC4.500

    Aluminum and copper seals are used in industries at all joint connections for sealing fuel, oil and air, in car industry and in other industries where are using oil, fuel and air.

    - Production of spreader with conical and cylindrical screws in SRPS.MC4.613 and SRS.MC4.614

    Seals are used in all parts of industries, they are used for lubrication of hinge joints, sliding surfaces, etc.

    - Production of air connections

    Ports are used in automotive and process industries.

    - Manufacturing of wire springs fi3 - fi20 for industries, car industry and agricultural machines.

    Springs are widely used in all manufacturing operations and overhauls.

    Our company is cooperating with domestic and foreign partners.

    We exhibited our products at trade fairs in Serbia.


    -PPT Trstenik
    -PPT Armature Aleksandrovac
    -“Metalac” G.Milanovac
    -“HCP” Kruševac
    -“Galeb system” Beograd
    -”M2M solution” Beograd
    -IMK “14 Oktobar” Kruševac
    -FPM “Agromehanika” Boljevac
    -“Utva” Kačarevo
    -“Rapp Zastava” Kragujevac
    -”Sloboda” Čačak
    -”Vatrosprem” Beograd
    -”Henkel” Kruševac
    -“Kruševac put”
    -“La Vita” Aleksandrovac
    - etc.

    Tel.: 037/355-53-82 Fax: 037/355-53-84
    Fax: 037/355-61-71

    Aleksandar Tel.: 063/108-23-49
    E-mail: groassrbija@gmail.com

    Grozdan Tel.: 063/641-109

    your images:

aluminum seals
canal for aggressive fluids
canal for overheated steam
connections for hydraulic hose
copper gaskets
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 543607

    service description:

    Company Anitex from Bosilegrad has a long tradition in manufacturing womens, mens and childrens socks. Founded in 1991. as a small craft shop, a short time has become a successful company recognized for its production of high quality socks modern design. The full range is manufactured from high quality materials by renowned manufacturer of classic nylon, cotton, polyamide, Lycra and microfiber. Anitex aim is to continuous improvement of production and creation of high quality manufactured become one of the most successful manufacturer of socks in the domestic market.

    Production line consists of modern machines, depending on the type and the yarn used, can produce a wide range of products. The company currently manufactures and sells socks in all three programs in several collections. Wide range of colors, imaginative designs and quality are knitting trade mark Anitex socks.

    your images:


cotton socks
creating of socks
creating of socks and stocklings
elegant socks
factory for the production of socks
kid socks
man socks kid socks
men socks
production of cotton sock
sock from nylon
socks fabrics
socks factory
socks for youth
socks wholesale
sport socks
tights socks
women socks

cotton socks
creating of socks
creating of socks and stocklings
elegant socks
factory for the production of socks
kid socks
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1421512

    service description:

    - SHEETS
    - TRUCKS

    1. Repair and maintenance of trucks and agricultural machinery

    2. Services are carried out with fork-lift trucks from 1.5 tonnes to 12.5 tonnes, and with platform trailers from 20 to 40 tonnes.

    3. We organize also public auctions

    4. We sale and purchase all kinds of trucks, tractors and equipment

    5. We sell many kinds of military vehicles, levers, forklifts, machines for straightening concrete and metal

    6. The following machines can be found in our warehouse:
    - Concrete Pump SAT ICB 160 and sat 100
    - tracked vehicles:
    - dumper truck
    - dumper trailer
    - machinery for municipal operations
    - tanks 3200 - 5000 lit.

    7. Fuel tanks - tanks

    8. Tractor, truck and harvester parts

    9. Buying secondary raw materials, and ferrous

    your images:

    agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural machines
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural related machines 
car component car equipments
car maintance
car transporter
commercial vehicle and trailer component
communal service
crane sale
fork lift
freight vehicle
machine spare parts
machines for metal processing industry
machines for wood processing
machines machine components
metal sheet
metal sheet waste
parts for agricultural machinery
repair of agricultural machinery
secondary stuff
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1254082
    Kralja Milutina 6
    Šabac , 15000
    Tel.: 015/300-000
    Fax: 015/353-353
    on the map

    Other Categories:


    • IMR Rakovica
    • IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
    • Lada
    • Tam
    • Torpedo (Deutz)
    • Univerzal
    • Ursus
    • Yugo
    • Zastava
    • Zetor

    service description:

    Wholesale and retail of tractor parts (IMT, IMR, Ursus, Torpedo) and parts for other agricultural machineries is the main activity of company Jusel.
    Tractor parts are the most represented for the following manufacturers:
    - IMT Belgrade ( Massey Ferguson )
    - IMR Rakovica
    In addition we sale spare parts for:
    Torpedo ( Deutz )
    Kombajne ( Zmaj )
    Berače ( Zmaj )
    Prese ( Welger, John Deere, Class )
    Zastava 101

    In our offer you can also find:

    Products from our product range you can order in our website or via e CD catalog.
    (With updating data you have access to price and condition)
    If you are interested to use our e CD catalog please call us 015/300-000 or order it via mail info@jusel.com (the CD catalog and the delivery is free)

    your images:

    IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Torpedo (Deutz)

ac pump for tractor
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural mechanization
alkatrészek mezőgazdasági prések
alternator for tractor
basket for tractor
belts for tractors
blades for tractor
brake systems
clamp for tractor
combine parts
crankshaft bearings
cross shaft
engine assembly
engine crankshaft
engine head
exhaust for tractor
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 889388
    Banjska bb
    Loznica , 15300
    Tel.: 015/877-728
    on the map

    service description:


    The company "NATURA TRADE" d.o.o. was established in 1995. From the beginning the activity of the company is production of cardboard packaging of corrugated paperboard, this activity is in which we are now positioned at the very top as a manufacturer in Serbia.

    During the last 6 years the company "NATURA TRADE" expanded its production range with producing paper bags with a block, flat-bottomed and self adhesive tapes of polymer materials for industries.

    With a lot of effort and huge investments to German technology we have become one of the leaders in the former Yugoslavia in the field of manufacturing paper bags.

    We are proud that over 80% of our products are exported to EU countries.

    In addition we can say, that our company "NATURA TRADE" functions as a packaging service.

    For more information feel free to call us.


    In our product range we have bags in various formats (small, medium and big), bags with outside and inside handle, with possibility of making design for it in maximum 8 colors on white or brown paper.

    Our clients are mostly pharmaceutical companies, confectioneries, food industries, sugar industries and others.

    We are using the latest machines of the German company "Garant maschinen", what guarantees high quality and high productivity.


    We are producing boxes in various sizes and shapes with possibility of print on it in more colors. We can also transport boxes.


    In our production facility we have developed scotch tape production, for this we are using machines of the Italian company "Guzzetti" in two width: 36mm and 48mm. The length of the tape depends on customers needs - maximum 550m. Materials we use for tape production are Acrylic and Solvent.

    Ostali podaci:

    Tel.: 015/877-728

    Komercijalna služba:
    Tel.: 015/878-365

    Tel.: 015/878-366



    your images:

acrylic self adhesive tapes
american box
biodegradable bags
biodegradable bags with handles
board packaging
cardboard boxes
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 413576
    Kapetana Koče Anđelkovića bb
    Lapovo (Varoš), 34220
    Tel.: 034/68-52-395
    Fax: 034/68-52-396
    on the map

    service description:

    We began a family project more than ten years ago, where we were working, but nowadays we make our high quality producing with 50 employees.
    Our products are made for our customers, and our primary goal is to make our customers satisfied.
    In our offer you can find: paper products, paper confections, such as: toilette papers, paper towels, handkerchiefs and napkins.

    Table napkins
    Table napkins are made of top quality cellulose materials. 50/100 pieces are in one package. Transport package is 27/20.

    Simple and perfumed handkerchiefs are made of top quality cellulose materials. Transport package is 20x10.

    Paper towels
    Paper towels are made of top quality simple layered recycled materials or from cellulose materials.

    Hygienic toilette papers are made of top quality simple layered recycled materials or from cellulose materials.

    Toilette papers
    Hygienic toilette papers are made of the highest quality of simple layered recycled materials. Includes 100 sheets. Transport package is 60 pieces.

    More contacts:

    • KONTAKT:
      Tel.: 034/6852-395, 
    • Tel.: 034/6852-396, 
    • Tel.: 034/6852-397, 
    • Tel.: 063/607-922, 

    your images:

    collapsible towels
paper accessories
paper fabrics
paper mill
paper recycling
paper rolls
paper towels
production of paper tissues
production of paper towels
production of toilet paper
sanitary paper
stationery manufacturing
toilet paper
toilet papers
collapsible towels
paper accessories
paper fabrics
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 795482

    service description:

    The company Pack-Pack was found in 2010 in Novi Sad, taking over the operations of the company Uniplast, which was founded in 1987, which dealt with the production of foils of polyethylene, bags of various sizes and thickness of foil waste and recycling.

    The company Pack-Pack packaging carefully listen to the market that has an increasing demand for packagigs strives to continuously promote its business and range of products adapted packaging-disposable demand.

    With pleasure Pack-Pack can offer disposable packaging, which is widely used in packaging of food, vegetables, mushrooms, pastries, cakes, meat and meat products, fish.
    If you have a need for packaging, please feel free to contact us or visit, we will help you in choosing packaging for your needs.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063/526-471, 

    your images:

bags for fast food
bags for pancakes
biodegradable bags
biodegradable bags with handles
board packaging
burek bags
cake pad
cone bags
eco bags
eco bags production
eco bags with handles
eco bags.
environmental bags
environmental paper bags
food packaging
freezer bag
hamburger bags
mignon baskets
natron bags
nylon bags
package and packaging
packaging for catering
packaging for food industries
packaging for food packaging
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 885957

    service description:

    If you want to give to your place a world-class impression you are at the right place.


    Leros d.o.o. is the direct importer of Duni program, the European leader in production of exclusive equipments for all kinds of ceremonies, and Pal International the leading company in the field of sanitary equipments for kitchen according to HACCP standard.

    In our offer you can find all kind of napkins 24x24,30x30,33x33,40x40,48x48 single layered, double layered, quarter layered, decorative napkin rolls and special kinds of exclusive napkins, just in Duni.

    Table skirts, pleated and self-adhesive, and table tapes in several sizes and designs. Tablecloths can be combined with other elements in the same color and pattern. We offer lace coasters, cutlery handles, ties for bottles, cooking caps, sanitary gloves, disinfectants, special program catering packaging and accessories.

    If you want to enrich your space, we recommend decorative candles and related items.

    The company Leros offers a special program of catering packaging and machines.


    Single layered, double layered, three layered, four layered from manufacturer Duni (high quality napkins which gives the impression of linen)
    Dimensions of napkins: 24x24 33x33 40x40 48x48
    Napkins in different colors, pattern and quality.


    Decorative candles, cube candles, cylindrical candles in different colors and dimensions. Candles in glasses.


    Tablecloths in different colors and designs.
    Dunicel (high quality roll which gives the impression of linen)
    Dunisilk (waterproof material in gold and silver color)
    Essential - dimensions 1.2m x 10m, 25m, 40m.

    Teta a straps - Dunicel table tapes

    Table straps that are placed along or across the table to decorate it in a special way.
    Dimensions 0.15m x 20m, 0.4m x 4.8m, 0.4m x 24m
    In different colors and pattern.

    Table skirts

    Self adhesive table skirts in six colors
    Dimension 0.72m x 4m

    PVC packaging

    PVC glasses 0.5l, 0.2l, 0.15l, 0.1l, 0.08l
    Plastic containers (bringing food)
    Plastic cutlery (forks, spoons, knives)
    Decorative packaging for canapés

    Party program

    Party tapes, party napkins (with various applications)
    Cardboard trays (white or in color)
    Cardboard glasses


    Paper coasters, lace and round coasters Ø10 – Ø40
    Square lace coasters from 20x30 to 35x45
    Nine and eight layer coasters
    Dunicel 30x40cm

    Accessories holders

    Duniletto 40cm x 48cm
    Duniletto slim 40cm x 33cm
    Sacchetto 8.7cm x 20cm (with double layered napkin)
    Airlaid Sacchetto 11.5cm x 23cm (with Airlaid napkin)

    Pal program

    In Pal program you can find sanitary equipments fro catering:
    cooking caps (for one use (paper), for more use (cloth)), hygiene hats, protective aprons, protective cover for shoes, protective suits, protective masks for one use, gloves (latex, vinyl, polyethylene (for kitchen use), disinfectants, everything for catering.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 064 11 8 11 47, 
    • Tel.: 069 11 8 11 47, 

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catering equipment
Catering machines
Catering Packaging
cleaning products for the kitchen
decoration ornament
decorative accessories
decorative candles
decorative napkins
direct import of Duni program
Duni Napkins
equipment for the ceremony
festive napkins
hotel accessories
household equipment
household equipments
import equipments for decoration
import of Duni program
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 334769
    Obilićeva 20
    Ada, 24430
    Tel.: 024/852-066
    Fax: 024/851-292
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    service description:

    Sharpening and manufacturing band saws

    The company has many years collecting experience and in 2003 established the current array of services that is based on the band saw.

    We offer the next services:

    - Digestion saw with warranty
    - ironing saw
    - Boasting teeth
    - staufing
    - Sharpening of circular and band saws, Abrihter, knives, cutters, ...
    - Serration of band saws
    - Digestion and sharpening of BI-METAL saws
    - Sharpening CARBON saws
    - hardening teeth

    Company name:


    Phone: (024) 852 - 066
    Fax: (024) 851 - 292
    Mob: (063) 7764 - 717

    Working hours:
    Monday - Friday 06:00 - 18:00
    Saturday 06:00 - 14:00

    e-mail: office@petervari.rs

    Address: Obiliceva 20, 24430 Ada, Serbia

    More contacts:

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cutting tool
grating tools
hand tool
honer hone of tool
metal goods
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 81475
    29.Novembra 66/13
    Aleksandrovac, 37230
    Tel.: 036/876-556
    Fax: 036/876-556
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    service description:

    More contacts:

    • gdin. Nenad Milanović
      Tel.: 065/8989-999, 
    • Tel.: 064/8904-402, 
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 374567

    service description:

    We are a transport company.

    Our services are the following:

    - We organize transportation of smaller groups by van in the country and abroad, for example from/to Novi Sad and from the region.

    - We organize transports to Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb airports, by air-conditioned cars, with a capacity of: 4+1, or 8+1 people. We make an agreement with you about the date and time of the transport.

    - The price of the trip depends on the number of people who travel.

    - you can rent our cars only with a driver
    - the price includes: driver, fuel, passenger insurance and car insurance.
    - etc.

    If you need special request or questions regarding the transports, prices and conditions, please dont hesitate to contact us:

    Fax 021/881-623

    More contacts:

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    airport transfer and transport
airport transfers
airport transport
amusement park
car rent
car rent Novi Sad
car rental
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 311768
    Planinica bb
    Trstenik , 37240
    Tel.: 063/803-51-07
    Fax: 037/715-866
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    • HACCP

    service description:

    The company "JR-TEMPO FOODS"Ltd. was established in 2000. During the past period we have repurchased fruit and vegetables in the territory of Trstenik, Rekovac, Vrnjacka Banja, Kraljevo and Aleksandrovac which we sell in fresh and deep frozen form in domestic and foreign markets.

    Since the establishment, both the production and the capacity have increased.

    The company has cold freezing capacity of 40 tons per day.

    We own HACCP standard and we are able to deliver large amounts of fruits and vegetables to the customers in various forms of processing.



    All kinds of vegetables, but we distinguish:
    - Fresh and deep frozen peppers
    - Onions
    - Cabbages


    - Fresh and deep frozen strawberries
    - Fresh and deep frozen raspberries
    - Fresh and deep frozen cherries
    - Fresh and deep frozen blackberries
    - Fresh and deep frozen plums
    - Fresh and deep frozen rose hips

    Thanks to the significant investments, the company performs a modern production that meets the high quality requirements. "JR-TEMPO FOODS" now belongs to the newest and most modern refrigerators.
    We export to almost every country in Europe. Since we have almost every kind of fruit and vegetables, we are able to make mixes at the request of customers.

    Tel.: 063/803-51-07
    Tel.: 062/457-329
    Fax: 037/715-866

    E-mail: temporodju@gmail.com

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blackberry buying up
buying up and selling 
cherry buying up
Deep frozen blackberries
Deep frozen cherry
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 777584
    Jovana Obrenovića 13.
    Veternik, 21203
    Tel.: 021/822-878
    Fax: 021/822-878
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    service description:

    More contacts:

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    advertisement bags
bags for young people
bath cloak
bedding set
black shirts
black shirts for funerals
canvas bags
catering uniforms
computer embroidery on fabric
cotton bags
cotton bedding
cotton towel
custom sewing
damask tablecloth
decorative napkins
dress manufacturing
dressing gowns for children
eco bags..
elegant shirts
embroidery emblem
embroidery on caps
embroidery on T-shirts
embroidery on textile
embroidery on towels
fashion shirts
festive napkins
health uniforms
hotel and catering uniforms
jogging suit
Lazy bag
Lazy bag chairs
machine-made knit
man's T-shirts
medical clothing
medical uniforms
official ties
producing bags
producing shirts
producing suits
production of ecological bag
professional clothing
proffesional clothes production
promotional bags
promotional T-shirts
safety uniforms
service-unifom for hotel
shirt and t-shirt
shirt for men
shirt production
shirt production fro women
shopping bags
T - shirts
table cover
table cover tape
tablecloths and of ice
terry towels
terry towels 
textile accessories for hotels
ties for men
ties for women
towel wholesale
uniform for health
wholesale of terry towels
woman's T-shirt
work uniform production
work uniforms
working clothing
working uniform
advertisement bags
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 512040

    service description:

    Independent shop Mirkovic Plast is engaged in processing plastics since 1974. year. We started with the production of ping-pong ball, table tennis, table tennis rackets and fishing tackle (box of eats worms, the reel winder), and in that time we worked with the Kormoran and Schildkrote from Munich regarding balls and rackets for table tennis. After that expanding activity in the hoses and pipes of various sizes and purpose - for water, sewage, tires and more.
    Since 1994. was we cooperate with the Battery Factory Sombor, and only we worked case for batteries of 180 Ah and 55 Ah and associated parts for them, handles, plugs, kondenz receptacles and many other small items related to the batteries and the manufacturer of Sombor Black Horse!

    Injection is done on machines ranging from 50 g to 2.5 kg and the following products:
    • Ping Pong Balls - molded and ironed
    • Polyamide rings to the security of the screw nut M14 - M40
    • Anchor facade
    • Paper tube for thermo foil for the fiscal cash register
    • Rose for juvidur tubes (for building)
    • Plug the juvidur rose tube
    • Plug the inner drainage tube fi 50
    • Plug the inner square tube 30 x 30
    • Plug the outer square tube 30 x 30
    • Fridge magnet - transparent 60 x 40 mm, panorama 115 x 40 mm
    • Turn signal, Italian, round, 45 for South
    • Coffee Spoon 100 mm
    • Pail eats worms (the fishermen) with lid and handle
    • Toilet seat, Italian, corresponding to the shape of the Baltics - YU cup
    • Nursery container with 216 boxes - Grow Group, Holland

    Extrusion may be made for all types of materials and forms:
    • Pneumatic hoses (high pressure PA and low pressure PE)
    • Polyamide hoses used for brake systems and compressor systems that are suffering and pressures to 20 bar
    • Polyethylene is used for smaller pressures up to 6 bar
    • Hoses for water supply from ½ "- 2", and to order the larger size
    • Polyethylene also has wide application and can be used for other purposes
    • Pipes made ​​of hard PVC products for various purposes: for packaging, for aquariums, for use in agriculture, supply channels, the final molding tile in bathrooms
    • Hoses from soft PVC: Vagres hose, garden hose, tubing systems for fishermen
    • Sewer pipes are made of PP and from 50-250 mm fi
    • Flush pipe

    More contacts:

    • gdin.Mirković Čedomir
      Tel.: 065/311-2090,, 
    • Tel.: 022/315-137, 

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    abrasive material production
buffer blocks
buffer equipment
buffer material
buffer material sale
buffer tools
buffer tools production
emery tool buffer
extruded plastic
Extruder: crepe CO-EXTRUSION
flexible tube
hose for oil
hoses production
molded plastic packaging
package from plastic mass
pipe for fuel injection
pipes and hoses of polymer ethylene
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 331381

    service description:

    Aluminum moldings,building boards,aluminum profiles...

    Dominijum Ltd.is a company which has for several years successfully engaged in the production and distribution of aluminum profiles - acrylic and PVC strips.

    These profiles are used in construction during the execution of the final work.They are intended to protect:the outer edges,stairs,internal angles and the like.All aluminum profiles are made of anodized aluminum.In addition to the protective function of aluminum and PVC profiles have a decorative function.
    Easy to install and ukalapaju in each area.

    In the past few years we have achieved successful cooperation with foreign producers of aluminum and PVC profiles,as well as with local companies.
    Company activity is conducted through wholesale and retail of aluminum and PVC-strips.

    Our goal is that a responsible attitude towards any customer,the quality of our products and quality services expand and improve our operations.

    -Profile of the inner corner
    -Dilatation profile
    -Transitional profile
    -Stairs profile

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063/877 6582, 

    your images:

    additional line slats
aluminium and pvc production
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium profile
aluminium slats
aluminum and plastic profile
aluminum and pvc door
aluminum and PVC fittings
aluminum and pvc showcase
aluminum profiles
bathroom slats
carpenter PVC irons
corner slats
decor slats
decorative pvc panels
decorative slats
exclusive alu and pvc carpentry 
Fittings for PVC doors
fittings for PVC windows
interior moldings
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 17841

    Stara Pazova, 22300
    Tel.: 021/472-09-72
    on the map

    service description:

    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 511872

    service description:

    The company "Katona s.z.r." was established in 2006 in Ada.
    The company is manufacturing parts for agricultural machinery, primarily for PICK UP presses for straw.
    In our offer you can find almost all kinds of spring and plate for PICK UP presses.
    In our workshop we can make you products by drawing or by example too.
    The motto of our team is responsible to work with satisfied customers and users of our services, we make every step for this. The confirmation is our long-term cooperation with foreign and domestic firms and farmers.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 064/2270 172, 

    your images:

    agricultural machines
alkatrészek mezőgazdasági prések
baling parts
baling spare parts
machine metal processing
making spare parts for machines
Manufacturing of wire springs
metal machining powder
parts for agricultural machinery
parts for agricultural mechanization
parts for presses
production of spare parts
Production of spring
sale of various spareparts
spare parts
spare parts for agricultural machinery
spare parts for maize picker
Spring for agriculture
Springs for agricultural machinery
Springs for agriculture
tractor parts
Tractor parts
tractor parts shop
wholesale of spare parts
wire springs
wire spring
agricultural machines
alkatrészek mezőgazdasági prések
baling parts
baling spare parts
machine metal processing
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 993397

    service description:



    The company was found in the end of 2000year. We still deal with importing and selling Italian piece goods.
    Our products provides the textile industries, but the commerces too.

    We have more retail objects in Beograd and in Kraguljevac, but we have wholesale warehouses too.
    Our company is working with the lot of retailers through the territory of Serbia, like NoviSad, Subotica, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Pozeg, Priboj, Nis, Jagodina, etc.

    This time we notify our existing and future customers to visit us in our small objects and warehouses to see the quality and the price of our products.

    Our interest and our desire is to work with more trades together, because in our wholesale you can find all of the products and materials what can be necessary in shops. If we dont have the ordered piece good, we can get it.

    Veleprodaja Beograd

    Auto Komanda ul. Tabanovačka 5
    Tel.: 011/397-47-54 Fax: 060/332-26-04

    Maloprodaja Beograd

    * Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 156
    Tel.: 011/245-61-21 Mob.: 060/332-26-08

    * Vidikovac, ul. Vidikovački Venac 80 v
    Tel.: 011/234-21-02 Mob.: 060/332-26-01

    * Žarkovo, ul. Trgovačka 30b
    Tel.: 011/239-35-53 Mob.: 060/332-26-02

    * Prizrenska 4
    Tel.: 011/26-86-849 Mob.: 060/332-26-03

    * Vojvode Stepe
    Mob.: 060/332-27-03

    Veleprodaja Kragujevac

    * ul. Braće Marić br. 1 (Avalska br. 88)
    Tel.: 034/325-800 Mob.: 060/332-27-04

    Maloprodaja Kragujevac

    * Bul. Kraljice Marije br. 1
    Tel.: 034/361-595 Mob.: 060/332-27-01

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colour material
cotton material
curtain bedding home textile
curtains drapery
decorative fabrics
distributing Italian textile
distributing textiles
fabric per kilogram
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 435578

    service description:

      Production program:

    • Production of connectors - fittings for hydraulic flexible hose (hydraulic, pneumatic, gas installations, petrochemical),

    • Production and montage of hydraulic flexible and industrial hose pipes,

    • Production and montage of suction-discharge hose pipes for different areas and all kinds of fluids

    • Cutting processing - making different kinds of steel parts, bronze, aluminum etc. which are used in industries

    • making special parts and constructions according to your documentation

    • High quality surface protection (galvanizing Zn 12 PS-blue, green, yellow, ...., 6-valence chromium-eco ...)

    your images:

connections for hydraulic hose
couplings for hydraulic hoses
electro deposit
fittings - fittings for hydraulic hoses
fittings for hydraulic hoses
gas installations
hydraulic flexible hose
hydraulic hose
hydraulics pnemeutiqe
Industrial hoses
production of hydraulic hoses
surface protection
tubes for air conditioning

connections for hydraulic hose
couplings for hydraulic hoses
electro deposit
fittings - fittings for hydraulic hoses
fittings for hydraulic hoses
gas installations
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 458306

    service description:


    Our company has been dealing with second-hand clothing since 2009.

    Our business philosophy: excellent quality at unconquerable price!

    To reach the best quality of our products we have a personal contact with the Dutch partner company to provide the best quality for our customers.

    Our products coming from the selector-plant of the Netherlands.

    We mainly sell cream-extra quality used-clothes gathered in the Netherlands, West Europa and some clothes from the USA. Our products are tested, trustworthy and high quality. We sell these clothes in 25-30 kg clear, sewed bag sealed by the selector-plant.

    In our Warehouse we can open any bags for our customers to check the quality of the clothes to avoid the further reclamations. Our main product is the extra-cream mix, which can guarantee the success of your company. For your starting business we can give you useful advice.

    your images:

    second hand clothes 
second hand extra quality
second hand Serbia 
second-hand clothes from the Netherlands
sorted second hand goods
used product
Wholesale used clothing
second hand clothes 
second hand extra quality
second hand Serbia
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 1386245

    Subotica , 24000
    Tel.: 062/790-014
    on the map


    • DiMartino
    • EnoItalia
    • Falket
    • FAM
    • Levior
    • Lifam
    • Mobil Plastic
    • Muta
    • PEŠTAN
    • Rapaneli
    • Roto
    • Stihl

    service description:

    KOSA-PROM - ALAT PROMET is a company in Subotica.

    The main activity of the company is distribution of a wide range of agricultural and building tools, hand tools, iron program, welding equipment, oenological program.. through INTERNET PURCHASES (E-buying).

    In our assortment we have over 7000 items.

    You dont have to come personally for our goods, just order wanted goods on our web shop and we will deliver it to you with express post. This way our goods are available in the whole territory of Serbia 24 hours, seven days a week.

    In our offer you can find tools and equipment from the next famous manufacturers: Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia... and other European manufacturers.

    *Mobil Plastic
    *Swaty Comet
    *Elektrode Jesenice
    *Antic Kosta

    Sale program:

    Garden tools
    Construction tools
    Hand tools
    Iron tools
    Grinding-cutting and welding program
    Enological program

    More contacts:

    your images:

Mobil Plastic
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1428620

    service description:

    Univerzal company deals with wholesale of office and school accessories, toys,etc.
    We offer a wide range of products for good price and high quality for twenty years.
    There is also a salon where you can see everything.
    Delivery is done immediately after your call.
    Univerzal is specialized for providing the biggest supermarkets in our country.
    Univerzal shop produces various accesories: paperclips, machines for paperclips, munitions for staplers, universal glue, fax and thermo rolls, calcimine, decoration paper, etc.
    Our moto is that success is always there when you work hard in a teamwork.
    Univerzal began to work with a bookshop "Plavi Čuperak" in 1987. It was successful until 1992. when it turned its name into Univerzal.
    In 2005. it opened a salon for sale in Belgrade on a territory of 3000 m2 with more than 600 stock places. It is equipped with the most contemporary equipment for goods.
    In 2008. it opened a business office in Niš.
    Univerzal deals by the ISO standard 9001:2000 and the most important things are the care of our customers and their needs.

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board game
copy paper
decor package
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