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Wholesale of hand tools and equipments
General importer and distributor for Serbia for the next brands: Extol, Extol Premium, Fortum, Herom from Czech Republic

The company Madal Bal was established in 1978 in Switzerland. We are successfully operating in over than ten countries.

In this part of Europe (Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.) we are dealing with wholesale of tools. Reason of the relationship between high quality and price is a unified line of business from the factory to the wholesaler.

In addition to high quality and affordable prices for us important is that our tools look good.

    Our brands are:

  • Extol - high quality hobby tools for really affordable prices

  • Extol premium - half professional tools. Exceptional quality and price ratio.

  • Fortum - professional tools for affordable prices

  • Heron - high quality aggregators, virtually noise-free digital generators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

    Our offer of tools and equipments:
  • screwdriver

  • Bits for screws

  • Keys

  • Pliers

  • Gedore sets

  • Allen, torks keys

  • hammers

  • Knives, Skalper inserts

  • Masonry tools

  • measuring tools

  • Taps, cutter knives

  • screws

  • Clamps

  • Staplers

  • Paint brushes

  • Drills, cutters

  • Blades for saws

  • Cutting and grinding wheels

  • Wire brushes and abrasive tools

  • Accessories for electrical machines

  • garden tools

  • Fortum professional keys

  • Fortum professional gedora

  • Aggregators, noise-free aggregators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

Ostali podaci:

Centrala: Tel.: 024/622-134 Tel.: 024/622-133
E-mail: info@madalbal.rs

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Extol Premium

Accessories for electric machines
Blades for saws
Cutting wheels
delivery pump
electric hand tool
electrical tools
Extol premium 
Fortum professional keys
garden tool
gas station
Gedore sets
hand tool
hand tools
high quality tools
hobby tools
imbus torks keys
import of tools
Knives knife inserts
Masonry Tools
Measuring Tools
paint brushes
professional tools
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The company, "TIM" Ltd, has existed on the
Serbian market since 1992.

The basic activity of "TIM Ltd" is manufacturing and production of plastic products.

Our facilities are equipped with:
- Three-layer co-extrusion line for stretch film
- Three-layer extrusion lines for LDPE
- One extruder for HDPE
- One mono extruder for LDPE

We are also equipped with machines for:

- Forming bags
- Printing machines
- A series of accompanying machines for stationery

The current capacity is 30 tons of foil per day.

Range of products includes all types of polyethylene foils and bags as:

* TMF or polyethylene thermomono foils
* Stretch foils
* Flexible, so called stretchood foils
* Suspenders and boutique bags
* Plastic bags, paper bags
* Garbage bags
* Heavy industrial bags
* Hood for palettes
* Foils for the construction industry
* Agricultural foils


- Extrusion
- Regranulation
- Stationery
- Press


For sure the most important segment of the company are their customers and it is necessary to list some of the biggest customers as follow:

- Actavis, Leskovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Apatinska pivara doo, Apatin – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- BIP, Beograd – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Borverk Eurotrade doo, Beograd – Polyethylene bags and hoods and stretch film
- Chemo Plastics Production GmbH, Hemmingen, Deutschland – Polypropylene film, polyetylene film, bags and hoods
- Coca Cola HBC-Srbija, Zemun – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Delhaize Serbia doo, Novi Beograd – T shirt bags
- Drenik ND doo, Beograd – Monofilm and stretch film
- Frutti doo, Šabac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Galenika, Beograd – Polypropylene films and mono films
- Gorenje doo, Valjevo – Thermoshrink film and hoods
- Granice doo, Mladenovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Hemofarm AD, Vršac – Thermoshrink film, polyethylene bags and films, polypropylene film and stretch film
- Imlek AD, Beograd – Thermoshrink film, polyethylene bags and stretch film
- Knjaz Miloš AD, Aranđelovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Meggle Srbija doo, Kragujevac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Minakva, Novi Sad - Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Tarkett, Bačka Palanka – Monofilm
- Vapeks doo, Preljina – Industrial monofilm
- Voda Vrnjci A.D., Vrnjačka Banja - Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Zagrebačka pivovara doo, Zagreb – Stretch film

Director: Milica Vlahović
Direktor komercijale: Milan Preradović
Tel.: 062/607-414

Commercial, acquisition, sale
Tel.: 013/651-404
Fax: 013/652-784


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The main activity of our company is renting, installation and maintenance of mobile toilets.
Mobile toilets are an ideal solution for constructions.
Construction companies and investors are obligated to provide toilets to their workers on construction sites. EKO SANITARNI SISTEMI company from Novi Sad offers a solution to this important issue.

Our mobile eco toilets are ideal for construction sites where there is no access to sanitation. They take up little space. An additional advantage is that it can be used at night, because they have a roof that absorbs and emits daylight.

Mobile eco toilets also provide excellent hygienic conditions because they absolutely not leave an unpleasant smell, but emit a pleasant scent of high quality assets for disinfection.

Emptying, cleaning and maintenance of eco toilets are our teams job.

Contact 062-180-60-18

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 062-180-60-18, 

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bathroom equipment
camping equipment
construction services
eco sanitary systems
eco sanitation
Eco Toilet
eco toilets
eco wc
environmental protection
environmental ecology 
mobil toaletts
mobil wc
mobil WC
mobile water block
moving toilet
moving toilet
Polish WC
Portable toilet
portable toilets
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Pap Pala 17
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/622-136
Fax: 024/551-100
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  • Burberry
  • Bvlgari
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Cristina Aguilera
  • Dior
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Gianfranco Ferre
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Hugo Boss
  • Kozmetika MIRJANA
  • LALA krema
  • Lancome
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Nina Ricci
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Salvador Dali
  • Versace
  • Yves Saint Laurent

service description:

"InterŠpedShop" has prepared a new discount offer for You!

Sale lasts until the stock lasts!

for ONLY 790 dinars BUY 9,5 kgs of "WEST" loundry powder



Every Saturday Special promotional sale of perfumes!
The promotion is valid while supplies last

Dear friends,

Treat yourself and your loved ones
with beautiful gifts!

In our offer you can find original perfumes from famous perfume producers, bags, wallets, belts, gloves, shawls, branded alcoholic drinks, wines, coffee, sweets, home care chemicals and many little things that make us worth to visit.

We expect you sincerely in our retail store INTERSPED SHOP, in street Pap Pal 17.

Working hours: working days 07-19h, Sunday 08-12h.

Purchasing informations you can get by calling: 024/622-136



Subotica ul. Pap Pala 17
Tel. : 024/622-136 Fax: 024/551-100
Tel. : 024/622-137 Tel.: 024/622-138
Tel. : 024/622-139

E-mail: interspedshop@gmail.com

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Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Cristina Aguilera
Elizabeth Arden
Gianfranco Ferre
Giorgio Armani
Hugo Boss
Kozmetika MIRJANA
LALA krema
Naomi Campbell
Nina Ricci
Paco Rabanne
Roberto Cavalli
Salvador Dali
Yves Saint Laurent

alcoholic beverages
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service description:

We are the only and the first distributors of the German company SIEGENIA-AUBI.
In our offer you can find:
- commodity table hinges
- Facade joinery fittings goods
- Wood and aluminum constructions
- Handles and defenders
- Hinges for entrance doors
- Built-in locks
- Hinges for windows
- Various machines

BEXON - under, foreign and interior window boards, UV stable, in various sizes

CORK - directly from Portugal

Cork floor tiles, which are used in various ways, and tehy are available in a lot of decoration:
- layered with natural wood
- corks surfaced with more colors
- wall coverings
- rolls
- acoustic corks
- manufacturing corks

For heat insulation:
on ground floor, on straight roofs, for sandwich walls, for insulation, for sound and cold storage insulation on internal and external walls.

Anti-vibration cork

REOKORR - manufacturing floors from work wax, polyester-based

FLEXO MATIC - elastic sheets

THORTEX - materials for protection


MEDITHERM - heating and cooling system for walls

  • Distribution of wall-heating and wall-refrigeration systems.
  • Cork-wall and floor envelopes, sealers. Brackets for carpenter goods.
  • Protector and renewal materials for all surfaces.

Company prezentation:

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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/507-269
Fax: 021/500-345
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  • MobilSistemi

service description:

"Mobilsistemi" is a company which deals with eco Wc cabines and with sanitary containers.

Mobile ecological toilet
Mobile ecological toilet is used in public places where is no solution for water and sewer. It totally meets the needs of toilets.
Mobil toilets are cleaned minimum once a week, but the time of some manifestation or for different sets they are cleaned every day.
Mobile toilets can be installed on mini-trailers, so you can take it everywhere and put it where its necessary.
Mobile toilets have transparent plastic roof, what means that you can use it with a small quantity of lightening.

Sanitary containers
We have been the first company on the market who had offered sanitary containers in more versions.
Sanitary containers give you a feeling like you are home wherever you are using it.

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Anticlimbing fence
Assembled removable fence
back stage
camp equipment
camping equipment
chemical toilet
chemical toilets
community utilities
Construction containers
construction services
container rental
container towns
containers for housing
Demountable construction fence
dismantling prefabricated constructions
eco cabin
eco sanitary systems
eco sanitation
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service description:

Wholesale and retail of paints, varnishes, tools, thermal and hydro insulation, computer mixing of paints for outdoor and indoor.

The company, Hem Color, was established in 1993.

Over the years we have developed a successful business that supplies the citizens and reputable construction companies of Subotica.

During these 20 years with hard work, selfless efforts and honest work we have become a leader in the sale of colors, varnishes, facades and other supplementary materials on the territory of Subotica.

We strive for continuous improvement of our product range, friendly staff, we are monitoring the latest trends in the field of construction, we increase sales volume and product range, whit this retaining our leading position.

- We offer a wide range of paints and varnishes.
- Everything for wood, metal walls, for indoor and outdoor works.
- Hydro and thermal insulation
- Styrofoam decoration
- Wallpapers
- Self-adhesive foils for glass, wood and metal
- Tools
- Material for ceramics
- Plasterboard, etc.

We try to meet the needs of our customers.

Check why thousands of satisfied customers such as: painters, plasterers, car painters, carpenters, upholsterers gave their trust to us.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 064/1133-566, 
  • Tel.: 024/551-952, 

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acrylic colours
bricklaying tools
building hand tools
car colors
colors for interior walls
colours and lacquers for cars
colours in spray
concrete colour
construction tools
decorative colours
dispersion colours
ecological color
environmentally friendly paint program
hand tool
hand tools
Merkur paints and varnishes
outdoor colours
paint and lacquers retail
paint and lacquers wholesale
paint and varnishes Subotica
paint lacquers glue facades
painter tools
painting tools
paints and coatings
paints and lacquers in construction
paints and lacquers trade
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Milana Atlagića 5.
Čelarevo, 21413
Tel.: 021/754-133
Fax: 021/752-064
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service description:

DOO "DIV TRADES" from Čelarevo, at which head is the establisher and the director Zoran Knežević, was registred in 1998 as a Company for manufacture, trade and services. 

     Manufacture is located in Žarka Zrenjanina 152., n Bačka Palanka. Most of the time Company deal with wrapping production from Poly-Propylene material (PP) - PP CONTAINER BAGS (JUMBO BIG BAGS SACKS). 

     Bags are manifactured according to the demands of the customers, in all types, amounts and deadlines. The production is partly performed in form of cofunctions, where the customers deliver the supplays (raw materials) for the manufacutre, which after that “IV TRADES”cut of, sew it together to be ready-made and pack. 



     During its existing "DIV TRADES" had marked its experience, not only on the domestic market but also on the international market. Conquering the market and reaching the quality "DIV TRADES" took its own place in the world of manufacturers of PP big bags.

     Previous experience showed that the market has more requirements in the sense of quality and at the deadline for delivery, so the DIV TRADES has had the goal to fulfil these demands. It gives us the stimulus for bigger investment in technology of producing bags and professional training of the personnel.

The biggest application is in:

- CHEMICAL INDUSTRY for transport different kind of granulates, chemicals and powders

- FOOD INDUSTRY for transport salt, sugar, cereals and flour

- CONSTRUCTION for transport sand, gravel and other stones

Used in:

Milana Atlagica 5.

More contacts:

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service description:

Bometal doo from Nova Pazova deals with selling, production and developing of connective elements.
There are connective elements by the strictest DIN and ISO standards and special connective elements (screw, nuts, washers, rivets and others).
Bometal cooperates with renowned european companies for connective elements and cutting tools as MasterFix, HSS Tools ; Sicatech; MKT from Germany.
The main task is to give a product of high quality to the customers in a short time for affordable prices.

There is a wide range of anchors with and without valves for middle to high charged constructions, metal and plastic tipls, chemical ampoules and cement.

Drillers and carvers

There are many types of drills and other cutting tools from the production program of german company HSS Tools from Bremen: drills from alloyed fast cutting steel, drills from alloyed cobalt, titanium, for drilling all kinds of metal. There are also drills for concrete (standard drills for concrete, drills for concrete SDS-Plus, drills for concrete SDS-MAX), drills for wood, carvers (hand and machine).

Connective elements from stainless steel(Prohron)
There is a wide range of connective elements from stainless steel of all types, shapes and dimensions. These products are used as a part of constructions which are exposed to high corrosive environments. They are made of different types of materials from A2 to special types of stainless steel.

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aluminum screws puncturing
anchor for concrete
anchor screw
bolts for trucks
bolts washers rivets
buffer blocks
cage nut
chemical anchors
Chemical Capsules
chemical mortar for anchoring
chemistry for anchoring
concrete drill
Cutting wheels
device for puncturing
drill bits for metal
locksmith good metal construction
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Hits: 641809
Ciglanska BB
Bački Petrovac, 21470
Tel.: 021/781-507
Fax: 021/781-487
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service description:

Plastic packaging products


The company NV LOUIS BLOCKX from Belgium, Arendonka was founded a manufacturing plant, where we are successfully producing the following products:

- PP granules processing
- PP ribbons, tapes and materials (gurtnik) in more sizes
- jumbo bags (big bag)
- containers in all sizes and types

Our company is developing these products in domestic and in foreign market too.

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service description:


New generation of water-based paints

The main characteristic of the water-based paints is - as its name says - that we don`t have to use expensive and harmful chemical paint-thinner materials to dilute the paint, only water.

They have more benefits:

- It is cheaper and more simple to use, compared to other products
- The technology protects the environment
- It can be applied to surfaces even in bad weather conditions

If you are interested in these products, please contact us!

We are looking for new Partners, who would join us to create a mutual base to develop goals and projects for tenders.

More contacts:

  • Proizvodnja
    Kralja Uroša I - 32, Prokuplje
    Tel.: 018 / 4694 - 114,  Fax: 027 / 331 - 783
  • Mobilni telefoni
    Tel.: 063 / 582 - 064,  Fax: 063 / 427 - 374

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acrylic colours
boat coatings
coatings with aluminum pastes
color-based polymers acrylic
colors for interior walls
colors for metal
colours and lacquers for cars
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service description:

About Us

Prima SU-FLEX offers to its clients a wide range of products which meets the standards: EN, DIN, SAE, GOST, JUS..., in order to satisfy as many demands of the market.

Prima SU-FLEX rubber hoses are now widely used in almost all branches of industry, construction, shipbuilding, mining, agriculture, consumer products ...


- Production of hydraulic hoses
- Reinforced rubber industrial hoses
- Rubber reinforced hose for petroleum products
- Reinforced rubber hose for welding
- Reinforced rubber hoses for the food industry
- PVC hose reinforced and unreinforced
- Silicone hose
- Rubber mats with and without fabric

Prima SU-FLEX offers a wide range of services and offers

- Production of hydraulic hoses
- Reinforced rubber industrial hoses
- Reinforced rubber hose for oil
- Reinforced rubber hose for welding
- Rubber hoses for the food industry
- PA, PU, PTFE hoses
- Thin-walled PVC spiral hose
- Thick walled PVC spiral hose
- PVC spiral drafts for dusting
- PVC hose reinforced and unreinforced
- silicone hose
- Rubber mats
- Rubber mats for stairs
- Silicone mats Klingerit
- PE, PP, PA, PTFE bars in slabs
- Transparent PVC strip curtains
- cotton patch
- Sponge-bands and profiles
- Rubber cords and profiles



Masarikova 30, Subotica 24000,
Working hours: Monday - Friday 07:00-15:00
Saturday: 08:00-12:00

Phone: 024/410-0038
Cell phone Stevo: 063/508-548
Cell phone Ivica: 063/10-74-558
email: primasuflex@gmail.com

More contacts:

  • Stevo
    Tel.: 063/508-548, 
  • Ivica
    Tel.: 063/107-4558, 

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antifreeze subotica
branded PPE
cotton rags
Company Info ::::.
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service description:

The company Elit Impex d.o.o. Zemun was established in 1991 in Zemun.
The main activity of the company is wholesale with products which are divided into four main groups:

1. Measuring and regulation equipment and supplies which are represented in analog and digital gauges, pressure regulators, temperature, flow rate, manometers, thermometers, solenoid valves, regulators, transmitters, and related equipment and accessories.

Calibration service for measuring equipment we do in an authorized laboratory with provided service.
All products has certificate.
In addition to well known manufacturers which goods we sell, we specially highlight the products of "Teleoptik" Zemun, who represents measuring and control equipment in our sales line.

2. Equipment for gas welding and accessories includes product placement "Teleoptik" pressure reducing valve for oxygen, acetylene, propane butane and nitrogen, sets for welding and cutting and accessories.

3. Spare parts for passenger, truck and agriculture program we sell I quality products of "Teleoptic" (FAP, TAM, Ikarus, IMT, IMR, Zmaj) which include pressure gauges, thermometers, tachometer, accelerometers, ammeters, voltmeters and other products.

4. Feeder-insulating material that includes klingerit, tekstolit, teflon, graphite and cotton gaskets, cork, plexiglass, non-asbestos board.

The basic principles underlying the operations of Elite Impexs products are quality and efficiency.
The above specified activities we do in our places with a team of people in the company since its inception.

Call us, and visit us in Zemun!

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/7751-287, 
  • Tel.: 063/7751-286, 

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combined instrument
counter hours of operation
equipment for gas welding
float for fuel
gas cutting equipment
graphite braids
insulation materials
intestine for digestion
klingerit non-asbestos
klingerit reinforced
legislator oil pressure
Company Info ::::.
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service description:

Vatro Prevent

    Sale and services

  • All kinds of firefighting equpments, appliances, devices and repair of them

  • All kinds of technical gases

  • Complete firefighting equipment

  • Hydrant equipment

  • PPE equipments

  • All kinds of spareparts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

  • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

  • Fire alarm systems with installing, controll and maintenance

  • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

  • Making trainings for employees in the field of fire protection

  • Controling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

  • Validation and maintenance of electrical installations and lighting conductors

  • Testing practical knowledge of employees in the field of fire protection

  • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipments

  • We also offer eqipments for welding and cutting

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automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
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service description:

The family business Bakplast was established in 1992. The main activity of the company Bakplast is production of items from bakelite, rubber and plastics.

As the company grew we has also expanded its activities, and now we are doing service for creation tools for duroplaste, thermoplasts and elastomers, complete complete pre-press and screen printing on our products, development of tools for presses and other tools of your choice from our business partners.

    There are modern machines in our production facility and we use the following materials:

  • polycarbonates

  • polyamide

  • methacryl

  • ABS

  • polystyrene

  • polypropylene

  • polyethylene

  • All kinds of duraplastics

  • All kinds of rubber mixtures for all purposes
    These are just some of the companies that cooperate with us for long years for mutual satisfaction:

  • Tehnofleks - Temerin

  • Zomar Coop - Beograd

  • Džoni-Kom - Svilajnac

  • Mašinac - Zaječar

  • Kubis - Mladenovac

  • Pekara As - Beograd

  • Belt - Kraljevo

  • Mikron - Čačak

  • Bogunović - Beograd

  • Adam - Beograd

  • Index - Kragujevac

  • Oktopod - Beograd

  • Polygram - Kragujevac

  • Profil - Kragujevac

  • Stepa Silver - Beograd

  • Yu Niki - Pančevo

  • Golijska Ledena - Ivanjica

More contacts:

  • Direktor: Vladan Vukičević
    Tel.: 064/130 7806, 
  • Tel.: 063/7181 333, 
  • Šef prodaje: Dejan Vukičević
  • Tel.: 060/443-4349, 
  • Osnivač: Bratislav Vukičević
    Tel.: 064/212-1766, 

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equipment for the plastics and rubber
parts and tools
plastic fabrication
plastic fittings
plastic granulate production
plastic processing
plastic reprocessing
plastic spray
plastic tools production
processing of plastic tool's form
production of plastic
production of plastic subjects 
rubber products
tool fabrication
tool fabrication for tire
tool production
tools and equipment
tools for plastic production
Company Info ::::.
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service description:

Parka Group is known as a leader on the market, specialized for distribution of chemicals. It is active in former Yugoslavia and Albania from 1997, with a strong emphasis on commercial and technical service, applications and tips for formulating.
We provide chemicals that are used in innovative technologies and products of high added values​​.

Our group is known as an organization that demonstrates accountability to the community and environment. We are aware of the importance of sustainable development. Our group operates in accordance with the latest European conventions on environment, safety and health, meet the highest requirements for quality in the industries we serve. We are active member of FECC (The European Association of Chemical Distributor).


First time together on the Serbian market!

PERLKA® is very popular fertilizer for vegetables.

A well-balanced nutrition for plants with nitrogen and calcium along with the ability of PERLKA ® fertilizer creates conditions in property unfavorable for weeds, diseases and pests, this is what it differs from other fertilizers!

Because of this, thousands of vegetable producers across Europe, believes in fertilizer PERLKA ® as a unique fertilizer to ensure a reliable yield and quality of vegetables.

Invest in fruitful future - Biodegradation


Microbes digest the biodegradable components and provide a greater surface. Temperature and oxygen will initiate the molecular breakdown of the polymer chains of the polyolefins.

your images:

adhesion of resin.
anticorrosion additives
biocides catalysts
biodegradable bags
calcium carbonates
Cellulose ethers
chemical additives.
chemical products
dry polymers
environment protection
environmental protection
environmental ecology
Company Info ::::.
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service description:

"OGIKO" is a company which has dealt with production of additives for bakeries for many years.

SZTR “OGIKO” was founded in 2001 and from then we have been producing additives and mixes for the bakery industry which are characterized by high quality and especially low prices.

Our products are meant for use in the bakery industry, from traditional homemade to industrial production of all kinds of bakery products.

Besides production and distribution of our products, we also deal with distribution of raw materials for bakeries, like fruit and other stuffing, more kinds of margarine, yeast, sesame seeds, integrated flour, cremes, etc.

Contact telephones: 064/4179-479, 066/233-830

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 064/4179-479, 
  • Tel.: 066/233-830, 

your images:

activ yeast
baker additive
bakery equipment
bakery equipment
bakery program
confectionery additives
culinary yeast
dust additive for xxl sized bread
equipment for bakery
equipment for the baking industry
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 568475
Kisačka 50/3
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/107-9991
Fax: 021/510-007
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Other Categories:

service description:






The transnational company produces herbal products, which help the organism to come to a higher energy level, thanks to the chosen cellular diet.

The main goal of FOHOW (Phoenix) Company is:

* To restore good health and give opportunity to people to win certain prizes.
The products the FOHOW (Phoenix) Corporation are bio-immune-energy regulators, they have a quick effect on the establishment and normalizing the functions in the organism.

* The recipes of the products are thousands of years old, they are based on sacred traditional Chinese methods of healing and longevity.

* When using these products the body starts to be regenerated on a cellular level and the process of aging slows down. The products made by FOHOW (Phoenix) Company are produced according to the newest methods in the world.

* When making the products, the most modern methods are used in -20 degrees (so that the medical effect of the mushrooms remain).

* New technologies allow to protect the active components, which help the products to be 100% digestible, so they act in the organism in an effective way.

* All the companies of the FOHOW (Phoenix) corporation have an extra strict control of the quality during the process of the production, thats why the products have the following certificates: GMP, HASAP, GMO, HALLAL, ISO9001.

According to the way of their effect, the products of FOHOW (Phoenix) Company are divided into four groups:

1. Group of cleaners for the detoxification of the organism
* "Liuwei Phoenix" tea
* "Gaoqian Phoenix" nutritive pills
* Fruit paste "Rose Phoenix"
* Elixir "Sanquing Phoenix" - Fohow Sanquing Oral Liquid
* "Siuchinfu Phoenix" capsules

2. Group of regulators
* Elixir "Cordiceps Phoenix"
* "Linchzhi Phoenix" capsules

3. Group of products for body function restoration
* Elixir "Three Treasures Phoenix" - Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid
* Calcium from sea algae Haicao Gaj - Soft capsules Haicao Gaj

4. Group of products for care and recovery
* Pearly princess - Phoenix
* Functional hygienic curative pads
* Phoenix toothpaste
* Pharadotherapeutical protective belt for the neck, waist and knees
* High technology product of FOHOW company for facial regeneration "CGF"
* Functional FOHOW bedding sets for healthy dreams
* Functional FOHOW healing pillow
* Functional corrective underwear

"Cordiceps Phoenix" - Fohow Oral Liquid - elixir for oral use
Based on a traditional recipe of the emperor family. This unique liquid product was made for oral use - Elixir "Cordiceps Phoenix", the pride of modern technology TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
This is a exceptional product which contains all the natural materials that are necessary for normal functioning of all the systems of our organism.

"Three Treasures Phoenix" - "Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid" elixir
The product "Three Treasures Phoenix" for oral use is one of the best known bio-immune-energy-regulators in China which is made at the laboratory of SRC (Scientific Research Center) of the "Phoenix" corporation.
It is made on the basis of the elixir "Kordiceps Phoenix" for oral use which also contains the newest raw material from natural resources, which is used in the food industry and it is approved by Chinese Ministry of Health. It is a mountain ant: Polyrhachis vicina Roger (Pv Roger).

"Fohow Linchzhi" capsules
They are made from askopor linchzhi (Reishi) powder (Chines Cordiceps mycelium) according to the nanotechnology of chopping the cellular membrane.
It has been known since the old times that linchzhi has a positive effect on "soul calming", "collecting of wisdom" and "memory improvement".
β-acid linchzhi, which is one of the ingredients of Linchzhi (Reishi), improves the oxygen supply of the brain.

"Tea Fohow Liuwei Cha"
"Liuwei Phoenix" tea is made on the basis of the principle of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is the only base of medicines and food where high technology is used from Chinese Kordiceps and Puer tea (which stands for years).
This drink has a fresh original sweet aroma.
"Liuwei Phoenix" tea protects us from blood vessel diseases of the heart and brain, diabetes and other diseases.

"Fohow Gaoqian" - Nutritional tablets
"Strength and grace"
All natural product for health keeping as a food supplement for detoxification of the stomach, feeding the organism and keeping the body in good shape.
It is not dangerous, doesnt cause any contradictions.
It is an irreplaceable food supplement for all people who want to keep their good shape.
It is also recommended to all who have problems with hyperlipemy, hyperglicemy, high blood pressure and to all people who are overweight.

Look for details on our website: www.gold-empire.com

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alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
Anabela Flora
atherosclerosis-closure of blood vessels
beauty and health
blood disease
blood pressure
blood vessels
bronchial asthma
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service description:


The firm Kolor Tim (Color team) was founded by the Marton brothers from Subotica who have 25 years of experience in the field of wall painting.

Starting with the most simple wall paintings, today they do all possible kinds of painting and decorating jobs and other finishing works in the building industry. They do small and big buildings, private and business premises, houses, apartment buildings, etc.

The professional workers of Kolor Tim can help You choose the right color, design, special effect, so that you could be perfectly satisfied.

The quality guarantee is the group of satisfied customers who have been working with us for many years.


The firm Kolor Tim does:

- indoor painting and decorating job
- facade works
- special effects
- wall paper works
- woodwork varnishing
- plaster works
- and many more

You can also follow us on Facebook:

More contacts:

  • www.facebook.com/Kolor.Tim.Subotica

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adaptation of buildings and dwellings
civil engineering
coating ot the outdoor wall 
decorative wall coat
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 869498

service description:

Economycal company for foreign and domestic trade and services.

The main activity of the company Delita doo is trading with chemical products. In our offer are produces base chemicals, food additives, polymers, but we can also offer electric materials, sorbents and personal protective equipments. Our suppliers are reputable companies from Italy, Germany, Belgium and China.

DELITA Ltd is the authorized distributor of HAGER Company for low voltage electrical equipment.


Chemical program:

corn starch, potato starch, ammonium bicarbonate, dextrose, propylene glycol, lactic acid, citric acid, potassium sorbate, pectin, whey powder, etc.

DELITA Ltd is the authorized distributor of SPC INTERNATIONAL-BRADY Company for sorbents and other products for environmental protection.



Polypropylene adsorbers: blotting pad, rolls, pillows, socks, absorbing and floating dams, organic granulated adsorber, IBC containers for waste oil, biodegradable detergents for asphalt and concrete

Plastic program:

ABS, PS, PA, PC, PBT, SMC (reinforced polyester resin for molding), BMC

Electric materials:

installation cables, cable accessories, electrical panels, cubicles, auto fuse, lightning
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 1402853

service description:

Univerzal company deals with wholesale of office and school accessories, toys,etc.
We offer a wide range of products for good price and high quality for twenty years.
There is also a salon where you can see everything.
Delivery is done immediately after your call.
Univerzal is specialized for providing the biggest supermarkets in our country.
Univerzal shop produces various accesories: paperclips, machines for paperclips, munitions for staplers, universal glue, fax and thermo rolls, calcimine, decoration paper, etc.
Our moto is that success is always there when you work hard in a teamwork.
Univerzal began to work with a bookshop "Plavi Čuperak" in 1987. It was successful until 1992. when it turned its name into Univerzal.
In 2005. it opened a salon for sale in Belgrade on a territory of 3000 m2 with more than 600 stock places. It is equipped with the most contemporary equipment for goods.
In 2008. it opened a business office in Niš.
Univerzal deals by the ISO standard 9001:2000 and the most important things are the care of our customers and their needs.

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board game
copy paper
decor package
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service description:

Santim d.o.o. is a company which is promoting European standards in our country. Many high quality products with measuring characteristics are speaking about themselves.

In our offer you can find laboratory measuring instruments, probes, sterilisers, mixers, weights to industrial measuring instruments. If you find something in our offer, for what you thing that it could be help in your business activities, feel free to contact us!

Precise scales can be found in many models, they have a large measurement range and accuracy. CAL program guarantees the high accuracy.

The scales are designed for exact measurements of cargo in the warehouses, in manufacturing, in stores

Measuring instruments for humidity, temperature, pressure, gas analysis and other analysis and measurements.

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analytical balances
balance cash register
digital thermometer for grain storage
domestic balance
elektromos mérőműszerek
equipment for laboratories
equipment for measuring
hanging scales
Hay moisture testers
Company Info ::::.
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Milke Protić (Novo Selo) 17
Niš, 18000
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service description:

Konstantin Ltd. was established in 2007. in Niš. We have 5 employees who work on weekdays 7.30-19.30. We supply our costumers in the best way and we are glad if we can advise them about using materials.

In our sell store there are 3000 products of renowned domestic and foreign manugacturers. The assortment of products in constantly increasing and we consult with our costumers and workers.

-car cosmetics
-car acrylic sprays
-acrylic colours for indoor and outdoor use
-acrylic mortars
-abrasive materials
-colours for concrete
-facade colours
-impregnations and basis
-acrylic and abrasive kits
-coatings (acrylic coatings in mix system)
-mouldings from polystyrene for internal and external
-mouldings for laminate and laminate
-mouldings for demit facade PVC and aluminium
-nitro lacquers, enamel and thinner program
-basic clours for for metal and wood
-ceiling coatings from polystyrene
-roof foils, roof coatings
-glass net
-glass wool
-all kinds of glue, smoothing mass and mass for adjustment
-various kinds of tools and accessories for painters and facaders, Knauf workers
-Knauf program of gypsum blocks with accessories
-hydroinsolation materials

Mixers of colours for tonering of internal and external colours and mortars:
a) Heliomix(HELIOS)
b) Jumix (JUB)
c) Vitex

All three mix systems are contemporary ways of mixing of colours and colourants.

The colour pallette includes more than 1000 shades by sound cards Jub, Helios, Vitex, Ral, Baumit.

The wanted shade you will get if you have a sample of fabric, wood, paper, etc.

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acrylic colours
adhesives for ceramics
Company Info ::::.
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service description:

Our company KOMERC PROGRES deals with importing and marketing tools, such as:

Power Tools
Electrical tools
Pneumatic tools
Cutting tools
Drilling tools

We are the authorized importers and distributers for the following well-known European brands, such as:

and a lot of other companies.

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As fersa

abrasive materials
ball bearing
ball bearings
bearing as fersa
bearing sale
bearings as fersa
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Leskovac , 16000
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  • ISO
  • NAJ
  • NAJ Glass
  • NAJ Podoper
  • NAJ Sanitar
  • NAJ-Aseptsol
  • NAJ-gel
  • QUIT
  • VOŽD

service description:



- Hair care products
- Mens cosmetics
- Skin care creams
- "NAJ" home chemicals

The company "Zdravlje Kozmetika" Leskovac operates as an independent business entity since 2007. after privatization of Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry "Zdravlje AD" Leskovac.

The main activity of the company is production of cosmetics.

Our products are on the market for decades primarily due to superior quality and tested formulations with carefully selected combination of active ingredients and their positive and efficient approach.

Our policy aims that our products meet all the requirements of the cosmetic industry, legislation and environmental protection, and therefore the customer requirements in terms of quality, efficiency, safety and cost.

Hair care products

Thanks to the proven and still unsurpassed formulations, which are constantly being improved and modernized, our hair care products are present and demand on the market for decades.

    Hair care product collection:

  • "NERILEX" anti hair loss shampoo and lotion

  • Anti hair loss treatment and prevention products

  • "NERILEX" shampoo

  • "NERILEX" lotion

  • "SULFA-PLUS" shampoo anti dandruff for oily hair

  • "QUIT" anti parasitic shampoo

Cosmetics for children

"Bio Ethic" products are designed for the youngest specially formulated adapted to the sensitive skin of children and babies.

    Bio Ethic collection:

  • Bio Ethic baby powder

  • Bio Ethic baby oil

  • Bio Ethic children cream

  • Bio Ethic bath and shampoo (2in1)

Mens cosmetics

  • Best Man" is a collection of after shave lotions.

  • Skin care creams

    The collection includes skin care products for hand care, foot and body.

    • "Glycona" hand cream

    • "Chamomilla" hand cream

    • "NAJ" antibacterial hand gel

    • "Aseptsoll" liquid antiseptic

    • NAJ Aseptsoll aerosol

    • NAJ Aseptsoll 5%

    "NAJ" home chemicals

    Products for home hygiene NAJ are high quality, most efficient and most cost-effective on the market.

    • "NAJ" Liquid detergent for hand washing

    • "NAJ" Liquid hand wash

    • "NAJ" Glass cleaning glass surfaces

    • "NAJ" sanitary

    • "NAJ" floor washing

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NAJ Glass
NAJ Podoper
NAJ Sanitar
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

      The company BBC Promet d.o.o. is offering:
    • large range of high quality professional cleaners

    • office materials

    • cold drink, soft drinks, coffee

    • electrical materials

    • water supplies and sanitary materials

    • locksmith products

    • HTZ equipments, etc.

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 221983
    Stojana Protića 45
    Beograd, 11000
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    • Teslićka esencija

    service description:

    Acetik d.o.o. from Belgrade is general representative and distributor of production program HI "Destilacija" Teslic.

    Chemical industry "Distillation" from Teslic was established in 1896. The factory is known by producing eatable acetic acid which is obtained by distillation of dry wood, what means we are using only natural resources.

    Acetic acid 80% is popular and well known as "Teslicka essence" what is used for making winter food (chutney, pickle, pickles-cucumbers).

    Chemical Industry "Distillation" - Teslić in addition to edible acetic acid sales barbecue briquettes, which are mostly exported to western Europe.

    In production and sales program is represented technical acetic acid too which is used in textile and leather industries (production of yarn, fabric, socks).

    your images:

    Teslićka esencija

proizvodnja ćumura
vinegar acid
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    Eko-Tera Ltd. Carpet Service Boban

    The company is providing services in the field of hygiene.

    Our company was established in 1992. and it is developing in four interconnected parts:

    * Carpet Service
    * Car wash
    * Daily maintenance of business premises
    * Sales of machinery and means of hygiene

    Moravički street 17
    24300 Bačka Topola
    +381 (0) 24 713751
    +381 (0) 63 510643

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car wash
car wash without contact
car washing
carpet cleaning
carpet cleanings
carpet service
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    "Topling Gas" doo is dealing with: delivering, installing, repairing of thermal power generation equipment and equipment for chemical treatment of water.

    In our customer service are licensed professionals who are continuously expanding their knowledge on technical seminars organized by the next companies: "Weishaupt", "Viessmann" and "BBD Group" for who we are the authorized service in Republic of Serbia.

    Long years of experience, 20years, staff trainging, knowledge and experience gained with long year work in the field of servicing burner, conversion of burners with liquid or gaseous fuels, testing of gas equipment and installation is the warranty that we will do our work professionally, responsibly and in a timely manner.

    We can efficiently and quickly respond to the demands of our customers.

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boiler automation
burner for propane-butane
burner service
burner with fuel oil
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    The company Sanej Ltd. was established in 2009 in Zrenjanin. Our main activity is sale.

    The top priority in our company is quality.

    In addition to quality our company is successful because its prices and persistent sale staff.

    We sell wholesale and retail, as well as directly to institutions and companies with large consumer needs (such as hotels, hospitals...)

    Our development is evident through the expansion and diversification of our products.

    We deal with the market, accept new challenges, we follow the trends, but we always put at the first place the needs of our customers.

    Thanks to the great quality and for affordable prices we managed "Pur Weiss" (new line purity) to be a recognizable brand in Serbia and in neighboring countries.

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    air freshener
chemical industry
chemical industry chemicals
chemical products
chemical products - distributing
detergent for washing underwear
distributing chemical products 
Home Chemistry
Home Chemistry
means of personal hygiene
producing chemical materials
production means for hygiene
Wholesale of chemical products
air freshener
chemical industry
chemical industry chemicals
chemical products
    Company Info ::::.
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    Subotica , 24000
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    service description:

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    ceiling heat insulation
ending works of the building industry
heat insulation
house heat insulation
painting and colouring
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    Company Eco Bazaar d.o.o. is the exclusive importer and distributor for brands DUPLI COLOR, ALKYTON, COLORMATIC, PRESTO, SCHABERT, FRIESS, QUIXX and XERAPOL in the territory of Serbia. The Dutch-German group MoTip - Dupli Group is the leading Europian producer both in quality and assortment of colors and varnishes, colors and varnishes in spray and technical sprays.
    NESPOLI DEUTSCHLAND GMBH is the greatest European producer of professional painter tools.


    High quality transparent acrylic lacquer for varnishing transparent surface (stop light) in green color.
    Area preparation
    It can be used on different surfaces which, after coating remains transparent (glass, bulbs, plastic)
    On surfaces which after coating remains visible structure (ceramics, wood...)
    High quality
    Quick drying
    Lead-free and free of heavy metals
    Long lasting high gloss. Repels dust. It can be polished. Long lasting without fading. Resistant to weather changes. Resistant to fuels. Extremely clinging to the surface. Extremely hard surface while elastic. Should not be sprayed on Styrofoam.
    A total of 150 ml is enough for about 0.5 m²

    Acrylic Touch-up Pencil

    For quick and efficient polishing small areas in all of the standard and metallic colors serial car and tones. It is applied lightly with a brush in several thin layers.
    Area preparation
    Especially for repair of small damages caused by scratches or small pebbles.
    Small damaged surfaces on vehicles in a color.
    With primary color, color of your vehicle and 2k transparent varnish in a package of 12ml you can quickly and efficiently make intervention on your darling.
    High quality acrylic lacquer
    Quick drying
    Permanent gloss, long lasting color
    Resistant to weather changes.
    Resistant to fuels.
    Extremely hard surface while elastic.
    Dust resistant after 15minute
    Touch resistant after 40minutes
    Totally dry after 24hours
    12ml touch up pencil
    210ml euro can containing 150ml
    520ml euro can containing 400ml
    If the damage is new (without corrosion) and if it is not deep it is enough to paint it with the appropriate color.
    If there is corrosion you have to clearly remove it
    If the damage is deep you have to put primary color on it (drying 30 minute)
    Shake Touch-ap 2min and apply paint brush from the bottle
    Metallic colors after 30min is necessary varnishing with Touch-ap transparent varnish.

    ALKYTON 250ml and 750ml color paint brush for brushing, professional-quality oil, suitable for painting large areas in the industry and in "do it yourself" applications. Responding is easy to paint containers, chassis, external parts, tractors, construction machineries, roofs, cranes, fences, gates, construction of ships, pipes, etc..

    Alkyton 150ml spray
    For fast and efficient repairs of scratches, errors or defects in the coating, the most popular colors are available in 150ml spray Alkyton alkydne based resin.
    Alkyton spray is suitable for repairing damages caused during transportation, in establishing and maintaining the painted surfaces. It is also ideal for use in hard to reach places.

    Zinc requires Galvinol as basis
    DUPLI COLOR Galvinol prove its impeccable quality, especially in the specific surface coating such as zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, iron and other smooth surfaces.
    Dust resistant after 10minute
    Touch resistant after 15minutes
    Totally dry after 50minutes

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    acrylic colours
car colors
car cosmetic
car cosmetics
car cosmetics sale
car lacquers
car polishing
coatings adhesives molding
colors for metal
colours and lacquers for cars
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    Paraćin , 35250
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 22169
    Dragiše Mišovića 227
    Čačak , 32100
    Tel.: 032/366-365
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 15806
    Primorska 22
    Beograd, 11000
    Tel.: 011/729-3534
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    E-mail: nola@eunet.rs

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
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    Arilje, 31230
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 10976
    Donja Beževica
    Čačak , 32100
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    Other Categories:

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
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    Jasenovo, 26346
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    Other Categories:

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 8276
    Preljina bb
    Čačak , 32100
    Tel.: 032/381-131
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 46371

    Čačak , 32100
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
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    Cvijićeva 87.
    Beograd, 11000
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
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    Obrenovac , 11503
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    Other Categories:

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 9704
    Bulevar 12. Februara 81
    Niš, 18000
    Tel.: 018/581-332
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    Other Categories:

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 88438
    Generala Mihajla Nedeljkovića 88.
    Novi Beograd, 11070
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 210451
    Višnjička 84
    Beograd, 11000
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    service description:

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    abrasive paper
Home Chemistry
htz equipments
labour sfty. clothing
paper wrapper
personal protective equipment
sanitary paper
secure equipment 
abrasive paper
Home Chemistry
htz equipments
labour sfty. clothing
paper wrapper
personal protective equipment
sanitary paper
secure equipment 
abrasive paper
Home Chemistry
htz equipments
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