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Wholesale of hand tools and equipments
General importer and distributor for Serbia for the next brands: Extol, Extol Premium, Fortum, Herom from Czech Republic

The company Madal Bal was established in 1978 in Switzerland. We are successfully operating in over than ten countries.

In this part of Europe (Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.) we are dealing with wholesale of tools. Reason of the relationship between high quality and price is a unified line of business from the factory to the wholesaler.

In addition to high quality and affordable prices for us important is that our tools look good.

    Our brands are:

  • Extol - high quality hobby tools for really affordable prices

  • Extol premium - half professional tools. Exceptional quality and price ratio.

  • Fortum - professional tools for affordable prices

  • Heron - high quality aggregators, virtually noise-free digital generators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

    Our offer of tools and equipments:
  • screwdriver

  • Bits for screws

  • Keys

  • Pliers

  • Gedore sets

  • Allen, torks keys

  • hammers

  • Knives, Skalper inserts

  • Masonry tools

  • measuring tools

  • Taps, cutter knives

  • screws

  • Clamps

  • Staplers

  • Paint brushes

  • Drills, cutters

  • Blades for saws

  • Cutting and grinding wheels

  • Wire brushes and abrasive tools

  • Accessories for electrical machines

  • garden tools

  • Fortum professional keys

  • Fortum professional gedora

  • Aggregators, noise-free aggregators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

Ostali podaci:

Centrala: Tel.: 024/622-134 Tel.: 024/622-133
E-mail: info@madalbal.rs

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Extol Premium

Accessories for electric machines
Blades for saws
Cutting wheels
delivery pump
electric hand tool
electrical tools
Extol premium 
Fortum professional keys
garden tool
gas station
Gedore sets
hand tool
hand tools
high quality tools
hobby tools
imbus torks keys
import of tools
Knives knife inserts
Masonry Tools
Measuring Tools
paint brushes
professional tools
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Expont Ltd. is a trading company from Belgrade which is specialized for trade of heating and plumbing equipment. It was established in 1992. At the same location, there is also a retail facility. Company Expont has 13 employees.

Within Expont Company there is also a production company. It has 17 employees and produces flat globe valves, irreversible valves, manual regulating valves, flanges and tire compensators.

Company Expont is occupied with wholesale supply of more than 700 construction companies, from substations to home heating and plumbing insallations. Goods are supplied with a valid certificate and guarantee.

Our priorities are many artists of thermo-technical and plumbing installations, by which the company Expont has developed and progressed on the Serbian market. Our company is always ready to deliver the equipement to the construction site in the shortest possible time, with good prices and special discount scale.

We give a 5% discount on every purchase over 20.000,00 dinars in the year of 2014.

WHOLESALE: Vojvode Stepe 153, Voždovac
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday 8am-2pm,
011/30 99 603, 3982 002, 060/431 43 02, 060/641 68 34
fax: 011/3982 002


RETAIL SALE 1: Vojvode Stepe 153, Voždovac
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm, Sunday 8am-1pm
011/3982 022, 060/641 68 32

RETAIL SALE 2: Smederevski put 16, Kaluđerica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/34 77 170, 060/641 68 31

RETAIL SALE 3: Vodovodska 164ž, Čukarica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/25 80 103, 060/34 000 41

RETAIL SALE 4: Majora Zorana Radosavljevića 134, Batajnica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/84 84 964, 060/0 330 144

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SALE: Cara Lazara 246, Kruševac
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
037/21 00 31 , 060/0 330 147

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Accessories for soldering
air conditioner
aluminium radiators
Alupex tube
ball valves
blocked heat changer 
boiler cast
boilers for central heating
butterfly valves
Copper tube
digital thermostats
dirt catcher
equipment for central heating
equipment for water supply Peshtan
floor heating
gas and heating gear
gas heating
heat exchangers
heating equipment
heating system
heating technique
klima uredjaji
measuring and control equipments
Pellet boilers 
pellet burners
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The firm "Topiz" was founded in 1994 and employs 10 workers at the moment.

The firm exclusively deals with producing heat exchangers, capacitors and evaporators. They are specialized to make the products according to the will of the customer within a very short and precise time.

Our business motto is to gain the customer with a high-quality product.

In the past ten years we have achieved very good results in both domestic and foreign markets. Standard heat exchangers are made out of aluminium lamellas, that are attached to the copper pipes with mechanical expansion. There are pipesheets from galvanized or aluminium sheet metal that are parts of the heat changer and the collector is made from seamless steel or copper pipes.

These kinds of heat changers are used as heaters or coolers, for air conditioning in rooms where effective heat changing is necessary.

Our heat changers are made according to the will of the customer who can choose using the program of choice which is accordant to our producing possibilities, so that the final product could completely satisfy the project demands.

The certificate of quality also proves this, which is given out by the Institute of Thermotechnics "Vinča".

TOPIZ D.O.O – Producer of heat exchangers

Address: Branka Radičevića 26, 11211 Borča, Belgrade,

Tel: 011 / 33.28.904, Fax : 011 / 33.21.533,

Contact person: Komlenac Ranko,

Web: www.topiz.co.rs, E-mail: topiz@eunet.rs

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air-cooled condensers
cooling systems
evaporators for cold
evaporators for refrigerators
heat exchanger
heat exchangers
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Ekonomistelektro doo Beocin is a small company which was established in 1992.12.07. The main activity of the company is setting up electrical equipments. Over time the interest for our company has spread in the area safety and health at work, so we are now a licensed company that provides services health and safety at work for other companies.
We also are in final phase in introduction of ISO 9001 standard, with the aim of better business and providing the best service to our clients
Our employees are qualified and we have modern equipments.
We have commercial properties in Beocin and in Novi Sad.
We have capacity to provide services on the whole territory of Serbia.

Our best advertisements are the works that we have successfully developed:

-Development of external and internal lighting in the Sports Business Center Beocin
-Development of high voltage power installations in the Square Youth Beocin
-Construction and maintenance of street lighting in the municipality Beocin City
-Alternative fuel system for the LBFC Beocin
-Production of power and lightning protection rotating gantry-crane at the port in LBFC Beocin
-Reconstruction of health centers in Vojvodina
-Emergency Center, Clinical Center Novi Sad
-Academy of Arts Novi Sad
-SPA Center Novi sad
-Residential-commercial complex City Park Novi Sad
-Commercial Complex NEW NORK Novi Sad
-Stadium Karadjordje Novi Sad
-Gymnasium "Laza Kostic" Novi Sad
-Electrical work on the building of the National Bank of Serbia-Belgrade
-Institute of Rheumatology Belgrade

We are constantly monitoring the construction market, we are constantly participating in tenders and we operate in a spirit of good accommodation which allowed us to success in business.

More contacts:

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decorative lamp
electric netwok reticulation
electrical engineering
electrical engineering
electrical material
electro installation equipment
electro installation planning
electronic network planing construction
electronic wire
external and internal lighting
home lighting
home lighting
hydraulic basket
interior lighting
lighting technique
power supply installations
professional lighting 
street led lighting
street lighting 
street-lighting installation
street-lighting maintenance
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Požeška 67/A
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/355-7-599
Fax: 011-354-3-367
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ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. has been involved in Time, Attendance, Access Control, Car Parking Lots automation, Security, CCTV, ADC & Card (ISO standard CR-80) Printing and Personalization and Hotel locks for 12 years providing total solutions (hardware, software development & implementation) to the Customers. Its goal is the best use of IT to provide the business competitive edge. The approach at ASPEKT software development and system Integration Company is to spend time establishing both, a close working relationship and detailed understanding of the Client’s business and objectives. We are located in Belgrade down town, in our own business facilities.

We are very good educated and very experienced team used to resell, integrate, do software development and implement various types of equipment. A number of References we have should confirm that. It wouldnt be new for us to see for the very first time some peace of equipment, to read the manual, to write software and to implement that peace of equipment in practice for extremely short time. We are used to resell, integrate and implement Automatic Systems, Be, Acroprint, US; Videx, US; Fargo, US; American Magnetics, US; CIM S.p.A., It; GIGA-TMS, Tw; Paradox, Ca; PROMAG, Tw,, SafeSky, Cn, various types of equipment. We would like to reach following goals, to sell, what we consider THE BEST of our company, KNOWLEDGE of software development and system integration, and to make long-term business relationship with our Customers. We believe it is possible, our motto is:

Nothing is permanent, except change !

ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o.

Požeška br. 67a

11000 Beograd


Tel: ++381 11 3557 599

Fax: ++381 11 3557 599

E.mail: office@aspekt.rs
Web: www.aspektdoo.eu
Web: www.aspekt24h.com
Web :www.aspektdoo.com
web :www.aspekt.rs

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access control
access control systems
access control vehicle
alarm and camera installation
alarm and security systems
alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm system
alarms Inter phones video monitoring
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Service of burners, gas techniques and thermo - energetic equipments. Service of gas furnaces for household.

"Termo-Tim" company from Novi Sad was established in 1998. The founders of the company are experts of electrical engineering in the field of thermo-energetics for many years.

"Termo-Tim" has a leading position in servicing burners and thermo-energetic equipment. We are present in all branches of industry, working on plants for the heat production: the steam boiler, the hot-water boilers for central heating. We repair burners in driers, bakeries, brickyards, foundries and dairies. The auxiliary equipment for burners and other thermo-energetic equipment, we use and install the products of following manufacturers: Dungs, Honeywell, Suntec, Satronic, Landis & Steufa, Siemens, Krömschröder,etc.

More contacts:

  • Živković Branko
    Tel.: 063/523-134, 
  • Fešiš Zoltan
    Tel.: 063/547-583, 
  • Spasojević Branko
    Tel.: 063/512-691, 

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boiler maintenance
boilers for central heating
burner service
central heating
coal boilers
devices for central heating
electric boilers
electric boilers for central heating
equipment for gas
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service description:

Company “MS TERMOPRO” d.o.o. was founded in 1993 with following structure of joint capital: 70% of shares in private property and 30% of shares in public property. Company “Minel kotlogradnja Servis za masinsku opremu” owned specified 30% of shares until 1997, when the company “Termoelektro” took over these shares. Finally, in May 2002, the structure of capital has been changed and the stake of capital in private property became 100%.

We are primarily concerned with engineering, designing, manufacturing, assembling and overhaul equipment in thermal power plants, for HVAC installations and process industry.

The company currently employs 25 workers, 5 of them are graduate mechanical engineers. Four graduated mechanical engineers have licenses for designing and contracting engineers, well-known specialist in following fields:

- designing combustion systems for solid fuels (coal, wood waste), liquid and
gaseous fuels,
- making grounds for designing measuring, regulation and control systems,
- designing projects for revitalization of thermal power plants,
- making tender documentation for reconstruction and revitalization of thermal
power plants
- providing complete workshop documentation for manufacturing parts of fossil fuel
combustion systems.

Besides making documentation, we also manufacture certain elements of equipment, which we assemble ourselves or supervise the assembly.


Company: ‘’MS Termopro’’ doo

Address: 1. Juhorska Street
P.O. Box 74
Belgrade, 11060

Phone / Fax No: +381 11 2755 068
+381 11 2756 664
+381 11 2085 347

E-mail: tpro@sezampro.rs

Homepage: http://www.termopro.co.rs/

Director: Boban Tasić, M.Sc.ME

List of EQuIPMENT that we are qualified to design and MANUFACTURE:

Boilers – steam, hot water and warm water, with capacity up to 10 MW
Forced and induced draught fans – for thermal power plants, heating plants and boiler rooms
Pressure vessels
Grates – burning and after burning grates in boilers
Multicyclons – appliances for flue gas cleaning
Units for mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic transport in power and heating plants
Equipment and parts for coal mills in power plants


Thermal Power plants
- Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A (2 x 210 MW and 4 x 310 MW) - Obrenovac
- Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla B (2 x 615 MW ) - Ušće
- Thermal Power Plant Kostolac A (281 MW )- Kostolac
- Thermal Power Plant Kostolac B ( 640 MW )- Drmno
- Thermal Power Plant Kolubara A (2 x 65 MW and 1 x 125 MW ) - Veliki Crljeni
- Thermal Power Plant Morava (1x 125 MW) - Svilajnac

steel plants
- US Steel Serbia - Smederevo

- Heating Plant Energetika - Kragujevac

- Šećerana Donji Srem - Pećinci
- Bačka Fabrika šećera - Vrbas
- Šajkaška Šećerana - Žabalj
- Jedinstvo Šećerana - Kovačica
- Jugozapadna Bačka Šećerana - Bač

HYDRoelectric POWER stations
- Hydroelectric Power Station Đerdap – Kladovo

-Aluminum Plant Podgorica (KAP) – Podgorica, Monte Negro

- titan Cement Factory– Kosjerić
- Lafarge Cement Factory - Beočin

- Cable Factory Novkabel – Novi Sad
- Institute IMS - Belgrade
- Port of Belgrade - Belgrade
- Food Factory Semberka – Janja, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Picture 1 – Steam boiler 500KW
Picture 2 – Warm water boiler 1MW
Picture 3 – Multicyclon for flue gas cleaning
Picture 4 – Grate for coal combustion- HPK Draksenic, BIH
Picture 5 – Beater wheel of coal mill - Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A, Obrenovac
Picture 6 – ID fan
Picture 7 – ID fan - Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A, Obrenovac
Picture 8 – Centrifugal fan

More contacts:

  • Tel./faks.: +381(0)11 2756 664
    Tel.: 011 2085 347, 

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central heating
coal mills
equipment for thermal power plants
grate combustion
installing central heating
manufacturing of furnace
pressure vessels
thermo energetic equipment
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Turbines, electric motors, generators

Electro lune d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the country in sales of electric motors and gears.
Company is a result of a small craft shop established in 1985. We have gradually developed and expanded our product range. Today our company, except the largest selection of electric motors and gears (about 10.000) in its sales line has a large selection of gears (sprockets, gears, couplings, cardans), vibrating motor, electronics.
For our regular customers we have an obligation storage of goods and possibility of deferred payment. Warranty for all products is 1year. We solve complaints for one day. We can always offer you technical solutions and service.
Our goal beside selling is to be unique in service, choice and quality.

The company "Elektro Lune" is the distributor of the Italian company Chiaravalli, Seipee s.p.a, STM, OMB, F.lli ARAMINI.

Chiaravalli: electric motors, gear units, variators, sprockets, racks, connectors, housing stock, gears, angular gears, clamping joints ...

OMB: vibrating motors

Seipee: Three-phase motors to 900 kW, single phase electric motors, electric motors with brake, mini motors, drives, motors ex, ATEX motors, drives motors, electric motors with encoder ...

STM: gear-bevel gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, parallel shaft-mounted gearboxes, drives


Other: pump body of stainless steel, water pumps, industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum air turbine, axial fans, radial turbines.

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drive electromotors
electrical gear
electromotor wholesale
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M.P. "I L G M"

Production of elements from 6 mm tin-plate. Soldering, flexion, cuting. Production by CNC machines.

Our main occupation is production of metal constructions and parts of constructions.

Ilgm MP company with headquarters in Kragujevac. It offers contemporary CNC equipment and makes parts and circuits from the field of tin deformation processing (cutting, bending, punching and welding).

Quality guarantee of our products or our services are based on machines from a world well-known company "Amada" and on a long work experience of our employees gained in Italy.

Ilgm MP meets the strictest requirements of its consumers in the field of tin processing by cutting, bending, punching and welding.

It cooperates with italian, german and french companies and uses tins which are imported from Italy.

More contacts:

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archival office shelves
bathroom shelves
cabinet for clothes
cnc machines
cnc machines cutting
cnc metal processing
console stands
cutting sheet metal
gas cabinets
machines with CNC control
metal cabinet
metal cabinets
metal construction
metal containers
metal electro wardrobes
metal shelf
metal sides for trailers
panel shelves with hooks for hanging
perforation of aluminum
shelves for warehouses
tin bending
tin cutting machine 
tube cutting and welding

archival office shelves
bathroom shelves
cabinet for clothes
cnc machines
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Laze Lazarevića 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Fax: 021/646-72-99
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service description:

Petro-Mont is a private family business, established in 05.05.1989. as a craft shop.

Further development of the team "PETRO-MONT" has completed recruitment of a number of licensed engineers responsible contractors and responsible designers, from the field of engineering, construction and architecture.
We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments of new systems in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning and renewable energy.

Petro-Mont has over 20years of experience in the performance of mechanical and construction work on the construction of gas pipelines, water and waste water, heating and hot water connections and construction of substations for district heating.

The part that with Petro-Mont stands out is training of young staff in the field of construction work, as confirmed by many years of practice in our students who attend Central Mechanical School in Novi Sad.

Decades of experience, professionally trained staff constantly monitoring trends and developments in technology, technical equipment are the guarantee for the efficiency and quality of our work.



Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Tel.: 021/636-90-77
Tel.: 021/636-94-39
Fax: 021/646-72-99

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air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
construction activity
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service description:

Psychologist - parapsychologist
Experience over 30 years!
Solution for your problems!

Detection and removal of black magic with the help of photographs.

if you contact me, your nightmares and questions will stop. I need your photo and after a few hours the initials or the name of the person who is to blame for your problem will appear. The kind of magic that tells me how to remove it will also appear. Even through a phone conversation I can feel what are your problems because I am a psychologist. I am concerned with parapsychology for many years and people from all over the world ask me for help. I am the only one in the whole world in this way who can discover the cause of your insomnia, unfulfilled love, illness ... By personal touch with the help of bioenergetics, I successfully solve problems of insomnia, headaches, spondylosis, neurosis .. I also do weight reduction programs and the cases of changes on the skin. Cellulite, stretch marks ... If you come to me, telephone scheduling is a must, you have to take a photo of you where your whole figure is seen, it has to be in colour but it does not have to be a recently recorded one. Appointments can be done at tel. 011 2332 491 or mob. 064 127 01 08.

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alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
detection of negative energy
elimination of negative energy
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service description:

Mikro Kontrol company was founded in year 1996. Engineering and services in Power and Industrial
Automation are our main field of work. During its existence, the company has acquired a number of
references in a variety of industries: mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, water treatment,
metal processing, food and chemical industry, rubber and building materials, heating, power stations ...

Our team of 25 graduate engineers with decades of experience is skilled in finding solutions for the
control of machines and processes. Foundation of these solutions as PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.

Mikro Kontrol provides: technical documentation, production and delivery of electrical equipment,
installation works, development of PLC and SCADA software and commissioning. We use the latest
software tools: PCS7, Simatic S7, WinCC, CX One, Sysmac Studio, packages EPLAN electrical design
and ACAD, packages for SCADA iFIX and Wonderware InTouch.

We have partnership with several international companies. The most important partners are
OMRON, SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider Electric, SOLCON.

We are a Siemens Solution Partner in the field of industrial automation and drive technology.

The experience we have acquired in previous projects is the foundation for all future challenges.


The electrical equipment revitalization of continuous systems on the "Gracanica" surface mine in Gacko, Republic Srpska.

Crusher Plant control system reconstruction, PD RB „Kolubara” d.o.o., Lazarevac

More contacts:

  • Predstavništvo u Nišu
    Jovana Ristića 11
    E-mail: nis@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 018/4511 884 ,  Fax: 018/4519 192
  • Predstavništvo u Novom Sadu
    Drinska 1
    E-mail: ns@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 021/2469 501 ,  Fax: 021/2466 543

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automatica automatisation
automatization for industry
business information systems
electric energetics
electrical Works
frequency regulator
informatics and communications
informatics consulting
informatics engineering
information systems
information systems developing
information systems implementation
information systems projecting
information technology
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service description:

"FKS" is the biggest Serbian manufacturer of cables, cable accessories, connectors and cable sets.

"FKS" is the biggest Serbian exporter of cable products. Significant part of its production is sold on the international market.

The main activity from the beginning has been production of safety and telecommunication equipment, systems and services.

- Energetic cables and conductors thermoplastic insulated and sheathed.

FKS Jagodina makes PVC cables ​​by all leading world standards: JUS, VDE, BS, GOST, NFC, IEC, section 1.5 to 630 mm2.

- Power cables with crosslinked polyethylene insulation

Crosslinked polyethylene is one of the best materials for energetic cables. Its main features are good electrical, mechanical and heating characteristics.

Operating temperature of energetic cable with polyethylene insulation is 90C, with short duration overloads 130C, during the course of the year 100h, without affecting the life of the cable. The maximum allowable temperature in short-circuit is 250oC.


Cables with this kind of insulation are applied in electric power networks and distribution facilities for low, medium and high voltage. The application area is wide:

- Distribution and industrial networks
- Hydro and thermal power plants
- Distribution systems


- Telecommunication cables for the transmission of digital signals
- Telephone cables with paper insulation
- Telephone cables with thermoplastic insulation
- Coaxial telephone cables
- Combined signal - telecommunication cables for railways
- Signal cables and power measurement cables - for regulation technique
- RF and CATV coaxial cables
- Optical cables

More contacts:

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cabel trade
cable boxes
cable carrier
cable distribution network
cables for video surveillance
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service description:

Production of heating cables and making floor heating, electrical heating and directed heating.
The company Bimid was established for projecting and making heating installations, water system installations, electrical installations, making coils for electrical machines and maintenance of electric plants in industries.

The private company named EIM was established in 1973 from which we has established Bimid in 1990. Production of heating cables was realized in cooperation with the factory NOVKABEL and ELKOND from Trsteno, Slovakia.

Now Bimid cooperates with the French factory FLEXELEC from Lyon in projecting and manufacturing heating sections according to the needs of the market.

In the development of new technology heating cables have found their wide application in constructions, construction of roads, flyovers, underpasses, squares, traffic signals, oil and gas industries, railways, medicine, cosmetic industry, defense industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, mining equipment, agriculture and other similar applications.

More contacts:

  • Miloš Ivković
    E-mail: bimid@sbb.rsTel.: 063/205-353, 

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Electric floor heating
electric heating mats
electrical floor and wall heating
electrical heating cables
gutter heating
heat sink
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service description:


"PARTNER PROMET" is a specialized traffic organisation for trading with drive engineering, such as:
- electric motors
- reducers
- pumps
- frequency regulators
- and spare parts for these products.

The company was founded in 1990 by the ex workers of the company "Sever". We have been dealing with this job since the 70`s of the last century when we started our professional career in "SEVER" Subotica, which means that we have a long term experience.

"PARTNER PROMET" is highly positioned as a supplier of these goods by its customers, thanks to the following postulates in business:

As the result of these four elements Partner promet has successfully operated for more than two decades.

In our offer we have products made by the following manufacturers:

Electric motors:

Seipee - Italy, energy efficiency IE 1,
Marathon electric - Holland, energy efficiency IE 2, where the relationship "invested - gained" can be potentiated separately. This is absolutely the best in this assortment...
We are able to offer electric motors ATB Sever Subotica; Siemens - Germany; Leroy Somer - France...


STM - Italy; Chiaravali - Italy; Rossi - Italy; Leroy Somer - France...


Pedrollo - Italy, Novoterm - Austria...

Frequency regulators:

Leroy Somer - France,  Control Techniques - England... 

Deep pump


Circulation pump


More contacts:

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axial fan
circulation pump
circulation pump.
deep pump
electric motors
electrical gear
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service description:

About Us

Prima SU-FLEX offers to its clients a wide range of products which meets the standards: EN, DIN, SAE, GOST, JUS..., in order to satisfy as many demands of the market.

Prima SU-FLEX rubber hoses are now widely used in almost all branches of industry, construction, shipbuilding, mining, agriculture, consumer products ...


- Production of hydraulic hoses
- Reinforced rubber industrial hoses
- Rubber reinforced hose for petroleum products
- Reinforced rubber hose for welding
- Reinforced rubber hoses for the food industry
- PVC hose reinforced and unreinforced
- Silicone hose
- Rubber mats with and without fabric

Prima SU-FLEX offers a wide range of services and offers

- Production of hydraulic hoses
- Reinforced rubber industrial hoses
- Reinforced rubber hose for oil
- Reinforced rubber hose for welding
- Rubber hoses for the food industry
- PA, PU, PTFE hoses
- Thin-walled PVC spiral hose
- Thick walled PVC spiral hose
- PVC spiral drafts for dusting
- PVC hose reinforced and unreinforced
- silicone hose
- Rubber mats
- Rubber mats for stairs
- Silicone mats Klingerit
- PE, PP, PA, PTFE bars in slabs
- Transparent PVC strip curtains
- cotton patch
- Sponge-bands and profiles
- Rubber cords and profiles



Masarikova 30, Subotica 24000,
Working hours: Monday - Friday 07:00-15:00
Saturday: 08:00-12:00

Phone: 024/410-0038
Cell phone Stevo: 063/508-548
Cell phone Ivica: 063/10-74-558
email: primasuflex@gmail.com

More contacts:

  • Stevo
    Tel.: 063/508-548, 
  • Ivica
    Tel.: 063/107-4558, 

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antifreeze subotica
branded PPE
cotton rags
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 562048
Marsala Birjuzova 54
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011 328-25-10
Fax: 011 328-25-41
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Coptech doo are modern company from Serbia (Former Yugoslavia) specialized in production, processing, engineering and trading of copper semi-finished products with distinctive market positions in South-East Europe, former Soviet republics and the Middle East.

We can offer you:

Copper tubes and pipes with or without cover, copper wire, copper bars, rods and plates, copper conductors and cables, capillary tubes, enameled copper wire, trolley wire, brass and bronze bars and tubes, copper disks, copper cathode and ingots, bronze, brass ingots and rods ...

COPTECH d.o.o.
Address of Belgrade office:
Marsala Birjuzova street 54
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
web: www.coptech.rs
E-mail: coptech@sbb.rs
tel/fax: +381 11 3282 510
tel/fax: +381 11 3282 541
mob: +381 65 3970 300
+381 64 6684 349
+381 64 6684 348
Skype: Alex StankovicC

More contacts:

  • E-mail: info@coptech.rsTel.: 065 3970 300, 
  • Tel.: 064 6684 349, 
  • Tel.: 064 6684 348, 

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copper rails
Copper tube
copper Wire
data cables
electric accessories stock
electric rig-out
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The company Elit Impex d.o.o. Zemun was established in 1991 in Zemun.
The main activity of the company is wholesale with products which are divided into four main groups:

1. Measuring and regulation equipment and supplies which are represented in analog and digital gauges, pressure regulators, temperature, flow rate, manometers, thermometers, solenoid valves, regulators, transmitters, and related equipment and accessories.

Calibration service for measuring equipment we do in an authorized laboratory with provided service.
All products has certificate.
In addition to well known manufacturers which goods we sell, we specially highlight the products of "Teleoptik" Zemun, who represents measuring and control equipment in our sales line.

2. Equipment for gas welding and accessories includes product placement "Teleoptik" pressure reducing valve for oxygen, acetylene, propane butane and nitrogen, sets for welding and cutting and accessories.

3. Spare parts for passenger, truck and agriculture program we sell I quality products of "Teleoptic" (FAP, TAM, Ikarus, IMT, IMR, Zmaj) which include pressure gauges, thermometers, tachometer, accelerometers, ammeters, voltmeters and other products.

4. Feeder-insulating material that includes klingerit, tekstolit, teflon, graphite and cotton gaskets, cork, plexiglass, non-asbestos board.

The basic principles underlying the operations of Elite Impexs products are quality and efficiency.
The above specified activities we do in our places with a team of people in the company since its inception.

Call us, and visit us in Zemun!

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/7751-287, 
  • Tel.: 063/7751-286, 

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combined instrument
counter hours of operation
equipment for gas welding
float for fuel
gas cutting equipment
graphite braids
insulation materials
intestine for digestion
klingerit non-asbestos
klingerit reinforced
legislator oil pressure
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service description:

Vatro Prevent

    Sale and services

  • All kinds of firefighting equpments, appliances, devices and repair of them

  • All kinds of technical gases

  • Complete firefighting equipment

  • Hydrant equipment

  • PPE equipments

  • All kinds of spareparts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

  • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

  • Fire alarm systems with installing, controll and maintenance

  • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

  • Making trainings for employees in the field of fire protection

  • Controling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

  • Validation and maintenance of electrical installations and lighting conductors

  • Testing practical knowledge of employees in the field of fire protection

  • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipments

  • We also offer eqipments for welding and cutting

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automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
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Senta , 24400
Tel.: 024/812-291
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  • Aling conel
  • ETI
  • Finder
  • General Electric
  • Kopos Kolin
  • Legrand
  • Moeller Eaton
  • Obo Bettermann
  • Omron
  • Osram
  • Pannon LED
  • Philips
  • Pipe life
  • Schneider Elecrtic
  • Schrack
  • Siemens
  • Somogyi Elektronic

service description:

Electro materials and equipment

The company "Elektro Izbor" from Senta is dealing with wholesale and retail of electric materials.

Electric materials - wholesale and retail, energetic, installation and telecommunication cables, lighting, lightning protection equipment, automatics, measuring devices, signaling, measuring boards and cubicles, accessories and related equipment for the installation on different objects or individual consumption.
Sales of imported lighting fixtures and accessories of high quality and affordable price.

With professionalism, quality of our services and goods we have earned the respect of a large number of customers.

Our goal is satisfied customer. The goal of our company is to become and remain a market leader in terms of quality.
Ensuring long term growth and increase market share. The quality policy of our company is focused primarily on gaining the trust of customers and owners, suppliers and employees.

Wide range of quality products in the field of low-voltage equipment.
"Elektro Izbor" works directly with reputable foreign suppliers, what means that it has exclusive distribution agreements.

In our offer you can find products from the next manufacturers:

Schneider Electric, Legrand, Siemens, Omron Electronic , Finder, Moeller+Eaton, ETI, Schrack,
Aling Conel, Horoz, Pipe Life, Kopos Kolin, Obo Bettermann, Osram, General Electric , Philips, Somogyi Elektronic, Pannon LED, etc.

In order to provide to our customers all necessary products on one place our product range is expanding continually. Any product from this field what you need and we currently dont have in stock you can order from us.

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Aling conel
General Electric
Kopos Kolin
Moeller Eaton
Obo Bettermann
Pannon LED
Pipe life
Schneider Elecrtic
Somogyi Elektronic

electric accessories stock
electric cabinets
electric cables
electric distribution cabinet
electrical cabinets
electrical material
Electrical materials and equipment
Electrical materials trading
electricity fitting
electro materials
electronic wire
extension cord
installation cables
light bulb
light bulbs
metal electro wardrobes
secure switches 
senzor switch
telecommunication cables
Aling conel
General Electric
Kopos Kolin
Moeller Eaton
Obo Bettermann
Pannon LED
Pipe life
Schneider Elecrtic
Somogyi Elektronic

electric accessories stock
electric cabinets
electric cables
electric distribution cabinet
electrical cabinets
electrical material
Electrical materials and equipment
Electrical materials trading
electricity fitting
electro materials
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Ekoterm 2001 Company produces mostly boilers and system of their own innovation and innovative solutions from thermal-technics area,which are considered revolutionary solutions accepted worldwide.
Main activities of Company “Ekoterm 2001” is production and sale electric boilers for central heating.
At first, we imported and assembled the single phase boilers made for so called "Russian submarines"-“ion boiler”-“saving boiler”, but later our Development center came out with an entirely new model "VULKAN 3F" - first three-phase boiler...

A complex network of distributors will secure the marketing of our product and boiler Vulkan 3F is distributed in more than twenty countries.

Main advantages of ion boilers:

-Great energy saving – 50%
-No heater burnout
-No malfunctions
-Small boiler dimensions
-Soundless when running
-Ecologically clean and safe



-Electrical-ionized boilers of highest savings (50%)-

Basic products of Ekoterm 2001 Company

Circulating electrode boilers are used for water heating in closed and open systems;for heating houses, apartments, cottages, extra rooms, halls and other objects which demand heating certain spaces. Electrical-ionized heating boilers are honored with optimal elaboration of higher reliability. Those work on the principle of immediate energy power transfer to water molecules, which leads to raising molecules temperature. If boiler runs out of water,it stops working and by that system thermal damages (explosion, fire and so forth) are turned off.

There is no malfunction possibility with this boiler (heater burnout).Ionized boilers reach from 50%-60% to 150% better results in energy savings (measured in Serbia),than classic electrical and gas boilers with same power compared to solid fuel,fuel oil and similar.These parameters vary from country to country depending on energy price.

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body heating
boilers for central heating
central heating
circulation pump
circulation pump.
combinated heating
component for central heating
conservatory - for gas and coal
digital thermostats
ekspanziona posuda
electric boiler
electric boilers
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Kisačka 50/3
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/107-9991
Fax: 021/510-007
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The transnational company produces herbal products, which help the organism to come to a higher energy level, thanks to the chosen cellular diet.

The main goal of FOHOW (Phoenix) Company is:

* To restore good health and give opportunity to people to win certain prizes.
The products the FOHOW (Phoenix) Corporation are bio-immune-energy regulators, they have a quick effect on the establishment and normalizing the functions in the organism.

* The recipes of the products are thousands of years old, they are based on sacred traditional Chinese methods of healing and longevity.

* When using these products the body starts to be regenerated on a cellular level and the process of aging slows down. The products made by FOHOW (Phoenix) Company are produced according to the newest methods in the world.

* When making the products, the most modern methods are used in -20 degrees (so that the medical effect of the mushrooms remain).

* New technologies allow to protect the active components, which help the products to be 100% digestible, so they act in the organism in an effective way.

* All the companies of the FOHOW (Phoenix) corporation have an extra strict control of the quality during the process of the production, thats why the products have the following certificates: GMP, HASAP, GMO, HALLAL, ISO9001.

According to the way of their effect, the products of FOHOW (Phoenix) Company are divided into four groups:

1. Group of cleaners for the detoxification of the organism
* "Liuwei Phoenix" tea
* "Gaoqian Phoenix" nutritive pills
* Fruit paste "Rose Phoenix"
* Elixir "Sanquing Phoenix" - Fohow Sanquing Oral Liquid
* "Siuchinfu Phoenix" capsules

2. Group of regulators
* Elixir "Cordiceps Phoenix"
* "Linchzhi Phoenix" capsules

3. Group of products for body function restoration
* Elixir "Three Treasures Phoenix" - Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid
* Calcium from sea algae Haicao Gaj - Soft capsules Haicao Gaj

4. Group of products for care and recovery
* Pearly princess - Phoenix
* Functional hygienic curative pads
* Phoenix toothpaste
* Pharadotherapeutical protective belt for the neck, waist and knees
* High technology product of FOHOW company for facial regeneration "CGF"
* Functional FOHOW bedding sets for healthy dreams
* Functional FOHOW healing pillow
* Functional corrective underwear

"Cordiceps Phoenix" - Fohow Oral Liquid - elixir for oral use
Based on a traditional recipe of the emperor family. This unique liquid product was made for oral use - Elixir "Cordiceps Phoenix", the pride of modern technology TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
This is a exceptional product which contains all the natural materials that are necessary for normal functioning of all the systems of our organism.

"Three Treasures Phoenix" - "Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid" elixir
The product "Three Treasures Phoenix" for oral use is one of the best known bio-immune-energy-regulators in China which is made at the laboratory of SRC (Scientific Research Center) of the "Phoenix" corporation.
It is made on the basis of the elixir "Kordiceps Phoenix" for oral use which also contains the newest raw material from natural resources, which is used in the food industry and it is approved by Chinese Ministry of Health. It is a mountain ant: Polyrhachis vicina Roger (Pv Roger).

"Fohow Linchzhi" capsules
They are made from askopor linchzhi (Reishi) powder (Chines Cordiceps mycelium) according to the nanotechnology of chopping the cellular membrane.
It has been known since the old times that linchzhi has a positive effect on "soul calming", "collecting of wisdom" and "memory improvement".
β-acid linchzhi, which is one of the ingredients of Linchzhi (Reishi), improves the oxygen supply of the brain.

"Tea Fohow Liuwei Cha"
"Liuwei Phoenix" tea is made on the basis of the principle of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is the only base of medicines and food where high technology is used from Chinese Kordiceps and Puer tea (which stands for years).
This drink has a fresh original sweet aroma.
"Liuwei Phoenix" tea protects us from blood vessel diseases of the heart and brain, diabetes and other diseases.

"Fohow Gaoqian" - Nutritional tablets
"Strength and grace"
All natural product for health keeping as a food supplement for detoxification of the stomach, feeding the organism and keeping the body in good shape.
It is not dangerous, doesnt cause any contradictions.
It is an irreplaceable food supplement for all people who want to keep their good shape.
It is also recommended to all who have problems with hyperlipemy, hyperglicemy, high blood pressure and to all people who are overweight.

Look for details on our website: www.gold-empire.com

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alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
Anabela Flora
atherosclerosis-closure of blood vessels
beauty and health
blood disease
blood pressure
blood vessels
bronchial asthma
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Rumski drum 13
Sremska Mitrovica, 22000
Tel.: 022 600-028
Fax: 022 600 099
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service description:

The company KMC Company DOO from Subotica is importer and authorized distributor French corporation Leroy-Somer, one of the leading manufacturers:
  • All kinds of electric engines (asynchronous, EExe, EExd, VARMECA, iA etc.)
  • Motor gear
  • Pump for potable, domestic water and chemicals
  • Regulation of electric motor drives

All products are manufactured with standard protection IP 55 and with increased level of utilization EFF2, in accordance with the standards of countries which are in the European Union and of course, IEC34-1 standard.
By using these plants, the following can be achieved:
  • Savings in electricity consumption. Example: Engine LS due to increased efficiency in operation, for 2-3 years use less electricity (less losses) pay its value.
  • Products are better than all that is offer in our market
  • Products are not more expensive than the competition
  • Warranty for all products is 18 months
  • We replace the old for new (no matter who is the manufacturer of the electro motors)

If you have needs and requirements for these programs, we are ready to visit you and make a technical-commercial presentation, information and future arrangements.

In Subotica,

Krivek Gabor El.Ing.

KMC Company D.o.o.
Preduzeće za proizvodnju i trgovinu
Svetozara Miletića 43.
24000 Subotica,
+381 24 / 55 54 18 , 55 44 15
+381 24 600 839

More contacts:

  • Centrala
    Tel.: 024/554-415, 

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asynchronous and DC generators
automatica automatisation
circulation pump
electric accessories stock
electrical engineering
Company Info ::::.
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Vojvode Tankosića 33 lokal 3
Niš, 18000
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The company Motopumpe d.o.o. was established in 1992 in Nis. The main activity of the company is distribution, production and service of pumps and pumping systems.

We can help you in:

- selection of pumps and equipment for your specific situation,
- procurement and delivery of selected pumps and automation
- development of pumps for booster sanitary or water against fire
- development of pumping stations for wastewater
- development of specialized automation control pumps and pumping plants
- installation of pumps, equipment and automation in your facility, service stations and maintenance of pumping stations.

Sales of pumps:

Service for pumps:

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engines and water pumps
pump service
pumping plants
pumps Serbia
spare parts for pumps
water pump equipment
water pumps
engines and water pumps
pump service
pumping plants
pumps Serbia
spare parts for pumps
water pump equipment
water pumps
engines and water pumps
pump service
pumping plants
pumps Serbia
spare parts for pumps
water pump equipment
water pumps
engines and water pumps
pump service
pumping plants
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Gornji Verušić 58.
Subotica , 24000
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service description:

The company "DES" d.o.o. Subotica for vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons was established in 1961. Today it has 28 employees including 60% of people with disabilities.

The production program includes:
production of collectors for electric engines and production of agricultural equipments, production of collectors.

"DES" as many years standing and the only collector manufacturer in our country has a lot of years experience and professional staff with base equipment
for collector production.

Based on decades of experience we produce:
boilers for distillation (baking) brandy,
vineyard sprayers,
copper bowls for cooking food,
fruit cutter.

Products made according to DIN 42022, LAMB ELECTRIC 46-A-72 or your technical requirements, define and guarantee attest the quality of our final products.

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cauldron for brandy
conservatory  for brandy
copper sheet
Copper tube
manufacturing of furnace
cauldron for brandy
conservatory  for brandy
copper sheet
Copper tube
manufacturing of furnace
cauldron for brandy
conservatory  for brandy
copper sheet
Copper tube
Company Info ::::.
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Autoput 22
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 022 850 850
Fax: 022/850-860
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  • Cummins Inc

service description:

Cummins Power Generation Inc

Cummins Power Generation Inc. is a worldwide provider of electrical generators and power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins Power Generation products include diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 2,700 kW, alternators from 0.6 KVA to 30,000 KVA, transfer switches from 40 amps to 3,000 amps, paralleling switchgear and generator set controls.


Cummins Power Generation brand products include power systems and related accessories, components and services including the pre-integrated PowerCommand system, plus diesel and natural gas generator sets, transfer switches, and switchgear used in commercial facilities for emergency backup and prime power. Cummins Power Generation is also a worldwide supplier of rental generator sets and related services.

Light Duty Automotive
Oil & Gas
On Highway
Power Generation

More contacts:

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Cummins Inc

agricultural machines
diesel and gas engines
diesel engine service
diesel motors
engine service
filters and spare parts
Company Info ::::.
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Braće Krsmanovića 11
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/32-82-232
Fax: 011/2187-228
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service description:

Sunlight Industrial Ltd. is a company which was established by a greek company Systems Sunlight S.A. from Athens. Systems Sunlight is occupied with production and distribution of combined systems for power supply and has over 1.500 specialized products which covers the energy needs of different sectors: telecommunications, energetics, traffic, logistics, civil engineering and infrastructure, security and defence, etc.

The range of our products include:

-Lead-closed battery (VRLA)
-Lead-opened battery (PzS and OPzS)
-Uninterrupted power systems (UPS)
-Power systems in telecommunications
-Diesel-electric generators
-Autonomous power systems

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aggregates batteries Sunlight
batteries for forklifts
battery cell
diesel electric aggregates
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Our occupation is wholesale of: electro material, lighting, lightning rod equipment, screw goods, plumbing tools and materials.

We have fast, accurate and kind service!

Company Info ::::.
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Zaboš Jožef 8
Senta , 24400
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service description:

The company "Kondic" is producing from 1983. various machines for filtering, degassing and dehydration of transformer, turbine and hydraulic oils capacity of 1000 - 12 000. We are also doing oil processing services (filtering, drying and separation of gas from oil) with own mobile plant type S-1000.
"Kondic" is the only manufacturer of this kind of machines on the market of former Yugoslavia.

Production of plant for drying, filtration, purification, degassing transformer oil.

Rental plants for drying, filtration, purification, degassing transformer oil.

Processing transformer oil in your plant, factory.

Transformer oil, purifying transformer oil, drying transformer oil, micron filtration of transformer oil, degassing of transformer oil, transformer oil processing, plant - machines for transformer oil, processing devices, drying, degassing, separation of water, moisture and gas from transformer oil.

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 machines for transformer oil
degassing of transformer oil
drying transformer oil
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Production of all kinds of pillars for public lighting: classical tube, segment, decorative, conic round and conic polygonal from one piece up to 16m and reflex pillars from several segments up to 65m.
Production of all kinds of pillars for mobile telephonies, nets and transmission lines; production and installation of specific steel grid constructions like: sport halls, stadiums, base stations of mobile telephonies, nets, transmission lines, cabel cars and artificial snow installations.
Amiga has all the necessary standards. It sells its products through the whole territory of former Yugoslavia, exports to Greece, Neederlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Uganda, Angola, Russia, Gabon.
Amiga offers many production and techical opportunities which includes: construcion of sport objects, stadiums, objects in electric economy and mobile telephony.
All the necessary informations you can find at our website: www.amiga.rs
Director assistent - Ivan Tlačinac
Tel.: 036/399-199,
Contact person - Jelena Spasojević
Tel.: 036/399-299,
Tel.: 036/392-199.

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assembly objects
construction design
construction of objects
decorative lamp
Design of steel structures
electric energetics
energetics and installations
fabrication of steel structures
installation hall
interior lighting
light wholesale
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service description:

EURO-INVEST-MONT is a specialized company for installation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of power and thermo technical installations.

It was established in Obrenovac as a private company.

The company has been operating successfully for years and now it employs many workers. Top professional staff through team work has gained rich experience and professional references.

In addition to professional staff, which makes the greatest asset of our company, wealth of business experience, permanent education, adoption of new technologies, quality and confidence in the work process, quality relationship with partners are the characteristics of our company for which we are known in the domestic and international market.

    The activities for which the company is recognized are:

  • Construction, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of thermal power plants

  • Construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial boilers to produce steam

  • installation of process equipments

  • production of processing equipments, metal constructions

  • production of halls with various constructions, containers

We are recognizable for our excellent professional staff, which has gained rich experience and professional references.

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assembly halls and warehouses
construction container
container production
containers for housing
containers for workers
housing containers
installation hall
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service description:

Working since 01.01.1998. armed with 30 years of experience.
D.o.o. "Starter" as a specialized winding service, repairs aggregates (starters, alternators, dynamos, hydraulic pump motors, windscreen cleaner motors, heating and ventilating system motors etc.) and produces single or small series of commutators for DC motors.
"Starter" functions as service (subcontractor) to services of higher levels.
The employer (service of higher level) after the defecation hands over the defected part, mostly rotors and stators to "Starter".After receiving the defected parts, they are taken into work.In the domain of starters are all the more known producers motors (Valero, Paris-Rome, Ducelier, Delco-Remmy, Bosch, Iskra etc.), regardless to the program of the vehicle on witch it is used on. We keep a large stock of repaired starter and alternator rotors and stators of various types of vehicles.Beside of the mentioned, we are ready to repair bigger (up to 100kW)AC and DC motors as well as generators.We have cooperations with foreign firms for paid works, in witch case, the foreign partner supplies the parts needed for the work. Free capacities are available in this field.

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AC engine
air soft
air soft equipments
DC engine
electric aggregates
electric motors
electromagnet winding
electromotor aggregates
engine service
fork lift
fork lift repair
generators and aggregates
generators for reserved power supply
hydraulic pumps
industry service of engines and aggregates
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service description:

URAM SYSTEM was established in Novi Sad in 1990.

The company is engaged in projecting and implementing operations in the field of electronics, motor drives, PLC control, drive automation and industrial electrical installations.
Area of our work also implies:

- development of technical documentation
- development of application software for PLC, HMI and SCADA systems for control of technological processes
- development of electro-distribution cabinets of automation and electromotor drives
- assembling of process equipment

We also produce electronic devices for automation of industrial processes.

We represent and distribute a wide selection of equipment of the worlds renown manufacturers:

- "VIPA" (Germany)
- "eWon" (Belgium)
- "COPADATA" (Austria)
- "LS" (South Korea)
- "Optek" (Germany)
- "Invertek" (England)
- "Vonsch" (Slovakia)
- "Microsys" (Czech Republic)

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service description:

Vaillant GmbH - a synonim for heating from 1874.

Vaillant makes devices by the most perfect technological solutions and guaranteed top quality of products using the highest standards in production development.

All the gas wall boilers are made in Germany by the strictest quality regulations.

There is a wide network of partners: authorized servicers, installers, planners and distributers which are always available to users.

These fuels are used in the production program:

gas - which covers all the needs of heating and sanitary water,

current - a wide range of electrical devices for heating, air conditioning and for preparation of hot sanitary water,

oil - boilers with or without burners in combination with reservoirs of hot water,

solar energy - solar systems for consumable hot water and a supply for heating system,

in future hydrogen/device on fuel cells and zeolite/zeolite thermal pump.

With its contemporary design, it is up to date with the latest top technological achievement.

You chose safety and insouciance because you made up your mind for a renowned producer whose guiding idea is: "Our care of our customer do not end with selling of devices, she just starts then!"

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aerator system
air conditioner
air conditioning equipment
central heating
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Sremska Mitrovica, 22000
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Zlatarićeva 36/a
Petrovaradin, 21131
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service description:

Company Info ::::.
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Čačak , 32100
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Company Info ::::.
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Stevana Prvovenčanog 151
Jagodina , 35000
Tel.: 035/244-857
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Company Info ::::.
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Milana Predića 6 Z
Beograd, 11000
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Company Info ::::.
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Beograd, 11000
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Company Info ::::.
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Kaluđerica, 11130
Tel.: 011 / 341-3057
Fax: 011/ 341 - 3057
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Beograd, 11000
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service description:

Company Info ::::.
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Jagodina , 35000
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service description:

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