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BRDJONI: A history of good recomendations.

BRDJONI (Ruma, Serbia) is the manufacturer and distributer of heating and other professional equipment used in commerce and catering. We exist since 1997.

In last decade, we had made our products and services become constituent part of business development of our clients from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria and Romania.

Our basic mean of promotion is good recommendations from our clients. Satisfaction of their customers is the main reason for Brdjoni’s good reputation.

GROUND RULES OF BUSINESS: Dedication and respect

For our business successes, most deserving is our deepest dedication to each one of our clients, to each product, to business in whole. Still, general rule that makes us extra wanted is our respect for the client.

We have respect for
- Your needs for high-quality and reliable, yet affordable equipment
- Your need for on-time delivery
- Your individual need for equipment with paticular technical and estetic characteristics.

Dedication, quality, reliability, affordability, on-time delivery, flexibility – those are our ground rules, no less important then materials and components that our products are made of.


  • Cooling bars and cabinets

  • Heating bars and cabinets

  • Combined cabinets

  • Ice cream cabinets

  • Cooling chambers

  • Cooling chests

  • Bread shelves

  • Kitchen elements


  • Neon signs and lights

  • Branding equipment

More contacts:

  • E-mail: office@brdjoni.comTel.: +381 22/430-955 ,  Fax: +381 22/490-037
  • Tel.: 065-517-20-80, 

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catering equipment
cold rooms
devices for catering
equipment for butcher shops
equipment for caterers
equipments for catering trade
furniture for catering trade
hot cabinet for bakery
machine for catering
machines for butcher industries
neutral stainless steel elements
production of equipments for catering trade
sale of equipments for catering trade
stainless steel cabinets.
warm showcases
catering equipment
cold rooms
devices for catering
equipment for butcher shops
equipment for caterers
equipments for catering trade
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SIGMA PROCES was established in 1993.

Many years of experience made us one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of machines, equipment, systems and packing machines production in food - confectionery industry.

    Our production program includes:

  • automatic horizontal systems for packaging

  • automatic horizontal Flow Pack machines for packaging

  • automatic vertical machines for packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cookies and wafer packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cellophane

  • semiautomatic machines for packaging

  • process and technological equipment for confectionery industry

Our goals are:

-to spread over domestic trade and abroad

-"best in class" to employees, production, technologies, products, advertisement, services and top financial results.

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Automatic packaging machine
automatic packing machine
charger for liquid materials
equipment for packaging
equipment for the confectionery industry
food and drinks
food wrapping
horizontal packaging systems
machine for packaging
machines for food industry
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Fireplaces are the elements of the room that draw attention by their appearance, form and function. We tend to say that fireplaces ennoble and heat the space and the soul. That`s why we believe that special attention should be given to the development of each one of the fireplaces, so that they fit into a given space, the interior, into the wishes of their future owner.

Many times the question is being asked if it is possible to build a functional fireplace at a given place, which already possesses a chimney and other specific conditions.

For these reasons, we do not develop typical fireplaces, which are stuck to a particular place, but we opted for an individual approach to every fireplace. Thats why we are proud to say that we have never created two identical fireplaces. Each one of them is beautiful in its own way, each has its own story, its own soul - each one is unique.

* fireplaces * gas fireplaces * bio fireplaces * electric fireplaces * grills * pizza ovens * bakeries * semi-products


Pavel Kulja

Cell phone: 063-8251-610
Tel/fax: 013-667-687

Ive Andrića 6
Padina 26215



More contacts:

  • direktor Pavel Kulja
    Tel.: 063-8251-610, 

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barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces for floor heating
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
fireproof material fire clay
gas fireplaces
open fireplace
pizza oven 
barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces for floor heating
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
fireproof material fire clay
gas fireplaces
open fireplace
pizza oven 
barbecue and pizza oven
bio kandalló
ethanol fireplaces
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KOGAST BELGRADE d.o.o., is the authorized representative of the renowned manufacturer of professional catering equipments KOGAST GROSUPLJE d.d., Slovenia and the part of the group KOGAST SYSTEMS d.o.o.

The main activity of the company is equipping catering objects with professional catering equipments from the Slovenian manufacturer Kogast Grosuplje.

    Our production and sales program includes:

  • Thermal equipments - program line 600, 700 and 900 (electrical, gas, combined cooking stoves, grills, fryers, tippers, cooking pots, stoves, cooking for pasta...)

  • Neutral equipments - program line 600 and 700 (chromed desks, neutral tables, cooling tables, sinks, cabinets, shelves, wall cabinets, kitchen carts, hot tables...)

  • Potato huller

  • Machines for washing fruits and vegetables

  • Lines for food distribution - Self lines

  • One side and double side Bridge thermal blocks

  • Components for "Front cooking" preparing meals in front of guests

  • Production of kitchen technologies

  • Computer-controlled kitchen according to HACCP principles

  • Spare parts for Kogast equipments

  • Own service network of authorized service for kitchen equipments

  • WINTERHALTER dishwashers

  • RATIONAL steam convection oven

More contacts:

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catering equipment
catering equipment neutral
catering object equipping
equipment for caterers
equipment for hotel
equipment of heat treatment
equipments for catering trade
equipments for catering trade from prochrom
HACCP Equipment
HACCP standard
hotel accessories
hotel equipment
hotel program
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Our products

Kraft bags
Made of 40gr ribbed kraft paper in natural color of kraft or white color. Dimensions from 50gr to 5kg makes it widely used for packaging (hamburgers, bakery food, fast food restaurants, restaurants, health food stores...). It is possible to print to bags with 3 colors.

White paper bags
These are made of white kraft paper in various dimensions. It is often used in pharmacy, confectionery stores, confectionery stores, sweatshops, and everywhere where is high aesthetics substantially.

Paper bags with polietinel
Made of white kraft paper in outside covered with polyethylene foil. These bags are used in Grill, fish markets, butcher shops, bakeries and everywhere where durability and freshness of the product in at first place.

Cone bags
Cone bags (triangle) with or without print are used in packaging pancakes, giro, fries, pizza... The bags are made of material that does not missing fat.

Biodegradable bags
in variable sizes with certificate about biodegradability. 4 years is needed to completely degrade without leaving harmful substances. Ordinary plastic bag takes up to 400 years to decay. U can use this bag more times.

Burek bags
This is a new kind of bag on the market made of repellent material. It features economical and functional packaging.

Paper bags for popcorn
Paper bags for popcorn packaging are made of white or brown paper with print in different sizes.

Paper bags for sandwich
Paper bags for sandwich packaging are made of white or brown paper with print in different sizes.

Thermal rolls for cash registers
Thermal rolls for cash registers in different sizes.

Visit our gas station, where we will filling your tank, washing your vehicle in modern car wash, and our friendly stuff will host you in our cafe.


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bags for fast food
bags for pancakes
biodegradable bags
biodegradable bags with handles
burek bags
car wash
cone bags
eco bags with handles
ecological bags
environmental bags
environmental paper bags
gas for households
gas stations
hamburger bags
natron bags
paper accessories
paper bag popcorn
paper bags
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Hotel Kragujevac

Is a hotel with 3 stars in the heart of the city near to promenader area. It is located near the postoffice, bank and taxi station. Hotel Kragujevac is the main symbol of the town for years.
Hotel Kragujevac offers:
- 112 comfortable and air conditioned rooms with TV, more than 150 beds
- 7 exclusive apartmans
- parking place for 50 cars
- 3 different conference room for the events (conference, wedding, birthday, banquet) enough for 600 person

More contacts:

  • Centrala i Recepcija Hotela
    Tel.: 034/335-812, 
  • Direktor Hotela
    Tel.: 034/337-129, 

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catering and turism
catering trade
congress tourism
hotel quarters
hotel with three stars
hotel hotels
hotel motel
hotels Serbia
hotels with 3 stars
luxury accommodation Kragujevac
luxury apartments
three star hotels
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EB barbecue are made of vibro concrete with an appropriate combination of additives. Therefore, its features are strenghtness and durability.

The most important part of a barbicue is the stokehole. Therefore EB fireplace grill are made of specially shaped chamotte, which design is functionally adapted to save energy (wood, charcoal, gas, electricity ...).

The number and type of additional components, such as stainless steel bars, skewers, kettles and more, the buyer choose oneself. In accordance with customer requirements, on the chimney of each grill can be mounted a mini dryer. Eurobet company performs transportation services and grill installation.

EB 130 and EB 2130 barbecue models are for professional use. EB 130 can be delivered in variants with one or two skewers, as EB 2130 has three skewers.

In addition to exceptional economy and grill practicality, Eurobet company provides its customers the possibility of selecting colors. In this way, the EB grill can be fitted in coloring of each environment (interior and exterior).

EB barbecues are exclusive, highly functional and high quality design, a prerequisite of real gastronomical satisfaction in your restaurant, home, villa, yard, garden ...


e-mail: eurobet@sbb.rs

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concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
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Herba Market

HERBA MARKET Ltd. is one of the leading importers and distributors of hairdressing equipment, tools and cosmetics for the hair world most famous manufacturers. It was established in 1990. All our products are tested and has service and warranty. As a direct importer and distributor, we offer the lowest prices on our market for the products of world leading companies.

HerbaMarket is the general distributor of the famous Italian professional hair care cosmetics "Professional by FAMA"
* History - Company Professional by FAMA "was established in 1981.

* Mission - The task is not just "sell", but to understand the needs of its customers. In the laboratory of the company are tested and produced the top products from selected ingredients. Each product is a result of thorough research and experience and it enables you to feel the right side of beauty.

* Distribution - products "Professional by FAMA" guarantee healthy and quality of their products with guaranteed colouring, pH, parfuming, concentration ...

* Marketing - The research team continually creates new projects in accordance to the market trends and always provides service to its users.
* HerbaMarket Ltd. is the only authorized importer and distributor of "Professional by FAMA" company for the territory of Serbia.

Gvozdićeva 4 lokal 2
Tel: 011/3820731
Tel: 011/2451909

Dože Đerđa 8/4
Tel: 064/1381126
Tel: 021/259382
Tel: 021/ 553626

Savska 16a
Tel: 018/210843
Tel: 018/200056
Tel: 018/200057

More contacts:

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beauty-shop and equipment
ceramic brush
click clack system
cosmetic bearings
cosmetic products
cosmetics and hairdresser services
cosmetics fama
cosmetics parfums
equipments for beauty salons
furniture for hairdressing salons
Grease Gel Hair
hair accessories for painting
hair coloring
hair colours
hair cosmetics
hair dress chair
hair dresser scissors
hair drier
hair dryers brushes brakes figaro scissors
hair figaro
hair for supplementing
hair ironing
Hair Mask
hair revitalisation
hair spray
hair supplement
hair washer
hairdresser equipment
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About Us

Our production is characterized by a modern approach to work, flexibility in the choice of material, shape, surface protection, and high expertise in business, ranging from design and planning, manufacture, finishing and delivery. A good selection of personnel, work ethics and professional conduct provide high quality of our products. In addition to the classical approach to the design and production of wrought iron elements and construction, using contemporary design and modern metal processing technology, we are able to give a new dimension and the spirit of metal and wrought iron structures.

    The main PRODUCTS of wrought iron workshop - "Joilart" are:

  • Wrought iron, production and sale of forged elements

  • Wrought iron gates and fences, design, manufacture and installation of wrought iron

  • Forged accessories and wrought iron furniture, interior and exterior

  • Construction of halls, porches, small prefabricated buildings, staircases, shelves for storage buildings, billboards.


Ordering can be done personally at our offices, telephone call, fax or online.


Standard elements of iron and materials contained in the price list of elements is delivered immediately and not later than seven days. Other deliveries are formed depending on your requirements and range from seven to thirty days.
Delivery of parts, assemblies or materials available to our vehicle by appointment, depending on quantity and distance, or express mail in which transport packets weighing up to 25kg will cost 250.00 dinars.

Payment method

Payment can be made in cash, payment cards (credit and debit), by check or wire transfer.


Zoran Đorđiev, graduated mechanical engineer +381 63 484 888
Zvezdan Kljajić, economist +381 63 222 252        
Fax: +381 11 8300 551
Tel: +381 11 8302 700    
Web: www.joilart.com
Email: office@joilart.com

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construction of cast iron
cost of the wrought iron fence
fences and 
forged components
forged handrails
forged iron elements
forged irons
forged railings
forged spikes
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service description:

Frigobel is a company dealing with production of professional cooling and thermical catering equipments.

The company Frigo bel was established in 2003 in Ruma.

We give to our customers high quality service and successful cooperation. We are producing equipments for bakeries, butchers, confectioneries, etc. We are producing commercial cooling bars, cooling tables, hot and cold showcases. We make them in standard dimensions and in dimensions what our customers wishes.
Good and high quality devices enabled to us to have business cooperations in the domestic market.

More contacts:

    Tel.: 064/32-09-247, 
  • Tel.: 063/553-274, 

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bakery equipments
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
catering equipment neutral
catering object equipping
coffee shop furniture
cold rooms
cold vests
commercial cooling device
cooling bars
cooling desks
cooling equipment
equipment for caterers
equipment for confectionery
equipment stores
equipments for catering trade
equipments for catering trade from prochrom
hot cabinet
hot-cold display cabinets
prodaction of cooling equipments
production of equipments for catering trade
professional catering equipment
professional kitchen hoods
refrigeration cabinets
repair of cooling systems
restaurant equipment
self-service line
service of refrigeration chambers
service of refrigeration showcase
showcases the hot pans
stainless steel cabinets
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On 26. April, 2014, at the Visitor`s Center Zasavica from 9AM we are organizing the fifth day of donkeys, where the fifth world championship in making donkey meat stew will be held at 11AM, which visitors will be able to taste.


A prominent beauty salon will treat all the ladies who visit the event with day and night cream made of donkey milk.

All guests will be able to taste and buy sausages and salami of donkey meat.


The program will be completed with the discussion about the treatment of specific diseases healed with donkey milk products as well as treatments of medical conditions, with working with animals. There will also be a donkey race,and the choice of the most beautiful decorated donkey at 12AM.


The director of the reserve: Slobodan Simic

Protected nature reserve

Zasavica is a special protected nature reserve, with protected waters, with a wide variety of flora and fauna, with unique natural phenomenas and with endangered species.
Here you can find more than 600 special plants, the most significants are:
White and yellow water lily (Nymphaea alba, Nuphar luteum), Stratiotes aloides, tiny water lilies, swamp nettle, Acorus calamus etc.
The plant species which can be found here are all in the first selection of red book, the book of Serbian protected species.
At the Valjevac pasture you can find a particularly rare and protected plant the swamp-Acorn Glyceretum Maximaal.


your images:


boat ride
Cheese of donkey milk
dairy-produce milk
donkey meat
donkey meat salami
donkey meat sausage
donkey milk
donkey milk cheese 
donkey milk face cream
donkey milk soap
donkey race
eco tourism
endangered species
ethnic tourism
flora and fauna
liqueur of donkey milk
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service description:

About us

The company "Strelac Plus doo" has two complexes at two locations. One facility is in Svilajnac it contains a restaurant called "Strelac Plus", an indoor rifle shooting club "Strelac" and a shop for repair and overhaul of weapons. The second complex is located on 3 acres on a hill Bacic. This complex contains an open shooting range, a complete hunting ground, what includes open and ancillary facilities such as locker rooms, eaves for shooters and facilities for rent of weapons and munitions. Within this complex there is a hunters restaurant with nigh lodging.

The owners of the complex Dragan and Zoran Marinkovic from Svilajnac are great lovers of hunting and firearms, so it is not a surprise that in this city they have opened a shooting club "Strelac". The doors of the club are open to all interested adult peoples.

When someone comes to our club with the intention to try shooting he can do it without a license to possess and carry weapons, using our weapons at the shooting range in the presence of a trained instructor on the shooting range! All interested in the handling of weapons at the shooting range must be adults with identity card.
Persons who use their own weapons can use the services of shooting if they have specified documents and identity cards. Those who wish to become members of the club and have no weapons, must undergo internal training for all types of weapons that they apply in our shooting club.

As a part of the club there is a registered shop for repair and overhaul of weapons of all type with guarantee.

Shooting club - Bacic hill
35210 Svilajnac

Phone numbers:
+381 (0) 35 280-666
+381 (0) 63 696-323

Web: www.restoranstrelac.rs
E-mail: strelacplus@yahoo.com

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/696-323, 

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Browning Arms
chrome arms
closed shooting range
handling of firearms
hunter hall
hunter's all-round competition
hunting carbine
hunting ground
hunting place
hunting rifle
hunting specialties
hunting tourism
lodging Svilajnac
mechanical sights
moving target
National restaurant
night hunting
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service description:

Fish specialties, live music, a variety of celebrations - restaurant Papuli-Senta

Restaurant Papuli was established 38 years ago as a family company.

Success encouraged us to continue with quality and reliable work all the time.

Recommendations are one of the best things customers can do. They give us a reason to build tradition and make inovations.

On weekends, Carioca live band entertains our guests and makes a great mood.

Fish restaurant Papuli is a restaurant of domestic food, but fish specialties are the most polular. Besides that, we have a great choice of domestic and foreign wines.

Come and make sure that our quality and services are the best.

In summer, you can enjoy our garden which is full of green environment.

Make a holiday, organize a meeting or just relax - all this in our restaurant.

Senta, Poštanska street 46.
Tel./Fax. 024/811-651
Opening hours:
- Monday-Friday: 09-23
- Weekends: 09-02

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alcohol free drinks
alcoholic beverages
barbeque specialties
drink squash refresher water
event organization
fish restaurant
fish soup
fish specialties
live music
lovers day
prom night
Restaurants in Senta
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service description:

The company Frigo-Elektro was established in 1988 in Rum. We give to our customers the best quality service, and we create and design whatever the customer wants.
A wide range of products has enabled us to break the domestic and foreign markets.

Our products have proved their quality in many commercial facilities.

We have satisfied customers in all countries of the region: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

We have every day more and more satisfied cutomers, whose commendations and recommendations we deserved with our professional and excellent work.

"Professionalism and quality."

+381 22 476 472
tel/fax: +381 22 472 472
+ 381 63 521 860
+381 65 521 8600
ul. Grobljanska 83
22400 Rum

More contacts:

  • direktor Darko Čaljkušić
    Tel.: 63/ 521 860, 
  • Tel.: 065/521 8600, 

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ad showcases
bakery equipment
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
cold rooms
cold vests
combined cabinet
commercial cooling device
cooling desks
cooling equipment
equipment for bakery
equipment of heat treatment
glass washer machine
neutral equipment
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service description:


Air-conditioning equipment, distribution, installation and repair.
We are an authorized company of Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi firms.
All of our clients who have Elektrolux machines are satisfied with our services.
We ask you to contact us in the future with confidence.
Our company was founded in 1992, and it has successfully survived the market.

We have original parts and accessories for air conditioners. We also repair cooling and heating equipments such as. washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, etc.. from the following vendors: Elektrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Gorenje, Beko, Samsung, LG, Indesit, etc.

We are authorized technicians for Electrolux and Zanussi advanced professional machines (dryers, washing machines, rollers). We also repair the catering machines for these manufacturers (Dishwashers, stoves, deep frier, and ice machines...)

We install and repair air conditioners like air-conditioning equipments, air-conditioning cabinets, chillers, heat pumps, etc. from different manufacturers, such as LG, Samsung, Carrier, Ciat, Gree, York..

More contacts:

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 terrace air conditioning
 white ware
air conditioner
air conditioner service
air conditioning equipment
air conditioning of interiors
air conditioning technique
air conditionings
air service
aircondotion service
authorized service
Candy servis
commercial services
complete service 
cooling equipment
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service description:

To have a quality, functional, attractive, durable, and exclusive product in your home and yard and make your neighbors envy there is stainless steel.

Stainless steel can be matte or high gloss. Fabrication and installation of stainless steel products that will beautify your home and garden is the specialty of "Svet Inox". We can make and install stainless steel outer and inner fences, gates, stairs, railings, handrails, or what ever you want. We come to you for your ideas and measures in Belgrade to your address.

Stainless steel is steel alloyed. Chromium reacts with oxygen from the air and produces chromium oxide.

Stainless steel fences because of their large amount of chromium have a great resistance to corrosion and it is superior in comparison to other materials.

We cooperate with all material importers because we want to get high quality materials for work on low price.

All materials are first class materials from Europe.

We are making stainless steel locksmiths according to your ideas and wishes. We come to you for merges and ideas.

In addition to our assortment we are always ready to make things what you imagine. We dont want compromise about quality, safety or satisfaction of our clients, even if it means lower profit.

We are always trying to improve and enlarge our product range: handrails, stainless steel fences, handles, gates, curtain rods, awnings...

More contacts:

  • Prodaja Beograd
    E-mail: prohrom.bg@gmail.comTel.: 063/430-056,  Fax: 064/220-00-88
  • Proizvodnja Kruševac
    Jagodnjačka bb, Velika Kruševica
    Fax: 061/117-08-47
  • Proizvodnja Veliki mokri lug
    Tel.: 063/430-056, 

your images:

balcony fence
fence making
furniture made ​​of stainless steel
Grinding Stainless Steel Pipes
honour enclouser
inox fences
inox tubes
Installing lexan
interior of stainless steel
lexan Serbia
little prohrom pillars
metal fences
metal fences
metal fences 
Polishing Stainless Steel Pipes
producing fences
prohrom desk
prohrom exterior
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service description:

If you want to give to your place a world-class impression you are at the right place.

Leros d.o.o. is the direct importer of Duni program, the European leader in production of exclusive equipments for all kinds of ceremonies, and Pal International the leading company in the field of sanitary equipments for kitchen according to HACCP standard.

In our offer you can find all kind of napkins 24x24,30x30,33x33,40x40,48x48 single layered, double layered, quarter layered, decorative napkin rolls and special kinds of exclusive napkins, just in Duni.

Table skirts, pleated and self-adhesive, and table tapes in several sizes and designs. Tablecloths can be combined with other elements in the same color and pattern. We offer lace coasters, cutlery handles, ties for bottles, cooking caps, sanitary gloves, disinfectants, special program catering packaging and accessories.

If you want to enrich your space, we recommend decorative candles and related items.

The company Leros offers a special program of catering packaging and machines.


Single layered, double layered, three layered, four layered from manufacturer Duni (high quality napkins which gives the impression of linen)
Dimensions of napkins: 24x24 33x33 40x40 48x48
Napkins in different colors, pattern and quality.


Decorative candles, cube candles, cylindrical candles in different colors and dimensions. Candles in glasses.


Tablecloths in different colors and designs.
Dunicel (high quality roll which gives the impression of linen)
Dunisilk (waterproof material in gold and silver color)
Essential - dimensions 1.2m x 10m, 25m, 40m.

Teta a straps - Dunicel table tapes

Table straps that are placed along or across the table to decorate it in a special way.
Dimensions 0.15m x 20m, 0.4m x 4.8m, 0.4m x 24m
In different colors and pattern.

Table skirts

Self adhesive table skirts in six colors
Dimension 0.72m x 4m

PVC packaging

PVC glasses 0.5l, 0.2l, 0.15l, 0.1l, 0.08l
Plastic containers (bringing food)
Plastic cutlery (forks, spoons, knives)
Decorative packaging for canapés

Party program

Party tapes, party napkins (with various applications)
Cardboard trays (white or in color)
Cardboard glasses


Paper coasters, lace and round coasters Ø10 – Ø40
Square lace coasters from 20x30 to 35x45
Nine and eight layer coasters
Dunicel 30x40cm

Accessories holders

Duniletto 40cm x 48cm
Duniletto slim 40cm x 33cm
Sacchetto 8.7cm x 20cm (with double layered napkin)
Airlaid Sacchetto 11.5cm x 23cm (with Airlaid napkin)

Pal program

In Pal program you can find sanitary equipments fro catering:
cooking caps (for one use (paper), for more use (cloth)), hygiene hats, protective aprons, protective cover for shoes, protective suits, protective masks for one use, gloves (latex, vinyl, polyethylene (for kitchen use), disinfectants, everything for catering.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 064 11 8 11 47, 
  • Tel.: 069 11 8 11 47, 

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catering equipment
Catering machines
Catering Packaging
cleaning products for the kitchen
decoration ornament
decorative accessories
decorative candles
decorative napkins
direct import of Duni program
Duni Napkins
equipment for the ceremony
festive napkins
hotel accessories
import equipments for decoration
import of Duni program
plastic wrapping
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The company Pack-Pack was found in 2010 in Novi Sad, taking over the operations of the company Uniplast, which was founded in 1987, which dealt with the production of foils of polyethylene, bags of various sizes and thickness of foil waste and recycling.

The company Pack-Pack packaging carefully listen to the market that has an increasing demand for packagigs strives to continuously promote its business and range of products adapted packaging-disposable demand.

With pleasure Pack-Pack can offer disposable packaging, which is widely used in packaging of food, vegetables, mushrooms, pastries, cakes, meat and meat products, fish.
If you have a need for packaging, please feel free to contact us or visit, we will help you in choosing packaging for your needs.

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  • Tel.: 063/526-471, 

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Restaurant EUROPA SUTR - Pojate

The restaurant EUROPA is located beside the highway in the settlement Pojate, two and a half kilometers away from Ćićevac, on the east side, near the intersection of the highway Belgrade - Nis and west moravian highway Pojate - Krusevac - Kraljevo.

Europa Restaurant is a restaurant of local cuisine, started in 2002. and since the first day provides the highest quality.

The restaurant has two halls, summer garden, and the restaurant has also a Mini Market.

In pleasant surroundings airconditioned restaurant you can find grilled specialties, salads and a wide selection of drinks and ice cream in the summer.

The restaurant has a large parking area, and guest can use free WIFI.

EUROPA completes the picture of the restaurant an enviable level of hygiene, service and friendly staff and very good prices.

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domestic restaurants
catering shop
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