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service description:

Utility van transport

Reliable and high-quality van transport on the territory of Serbia and the EU as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

In our offer:

- Trapezoidal sheet

- Lexan

- Eval

- Onduline

- Bearing H beams

- OSB panels

- Concrete poles

- Metal poles

Braided galvanized and coated wire

We are producing:

- Galvanized wire for fencing and other purposes
- Coated wire

"Trojka d.o.o." was established in 1996.03.20. We survive on the market thanks to the quality of our services and products. We are always ready to provide the best services and to meet the requirements of our customers.

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amusement park
burned wire
galvanized wire
installacion of plastic wires
installation of galvanized wire
plastificated njire
plexiglass lexan
roof sheets
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service description:

Vatro Prevent

    Sale and services

  • All kinds of firefighting equpments, appliances, devices and repair of them

  • All kinds of technical gases

  • Complete firefighting equipment

  • Hydrant equipment

  • PPE equipments

  • All kinds of spareparts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

  • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

  • Fire alarm systems with installing, controll and maintenance

  • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

  • Making trainings for employees in the field of fire protection

  • Controling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

  • Validation and maintenance of electrical installations and lighting conductors

  • Testing practical knowledge of employees in the field of fire protection

  • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipments

  • We also offer eqipments for welding and cutting

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automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
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service description:

Safety Line d.o.o. is a company with licence. The main activity is provision of health and safety at work (regardless of the activity that you do).

  • Rule making

  • making act of risk assessment, risk assessment for workplaces

  • we train workers

  • we determine personal protective equipment

  • we arrange medical examinations for workers

  • development of risk assessment for work with computers
Security measures at the work carried out in order to prevent, reduce or. neutralize the risk through:
Making Rules on safety, act of the assessment of risk, and through other activities such as determining the organization of medical examinations of workers, training workers, organizing test installation, machines, equipments and working environment conditions, cooperation with work inspection, regular checks on construction sites, study on development of building, etc.
Which affects to the reduce injuries, increase the degree of mood in the work of employees, an understanding of the benefits of using proper personal protective equipments, performing medical examinations and other.

We are here to make the vision of investment in safety and health at work, we want to carrie along this with you with a mutual interest.

Contact us

Adresa: Gandijeva 99., 11070 Novi Beograd
Kontakt: tel/fax: 011/2169161;011/2169162; Mob:064/17-26-354
E-mail: safetyline.mv@gmail.com
Web: www.safetyline.rs

More contacts:

  • Centrala
    Golubinačka 5., Novi Beograd

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amendment act
application site
business protection
Call For Papers
disabled persons at work
environment protection
environmental ecology 
feasibility study for construction site
fire protection
fire service
insurance against injury at work
jobs with high risk
person for safety
protection at work
risk Assessment
risk assessment document
safety and health at work.
safety and protection
Safety at work
Safety at work
safety consulting 
security guard service safeguarding
Security Systems
work security and health
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service description:

TOPERS Company Ltd. from Belgrade was established in 1990.
Thw main activity of the company is renting - renting of construction scaffolding on "keys in hands" system.

- Construction scaffolding
- Scaffolding renting for all types of construction works
- Making of scaffolding constructions with development projects
- Installation
- Removal
- Transport
- Project developing
- Grounding of scaffolding

20 years experience

We possess certificates of applied international conventions on work safety for our scaffoldings

* Rental - scaffolding rent
* Space
* Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding
* Transport
* Additional protective equipment
* Projects and study developing for scaffolding installation
* Work platforms making
* Awning making
* Site enclosure

Topers Doo


Topers Ltd.
Dunavska 25
1100 Beograd
Tel.: +381 11 2637 416
Fax.: +381 11 303 89 42
E-Mail: info@topers.co.rs

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 064-295-9011, 

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Allround scaffolding Multidirectional
aluminum scaffolding
building scaffolding
building trade ending works
civil engineering
construciton scaffold rent
engineer activity
facade restoration
facade sanding 
facade scaffoldings
frame scaffolding
frontage revitalization
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service description:

Installation of alarm, audio and video intercoms, cameras for supervision of facilities, systems for automatic fire alarm, access control and registration of working hours.

KOMEL-CO-Security Systems

Branislava Borote 11
21000 Novi Sad

+381 (0) 21/423221
+381 (0) 21/521099

+381 (0) 21/523458


Security systems gain importance and achieve a wide and varied use in recent years. The time in which we live and the jobs that we do require from us to take care of our safety. Company Co-Komel match those requirements and do the export and import of security systems of those manufacturers who produce high quality and tested equipment whose functionality and application are within the highest international standards. Our offer includes the sale and installation of security systems, performed by highly trained specialists.

What we offer, with the guarantee that the security system works in the best way, is the world leading equipment manufacturers such as:

DSC Group of Companies which is consisted of DSC companies, BENTEL and KANTECH with the following components:

DSC-Canada, a program for protection from burglary: alarm control panels, keyboards, detectors, wireless detectors, addressable detectors, modules, remote controls, maxsys, sur - gard.

Bentel security-Italy provides the following components for automatic fire alarm: conventional panels, conventional detectors, hand callers, parallel indicators, sirens, addressable panels, detectors, modules and callers, addressable sirens and photoelectric barriers.

Kantech-Canada systems for access control and registration of working hours: controllers, readers, cards, software, starter kit.

Videosec-Hungary offers a wide range of video supervision: mobile and fix cameras, recorders (DVR and GeoVision cards for PC) and all accessories

Commax-Korea from which program we highlight: coloured or black and white video intercoms,

Videx-Italy offers audio intercoms of high quality and design.

If you want protection system that can be used both in private and in business facilities, we offer installation and sale of the following systems:

Alarm systems for buildings: Burglaries and robberies happen too often, so, do not leave any object without supervision and protection. Unfortunately, guards are usually powerless. Installing alarm systems can prevent burglaries into your possession, and still if it happens, you can be assured that competent services will react as soon as possible.

Automatic fire alarm: You do not need to fear and blame yourself anymore as you have done everything to protect your property. With this safety device you will save the most of what you would not in any other position, without effective systems of care.

Access control and working hours registration: your employees will now surely come to work on time and adhere to the prescribed time for a break. After all, there is also an entry control, and you will always know who were the visitors, when they came and how much they stayed.

Video supervision: This could be interesting for those who want quickly to arrest the law intruder, to check the workers who have the responsibility of business leading, and as the increasingly common need for a nanny, worried and suspicious parents will certainly want such a device in the home to have oversight of the person who takes care of their children..

Audio and video intercoms: Proper positioning of the intercom is allowing you an insight into the situation in front of your house, apartment or office building. You can choose the audio intercom with fantastic sound features, but it is also often necessary to have a video intercom to know with certainty how to react at any moment and how to approach to an unpredict situation.

In this way, you can have a complete control over everything that is happening around you, you can prevent unpleasant events, but the most important, you will always feel protected and safe. If you think that you need to install some of these systems, it is enough to make a good combination. We will always help you because there is no security price.

Let your first step be a call to us!

Other information:

* Phone
Tel.: 021/521-099

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access control
access control systems
alarm and camera installation
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Raše Radujkova 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021-310-10-17
Fax: 063-591-529
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service description:

Inter Class

Inter Class company was established on 01.01.2005. Our occupation is import and wholesale of wide rabge of goods:
- glass: cups,bottles
- ceramics
- porcelain
- Inox cutlery
- Inox trays
- Inox bowls

We are representative of the companies: "Berndorf Sandrik" from Slovakia (www.Berndorf.sk) and "Steklarna-Hrastnik" from Slovenia (www.steklarna-hrastnik.si).


For all informations about our programme and for details from the catalog, contact us on our e-mail address inter-glass@eunet.rs or tel./fax. 021/64-42-260

Jarić Dragan

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bottle shop
glass packaging
glass shop
glass wholesale
glass wrapping
porcelain accesories
rosfraj table ware
silver cutlery
silver plated cutlery
wholesale of glass products
bottle shop
glass packaging
glass shop
glass wholesale
glass wrapping
porcelain accesories
rosfraj table ware
silver cutlery
silver plated cutlery
wholesale of glass products
bottle shop
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Rudnička 7
Arandjelovac, 34300
Tel.: 034/67-90-692
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  • ABB
  • Asea
  • SEW
  • Siemens
  • WEM

service description:

Import and sale of: electric motors, reducers, electric machines and tools, cooling systems, compressors, water pumps, pulleys, forklifts

The whole program is directly imported from Sweden.
High quality electric motors, reducers, electric machines and tools, cooling systems, compressors, water pumps, pulleys, forklifts

Low prices, large stock of all elements.

Working hours:

Monday - Friday:
08:00 - 16:00h

08: - 16:00h

not working

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diesel fork lift
drive electromotors
electrical machines 
electrics forklifts
electromotor aggregates
fork lift
fork lift sale and service
gear reducers
hand forklift
reducer with or without engine 
special gear units
water pumps
worm reducers
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service description:

Apartments with different quadratures, colors and styles can give you the wanted atmosphere adjust to your requirements.

IMPER I.M.D. offers:

Rooms with four beds
Rooms with three beds
Rooms with double beds
Cocktail bar
TV hall
Parking lot for ten car

All room has:
kitchen with refrigerator, television, bathroom..

Special comfort will give to you well air-conditioned rooms of every apartments.



7. jula 22 Medijana Niš

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accommodation in hotels
apartment Nis
apartments with air condition 
apartments with bathroom
apartments with bathroom mini bar and cable TV 
hotel quarters
hotel hotels
hotel motel
Hotels in Serbia
hotels Serbia
Houses apartments studios
Kopaonic room
lodging Nis
quarters for night
quarters in hotels
serbia hotels
Serbian hotels
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Šandora Bogdanfija 17.
Ada, 24430
Tel.: 024/852-827
Fax: 024/852-827
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service description:

The company Tapai-Gear was established in 1988 as a craft shop which was specialized for production of gears.

In recent years we have continuously expanded our fleet so we can provide a wide range of services to our customers.

Production of parts for agricultural machineries is present in our production program from the beginning. We have a wide range of spare parts in stock from famous brands: TOMO VINKOVIĆ, GOLDONI, BOURGOIN, IMT, etc. which is constantly expanding, today has already reached a number of 300 entries.

In constantly broadening offer appeared spare parts for construction machineries, brick factories and press industries.

Our goal was that the whole production process can be drawn in our workshops. We have almost completely achieved that.

We are ready for innovations and we solve new tasks and challenges with enthusiasm.

Our professionalism, skill and experience for more than two decades guarantees the high quality of our products and services.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/547-944, 

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making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
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Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 063 128 8226
Fax: 011 318 9248
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service description:

We have opened new stores

-Ruzveltova 51
Beograd Palilula

- Kneza Lazara 98

The firm Dio Commerce Ltd. was established in 1998 and it is located in Banja Luka. From the beginning, our firm exclusively sells pyrotechnic equipment for celebrations and displays a firework either indoor or outdoor space. The result of our business activities during all these years is the great choice of pyrotechnic equipment of I and II category that you may buy in our pyrotechnic shops throughout the territory of BIH. We may offer several hundred of different boxes and over 2500 different effects of bombs. Those are pyrotechnic equipments of III and IV category and are categorized as professional pyrotechnic and are used by our professional staff for huge outdoor firework display. We are using special effects of scenic pyrotechnics for indoor fireworks.
We have special warehouses for pyrotechnic equipments, and thus we guarantee the quality of our products. Beside that, all our articles must be thoroughly examined and technically analyzed, providing the best quality and security measures. Beside wholesale and retail trade of pyrotechnic, our firm is authorized for display of any kind of firework.
During these years we have displayed 927 huge fireworks and over 752 projects of scenic pyrotechnic with special effects. We proudly point out at great experience of our staff who tried to delight our clients and numerous citizens of BIH, Serbia and Montenegro with their choreography. Technical capability of our staff is high leveled. We have approximately 15000 launch pipes with caliber from 75mm up to 400mm, complete equipment for electro ignition, our own transport vehicle, over 25000 different projectiles that are warehoused in our special warehouses and are available at any time.
We are typing to delight our clients and made them breathless by improving our technical equipment. We follow up the World technology, so we already introduced computerization of firework ignition and we started to display "musical fireworks". Choreography of fireworks is the result of continuous training and improvement of our staff regarding theoretical and practical firework display.

Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 063 128 8226
Fax: 011 318 9248


More contacts:

  • Banja Luka
    Vojvode Radomira Putnika 23
    Tel.: 00387-65-880-200, 

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box fireworks
colorful confetti
dry ice
firecrackers and rockets
firework beograd
firework performance
fireworks Cake
fireworks sales
foam party
professional pyrotechnics
special effects
stage fireworks
box fireworks
colorful confetti
dry ice
firecrackers and rockets
firework beograd
firework performance
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Karadžićeva bb
Zrenjanin, 23100
Tel.: 023/511-546
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service description:

Pan bookkeeping is the society with limited liability, it was established in 1998, with main activity of accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice.
The company is bookkeeping for companies, entrepreneurs, associations, sports associations under the applicable legislation in Republic of Serbia.

    Our services:

  • making documents for company registration in tax

  • administration before commencement of activity

  • registration of entrepreneur

  • giving informations to our clients about actual changes in legislation

  • control before posting accounting documents

  • general ledger in accordance with applicable regulations in Republic of Serbia

  • preparation of accounting statements

  • keeping incoming and outgoing invoices books

  • calculation of tax

  • calculations for wholesale, retail, import, export

  • keeping books and records of traffic services

  • material bookkeeping

  • bookkeeping of goods

  • calculating production

  • calculation of interest

  • management of fixed assets and amortization

  • keeping dinar and foreign currency cash

  • calculation of business trips at home and abroad

  • producing financial reports and documents required for loans

  • payroll with corresponding tax returns and bank transfer

  • making M-4 form

  • calculation of service contracts, royalties agreements, leases, etc.

  • making forms of acceptance and termination of employees

  • making final accounts (balance sheet) if needed than in English

  • organization of keeping business records and accounting documents

  • advice in all areas of finance especially in the conduct of financial policies

  • tax consultant

Company Info ::::.
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Nikole Tesle 1
Temerin, 21235
Tel.: 021/845-415
Fax: 021/845-077
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service description:

More contacts:

  • Gdja.Jurjević Snežana
    Tel.: 063/527-473, 
  • Gdin.Dušan Mustapić
    Tel.: 064/133-4466, 
Company Info ::::.
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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/507-269
Fax: 021/500-345
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Other Categories:


  • MobilSistemi

service description:

"Mobilsistemi" is a company which deals with eco Wc cabines and with sanitary containers.

Mobile ecological toilet
Mobile ecological toilet is used in public places where is no solution for water and sewer. It totally meets the needs of toilets.
Mobil toilets are cleaned minimum once a week, but the time of some manifestation or for different sets they are cleaned every day.
Mobile toilets can be installed on mini-trailers, so you can take it everywhere and put it where its necessary.
Mobile toilets have transparent plastic roof, what means that you can use it with a small quantity of lightening.

Sanitary containers
We have been the first company on the market who had offered sanitary containers in more versions.
Sanitary containers give you a feeling like you are home wherever you are using it.

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Anticlimbing fence
Assembled removable fence
back stage
camp equipment
camping equipment
chemical toilet
chemical toilets
community utilities
Construction containers
construction services
container rental
container towns
containers for housing
Demountable construction fence
dismantling prefabricated constructions
eco cabin
eco sanitary systems
eco sanitation
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Milunke Savić bb
Jošanička Banja, 36345
Tel.: 064/968-9-373
Fax: 036-5478-208
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service description:

The company SZR GRANIT was established in 1966. We are in Jošanička Banja near Kraljevo. Our main activity is processing natural granite and marble. Of these precious materials our experienced team makes tombstones, stairs, bars... We are also covering private and public buildings with floor and wall granite and marble slabs, with all types of domestic and imported materials. We guarantee first class materials and service.



More contacts:

  • direktor Branko Ostojić

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ashlar granite marble
bathroom equipment
granite sale
kitchen plates
mosaic tiles
stonework shop
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service description:

Imco doo was established id 28.02.1992.

At first we dealt with locksmith works and steel structures, facade locksmith, interiors and exteriors of metal, special locksmith works, fences, stairs, mezzanine constructions.

From the materials we mainly used steel profiles and hv tins, aluminum profiles and sheets, brass tubes and sheets, stainless steel profiles and sheets.
We worked mainly on office buildings, most banks
commercial business centers, residential security doors and fire doors.

    Last few years we are meanly dealing with doors, as follows:

  • fire doors (one wing, hinged, sliding, partially and fully glazed),

  • anti smoke doors,

  • security doors

  • automatic sliding doors,

  • rapid automatic doors.

We sell fire ampoules Mabo and fire shells Mab.

We are authorized distributors for fire door
NINZ - Italy, automatic sliding doors,
Ditec - rapid industrial doors Ditec - Italy.

We mainly produce security doors, and sometimes import it from Italy.
Security doors are high quality and we can meet various interior requests.
Fire doors are tested in IMS in Belgrade.

For more information and offer visit our website:


More contacts:

  • Tel.: 011/31-66-808, 
  • Tel.: 063/222-944, 
  • Proizvodnja i magacin
    Zemun, Mozerova br.52
    Tel.: 011 2199-915,  Fax: 011 2199-915

your images:

Protivpožarne ampule MABO
Protivpožarne granate MAB

armored door
automata door opening
automatic door
automatic doors
automatic fire ampoules
automatic fire ampoules Mabo
automatic slide door
development manufacturing doors
entrance doors
entrance processing
equipments for doors
external door
fire curtains
fire doors
fire doors Ninz
fire grenade
fire protection
fire service
fire service system
fire service tool
fire-fighting equipment
fit security door 
garage door
industrial door
locksmith good metal construction
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service description:

Lipa Print company is providing graphic services.

Many years of work and high quality equipment is the guarantee of quality that we offer.
Correct prices and precision in terms are the main reasons to chose our printing office.

Many years of work and experience, permanent monitoring and acquisition of modern technologies and materials, high quality printing and respecting deadlines are the main reasons to indicate your confidence to us.

We have equipments for screen, buffer, offset, digital printing and printing.

We are making graphic films and cold plastic coating.

We are working on machines from the next manufacturers: Heidelberg, Mimaki, Xerox, PrePress, Hewlett Packard

    We offer:

  • Invitations

    • Advertising materials

    • Advertising material

    • Lighters

    • Pens

    • Calendars

    • Pendant

    • Planners

    • Other

  • Visit cards

  • Flyers

  • Placards

  • T-shirts

  • Bags

  • Labels

  • Books

  • Catalogs

  • Folders

  • Pads

  • Exposes

  • Billboards

  • Car graphics

  • Tables

  • Illuminated signs

Working hours:

Monday - Friday 08-17
Saturday 08-12

your images:

big sized printing
business cards
car graphics
Design exclusive invitations
design making of invitations
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service description:

The company "Mila-Rapeni" was established in 1992 named Knitwear "Mila" in Nis as a small family business.

The products are branded as "Rapeny" collection.

The main characteristics of our production are:

- small series
- different color combinations
- various models
- availability for fitting and making two-part, three-part and multi-part kits.

Production program: upper apparel womens, mens and childrens knitwear:

- sweaters
- pullovers
- jackets
- skirts
- dresses
- sets
- scarfs
- caps

Design - "Mila-Rapeni" products are designed by a small but experienced designer team headed by the owner.

Sale - Wholesale in Nis and Belgrade.

We dont have a own retail shop, but our products can be found in the shops of our customers in Belgrade, Sabac, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Zrenjanin, Smederevo, Vranje, Novi Pazar and other places in Serbia.

Principles - Collections are defined in advance:

- Winter - models are made to the end of May and the sale begin in August
- Spring - models are made to the end of January and the sale begin in Februar

Soon our products will be able on the Austrian market, because we have write a contract with Fashion Center Europe about opening a shop in Vienna.


your images:


children knitwear
classic sweater knitwear
clothing for youth
Clothing from knitwear
clothing wholesale
Clothings from knitwear
cotton knitwear
dress manufacturing
fashion knitwear
Garment of knitted fabrics
Jacket knitwear
Jackets knitwear
Knitted skirt
Knitted sweater
Knitted sweaters 
knitwear for men
knitwear for women
Manufacture of knitted garments
Men's knitted sweater
Men's knitted sweaters
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service description:

About us

Mp Tropic d.o.o. was established in 2005, and deals with import and sale of pyrotechnic resources (first, second, third and fourth class). We have all permits MUP for sale.

We are organizing fireworks for all occasions too, such as:

  • Various events

  • Meetings

  • Concerts

  • Weddings, birthdays

  • We use only the goods that was examined by the Ministry of Interior.
    We have cars for transporting explosive materials.

    We are making performance stage effects too, in the internal (closed) region : Smokeless fountains, colored flames, dry ice (heavy fog), performance fireworks from water surface (directly from water).

    Our workers have all necessary certificates for performing and organizing fireworks for all kind of events. In our shops we offer pyrotechnics (1st and 2nd class), and equipments for hunting. In our shops you can find ammunition and weapons of all calibres too.

    Contact Us


    Sedište: Zmaj Jovina 7, Novi Banovci

    Tel: 022 / 349 - 443; 022 / 342 - 692

    E-mail: mptropic@ptt.rs; mptropic@gmail.com

    Web: www.mptropic.co.rs; www.pirotehnika-mptropic.rs

    More contacts:

    • direktor Pavlović MIlan
      Tel.: 063-528-860, 

    your images:

    amateur pyrotechnics
Arms and ammunition
arms sales
battery sales vatrometnih
box fireworks
colorful confetti
equipment for hunting and fishing
firecrackers and rockets
firework beograd
firework cake
firework organization
firework performance
fireworks beograd
fireworks Cake
fireworks for  cakes
fireworks for weddings
fireworks sale
fireworks shop
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1110809
    Požeška 67/A
    Beograd, 11000
    Tel.: 011/355-7-599
    Fax: 011-354-3-367
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    service description:

    ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. has been involved in Time, Attendance, Access Control, Car Parking Lots automation, Security, CCTV, ADC & Card (ISO standard CR-80) Printing and Personalization and Hotel locks for 12 years providing total solutions (hardware, software development & implementation) to the Customers. Its goal is the best use of IT to provide the business competitive edge. The approach at ASPEKT software development and system Integration Company is to spend time establishing both, a close working relationship and detailed understanding of the Client’s business and objectives. We are located in Belgrade down town, in our own business facilities.

    We are very good educated and very experienced team used to resell, integrate, do software development and implement various types of equipment. A number of References we have should confirm that. It wouldnt be new for us to see for the very first time some peace of equipment, to read the manual, to write software and to implement that peace of equipment in practice for extremely short time. We are used to resell, integrate and implement Automatic Systems, Be, Acroprint, US; Videx, US; Fargo, US; American Magnetics, US; CIM S.p.A., It; GIGA-TMS, Tw; Paradox, Ca; PROMAG, Tw,, SafeSky, Cn, various types of equipment. We would like to reach following goals, to sell, what we consider THE BEST of our company, KNOWLEDGE of software development and system integration, and to make long-term business relationship with our Customers. We believe it is possible, our motto is:

    Nothing is permanent, except change !

    ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o.

    Požeška br. 67a

    11000 Beograd


    Tel: ++381 11 3557 599

    Fax: ++381 11 3557 599

    E.mail: office@aspekt.rs
    Web: www.aspektdoo.eu
    Web: www.aspekt24h.com
    Web :www.aspektdoo.com
    web :www.aspekt.rs

    More contacts:

    your images:

    access control
access control systems
access control vehicle
alarm and camera installation
alarm and security systems
alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm system
alarms Inter phones video monitoring
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 1047352

    service description:

    Welcome in the world of wrought iron!


    Under the slogan "the world of wrought iron," we want to promote things that we turn into works of art. The company Ferro Still Design makes preliminary design, construction and installation of its products from wrought iron: gates, railings, stairs, balconies, canopies, metal structures, protective and decorative grids and furniture. In our offer except finished products and components is an imported element program too. Our goal is to wrought iron to find way to people who appreciate art and quality.


    Depending on the design the product can be produced classic, simple, elegant and stylish model tailored to your style. Classic or modern, always have a touch of elegance and originality.


    Quality is our most important tool to monitor our work from the choice of materials through production to final use of anti-corrosion protection and anti-corrosive paint. There is a wide range of colors, in addition to classic black you can choose from: gray, white, beige, brown or green. At your request we can make hot galvanizing and decorative patination in four shades.

      Our offer:

    • Gates

    • Railings

    • Balconies

    • Stairs

    • Canopies

    • Decorative grids

    • Wrought furnitures

    • Metal constructions

      Wrought iron elements:

    • Columns and pillars for balcony and balustrades

    • Forged assemblies for balconies, stairs and railings

    • Equipments for gates

    • Wrought-iron spikes, baskets, balls, coins

    • Basic elements

    • Ornaments

    • Rosettes

    • Mailboxes

    • Material



    70€ per square meter

    Box tube 30x30mm
    Flah 30x5mm
    Firiket (smooth) 14x14
    Flah 16x8mm


    60€ per meter

    Box tube 30x30mm
    Box tube 40x20mm
    Box tube 30x20mm
    Flah 30x5mm
    Firiket (smooth) 12x12mm

    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 063/849-86-42, 

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balcony fence
construction of cast iron
corrodation protect
corrosion protection of metal chalets
covered bench
covered bench installation and assembly
extra quality
fence making
forged balconies
forged components
forged iron elements
forged railings
forged spikes
handicrafts made of wrought iron
household product
kovácsolt fogantyúk
kovano gvozdje
locksmith good metal construction
malleable starway
metal construction
metal fences
metal fences 
metal fences
metal product
metal products
metal stairs
production of furnitures
Serbian furniture
unique furniture
various furniture
wnought iron furniture
wrought iron
wrought iron bars
wrought iron enclosure
wrought iron fence
wrought iron gate
wrought iron gates
wrought iron interior
wrought iron Šabac
wrought iron Sabac
wrought iron stairs
wrought iron stairs
    Company Info ::::.
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    service description:

    KOGAST BELGRADE d.o.o., is the authorized representative of the renowned manufacturer of professional catering equipments KOGAST GROSUPLJE d.d., Slovenia and the part of the group KOGAST SYSTEMS d.o.o.

    The main activity of the company is equipping catering objects with professional catering equipments from the Slovenian manufacturer Kogast Grosuplje.

      Our production and sales program includes:

    • Thermal equipments - program line 600, 700 and 900 (electrical, gas, combined cooking stoves, grills, fryers, tippers, cooking pots, stoves, cooking for pasta...)

    • Neutral equipments - program line 600 and 700 (chromed desks, neutral tables, cooling tables, sinks, cabinets, shelves, wall cabinets, kitchen carts, hot tables...)

    • Potato huller

    • Machines for washing fruits and vegetables

    • Lines for food distribution - Self lines

    • One side and double side Bridge thermal blocks

    • Components for "Front cooking" preparing meals in front of guests

    • Production of kitchen technologies

    • Computer-controlled kitchen according to HACCP principles

    • Spare parts for Kogast equipments

    • Own service network of authorized service for kitchen equipments

    • WINTERHALTER dishwashers

    • RATIONAL steam convection oven

    More contacts:

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catering equipment
catering equipment neutral
catering object equipping
equipment for caterers
equipment for hotel
equipment of heat treatment
equipments for catering trade
equipments for catering trade from prochrom
HACCP Equipment
HACCP standard
hotel accessories
hotel equipment
hotel program
    Company Info ::::.
    Hits: 125514

    service description:

    Devices and equipments for the operation of motor vehicles on the installation of the renowned Italian company "Lovato"
    Long years of experience of "Lucar" SZR has shown that the equipments of "Lovato" are ideal solution for vehicles powered by LPG.
    Name and reputation of the factory and years of experience behind us, hundreds of satisfied customers are what separates us from others.
    In addition we offer a wide range of related products like reservoir for LPG, copper pipes and water pipes, reducers, branches and other supplies (filters, membran, etc.)
    For Lovato devices we give warranty for 24 months.
    To our customers, we provide technical support:
    * working days from 08:00 to 16:00 on the phone 021/634-1752
    * weekends from 10:00 to 18:00 on 064/24-46-031

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 021/420-530, 

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Auto gas appliances equipment
auto gas Lovato
car gas Novi Sad
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 1014232

    service description:

    Eko Vent Tehnika company deals with design, sale and installation of ventilation, air conditioning, heating equipment and eco-systems.
    A team of engineers, with long experience in this field, offers you adequate solutions for your requirements. The company works only with certified equipment of renowned manufacturers. For all the works and equipment, company provides warranty and service.
    # household appliances
    # electric thermo fans
    # heaters
    # heating
    # domestic heating
    # heating for industry
    # Industrial fans
    # heater
    # bathroom heaters
    # quartz heaters
    # quartz oven and furnaces
    # air humidity taker
    # heating equipment
    # equipment for air conditioning
    # heating system
    # installation of air conditioners
    # installation of ventilation systems
    # air technique
    # air curtains
    # ventilation channels
    # fans


    Eko Vent Tehnika Ltd.
    Temerinski put 8
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 021/6413-777
    Fax: 021/021/6413-777
    Mobil: 065/47-12-812

    E-mail: info@ekovent.rs, office@ekovent.rs, prodaja@ekovent.rs
    Web: www.ekovent.rs

    More contacts:

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     Smoke exhaust fans
aerator system
aerator system installation
air conditioner
air conditioning equipment
air curtains
air dehumidifiers
air technics 
axial fan
Backward bladed centrifugal fans
Cabinet fans
centrifugal fans
Corrosion proof centrifugal fans
duct fans
electric thermo fans
Explosion proof fans
fans to exhaust smoke
Forward curved bladed centrifugal fans
gas calorifier
gas stoves
gas stoves and heaters
gas heating air conditioning
Heat recovery unit
heater for the bathroom
heating equipment
heating industries
heating system
household device
household heating
In line centrifugal fans
    Company Info ::::
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    service description:

    21220 Bečej, Branka Radičevića 48

    Activities of the company:

    - retail of tires, parts, batteries, oil, antifreeze
    - Mounting and balancing all types of wheels, passenger and freight
    - Mechanical correction of aluminum and steel wheels

    About Us

    We have 20years of experience doing the next services:
    - mounting and demounting all kinds of wheels (passenger, freight, agricultural, tires for motorcycles)
    - mechanical correction of aluminum and steel wheels
    - balancing wheels (passenger and freight)

    Show us your trust and buy in our shops
    - all types of tires
    - SHELL motor oils
    - HELLA and BOSCH supplies
    - complete equipments for auto electrics for all kinds of vehicles HELLA, ASPACT, MENBERS
    - BLACK HORSE, BOSCH, EKSIDE batteries
    - complete aerial installation for commercial vehicles HALDEX, WAPCO

    We guarantee first-class service and affordable prices.

    More contacts:

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12V batteries
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 920239

    service description:

    The company KMC Company DOO from Subotica is importer and authorized distributor French corporation Leroy-Somer, one of the leading manufacturers:
    • All kinds of electric engines (asynchronous, EExe, EExd, VARMECA, iA etc.)
    • Motor gear
    • Pump for potable, domestic water and chemicals
    • Regulation of electric motor drives

    All products are manufactured with standard protection IP 55 and with increased level of utilization EFF2, in accordance with the standards of countries which are in the European Union and of course, IEC34-1 standard.
    By using these plants, the following can be achieved:
    • Savings in electricity consumption. Example: Engine LS due to increased efficiency in operation, for 2-3 years use less electricity (less losses) pay its value.
    • Products are better than all that is offer in our market
    • Products are not more expensive than the competition
    • Warranty for all products is 18 months
    • We replace the old for new (no matter who is the manufacturer of the electro motors)

    If you have needs and requirements for these programs, we are ready to visit you and make a technical-commercial presentation, information and future arrangements.

    In Subotica,

    Krivek Gabor El.Ing.

    KMC Company D.o.o.
    Preduzeće za proizvodnju i trgovinu
    Svetozara Miletića 43.
    24000 Subotica,
    +381 24 / 55 54 18 , 55 44 15
    +381 24 600 839

    More contacts:

    • Centrala
      Tel.: 024/554-415, 

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asynchronous and DC generators
automatica automatisation
circulation pump
electric accessories stock
electrical engineering
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 531788

    service description:

    The company "Just Green" d.o.o. is a professional supplier for Serbia of used and new solarium, lamps, equipment for solarium, as well high quality cosmetic preparations for tanning.

    Speed, quality service and good prices are leading our guidelines.

    We offer new and used solarium from the top brands at the best prices.

    In our offer you can find standing and lying tanning beds new or second hand but completely renovated, with new lamps and equipments. We highlight from our offer the revolutionary PERFECT SUN standing solarium which with its unique ellipsoid shape, built in plexi mirrors, and the most modern, powerful lamps, it meets the most stringent European standards. Perfects sun solarium thanks to built-in sun solarium air conditioners provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling, durable bronze tan all over your body, on the legs, on the shoulders, etc (due to the plexi mirrors). We have several Perfect Sun solarium models depending on the technical capabilities, equipments and the power lamp. On request, we can equip the solarium with lamps that meet the latest European standards (0.3 UVB). All the models are with warranty and with accessories.
    Our offer you can look in Subotica, in Ginger Solarium Studio, where in a pleasant atmosphere you can try out several models.
    Friendly staff will be available, and answer to all your questions!

    More contacts:

    • Kontakt osoba:gdin.Gyömbér Szabolcs
      Tel.: 065/5530-349, 

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    chocolate brown lamps
chocolate lamp
cosmetic salon
cosmetics for face and body care
equipment for solarium
Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna
infra red cabin 
infrared cabins
infrared sauna
light for solarium
new solarium
sales of chocolate lamps
    Company Info ::::
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    service description:

    Service of burners, gas techniques and thermo - energetic equipments. Service of gas furnaces for household.

    "Termo-Tim" company from Novi Sad was established in 1998. The founders of the company are experts of electrical engineering in the field of thermo-energetics for many years.

    "Termo-Tim" has a leading position in servicing burners and thermo-energetic equipment. We are present in all branches of industry, working on plants for the heat production: the steam boiler, the hot-water boilers for central heating. We repair burners in driers, bakeries, brickyards, foundries and dairies. The auxiliary equipment for burners and other thermo-energetic equipment, we use and install the products of following manufacturers: Dungs, Honeywell, Suntec, Satronic, Landis & Steufa, Siemens, Krömschröder,etc.

    More contacts:

    • Živković Branko
      Tel.: 063/523-134, 
    • Fešiš Zoltan
      Tel.: 063/547-583, 
    • Spasojević Branko
      Tel.: 063/512-691, 

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    boiler maintenance
boilers for central heating
burner service
central heating
coal boilers
devices for central heating
electric boilers
electric boilers for central heating
equipment for gas
    Company Info ::::
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    service description:

    Silos Tech was established as a family company in 2006. Our occupation consists of 3 parts: wholesale of feed, production of transport equipments for supply of vet station and silos. We produce equipment for storages, ventilation, transport of various grains, screw conveyors, elevators, equipment for feed preparation, mashines for feed mixing. We also produce metal construction for silos.

    Last year we had large investments in production, including the construction of the hall of 1000 m2, CNC plasma and flame cutter, CNC presses of 300 tons, NC scissors and in various machines.

    We expanded our occupation with service business. Currently, we have 42 employees.
    Our references are: 25 silos by year and the biggest is Gebi doo Cantavir.

    Our goal is to increase production, to expand the assortment and to improve the production.

    SRBIJA, Senta
    TEL/FAX 024 / 821 906
    VELEPRODAJA, SUBOTIČKI PUT 9 024 / 814 699
    MALOPRODAJA, ARPADOVA 77/a 063 / 7197 756

    web site www.transporteri.rs

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063 635 043, 
    • Tel.: 064 634 999, 

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agrarian growth
agrarian machine and equipment
belt conveyors
bucket elevator
bucket elevators
Chain conveyor
chain conveyors-redlers
chain hoists 
CNC plasma cutting
cutting service
edge bender
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 603588

    service description:

    Herba Market

    HERBA MARKET Ltd. is one of the leading importers and distributors of hairdressing equipment, tools and cosmetics for the hair world most famous manufacturers. It was established in 1990. All our products are tested and has service and warranty. As a direct importer and distributor, we offer the lowest prices on our market for the products of world leading companies.

    HerbaMarket is the general distributor of the famous Italian professional hair care cosmetics "Professional by FAMA"
    * History - Company Professional by FAMA "was established in 1981.

    * Mission - The task is not just "sell", but to understand the needs of its customers. In the laboratory of the company are tested and produced the top products from selected ingredients. Each product is a result of thorough research and experience and it enables you to feel the right side of beauty.

    * Distribution - products "Professional by FAMA" guarantee healthy and quality of their products with guaranteed colouring, pH, parfuming, concentration ...

    * Marketing - The research team continually creates new projects in accordance to the market trends and always provides service to its users.
    * HerbaMarket Ltd. is the only authorized importer and distributor of "Professional by FAMA" company for the territory of Serbia.

    Gvozdićeva 4 lokal 2
    Tel: 011/3820731
    Tel: 011/2451909

    Dože Đerđa 8/4
    Tel: 064/1381126
    Tel: 021/259382
    Tel: 021/ 553626

    Savska 16a
    Tel: 018/210843
    Tel: 018/200056
    Tel: 018/200057

    More contacts:

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beauty-shop and equipment
ceramic brush
click clack system
cosmetic bearings
cosmetic products
cosmetics and hairdresser services
cosmetics fama
cosmetics parfums
equipments for beauty salons
furniture for hairdressing salons
Grease Gel Hair
hair accessories for painting
hair coloring
hair colours
hair cosmetics
hair dress chair
hair dresser scissors
hair drier
hair dryers brushes brakes figaro scissors
hair figaro
hair for supplementing
hair ironing
Hair Mask
hair revitalisation
hair spray
hair supplement
hair washer
hairdresser equipment
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 418512

    service description:

    Continental Becej Export Import company is occupied with repair and sales of office equipment. It repairs:

    • copiers (Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp)

    • laser printers

    • ink jet printers

    • matrix printers

    • multi-functional devices

    • fax devices

    • electronical typewriters

    • calculators

    We also sell supplies for all the machines mentioned above, all types of ribbons for matrix printers, original and compatible laser cartridges. We fill black&white and colour laser cartridges for all type of laser printers by affordable prices.

    From the year of 2009, we started leasing and renting of copiers.

    We sell fiscal cash registers (Ei, Sharp, Galeb, HCP) and eqipment - thermal rolls, keyboard foils, bar code scanners.

    We sell GPS navigation systems and Bluetooth Handsfree devices.

    Professionalism and quality are the most important things for us in order to fulfill all the wishes and needs of our customers.

    Working hours:
    Weekdays 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    Saturdays 7 a.m. - 12 p.m.

    More contacts:

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cash register
cash registers and printers
distributing toners
dot matrix printers
electro service
ink jet printers
laser printer
laser printers
leasing copier
photocopier machine maintenance
printer sale
printer service
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 269181

    service description:

    We sell all necessary materials and equipments for casting and upgrade of artificial nails.
    We offer a wide selection of equipments and furnitures for manicure, pedicure, waxing and for cosmetic treatments.


    Petra Drapšina 2 A

    Subotica, 24000 Srbija



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    2M beuty
Arco Cosmetici
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 869630

    service description:

    "HemoTehna" Ltd Company from Subotica was founded in April, 1991. We started the production of PET packaging
    in 1994, and modernized it with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. So we increased the capacity of the production, expanded the assortment and improved the quality of the packaging.

    As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer`s demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

    From Sempember 2007 the management of the company established a sustainable directing system that meets the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


    PET packaging for Food Industry

    This PET packaging has a wide purpose of use: to pack oil, vinegar, distilled water, drinks, wine and similar.

    PET packaging for household chemicals

    This PET packaging is designed to pack household chemicals, liquid window cleaners, liquid fertilizers for plants and similar.

    PET packaging for energy drinks

    This PET packaging is designed to pack energy drinks and similar products.

    PET packaging for Pharmaceutical Industry

    This group of PET packaging is designed to pack pharmaceutical products.

    PET packaging for alcoholic drinks

    This group of PET packaging is for alcoholic drinks, ethereal oils, different elixirs and similar.

    PET packaging for Chemical Industry

    This group of PET packaging is to pack chemicals for agriculture, and it is also designed to pack medicines nad powdered products.

    PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is our choice first of all because of the technical characteristics this material offers. It is an attractive material, has good mechanical features, transparency and gloss. It substitutes conventional materials because it is cheap, weighs little, it is resistant to hits, grease and emulsifiers. One of its most important characteristics is that it is reusable.

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bottle of brandy
bottles of oil
cosmetic package
distilled water
industry plastic packing 
package from plastic mass
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 803365

    service description:

    Petro-Mont is a private family business, established in 05.05.1989. as a craft shop.

    Further development of the team "PETRO-MONT" has completed recruitment of a number of licensed engineers responsible contractors and responsible designers, from the field of engineering, construction and architecture.
    We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments of new systems in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning and renewable energy.

    Petro-Mont has over 20years of experience in the performance of mechanical and construction work on the construction of gas pipelines, water and waste water, heating and hot water connections and construction of substations for district heating.

    The part that with Petro-Mont stands out is training of young staff in the field of construction work, as confirmed by many years of practice in our students who attend Central Mechanical School in Novi Sad.

    Decades of experience, professionally trained staff constantly monitoring trends and developments in technology, technical equipment are the guarantee for the efficiency and quality of our work.

    More contacts:

    • www.grejanjens.rs
    • www.petromont.rs
    • www.petromont.co.rs
    • office@petromont.co.rs
    • Tel.: 021/646-72-90, 
    • Tel.: 021/636-90-77, 
    • Tel.: 021/636-94-39, 
    • Fax: 021/646-72-99

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    air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
construction activity
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 627854

    service description:

    Sales of vehicles, auto service and parts

    Auto Marton Ltd.

    It was established in 1976. as a car service for all vehicles. In 1991.we signed a contract with Nissan of a guarantee servising and selling on the territory of northern Vojvodina.

    Our family company consists of services and car salons. Services are suitable for all types of vehicles but for Nissan in a guaranteed period.

    Auto salon is selling new Nissan cars, used vehicles from the system old to new, spare parts for all Japanese vehicles, Castrol motor oils and Bridgestone car tires.

    More contacts:

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Auto & Moto
auto dealers
auto sales
car artisan service
car centre
car component car equipments
car house Nissan
car house Nissan
car maintance
car parts
car programme
car sales cars
Car salon
Car salon 
car salon
car service
car service
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 291516

    service description:

    Institute for Geotechnic - Subotica

    Geotechnic Institute is joint-stock company found from the Geomechanic Sector, once well known as Institute for Architecture of SAPV in Subotica. Privatized on Auction of Privatization Agency in Novi Sad on June, the 13th, 2005. We possess experienced and qualified staff which have totally 5 licences 310, 315, 316 (two) i 491.

    From 1967. till the end of year 2005. this company made 2800 geotechnical elaborates i 1900 geomechanical reports. Institute is one of the few companies in Serbia and Monte Negro which own complet equipment for geomechanical research.

    Institute is the only company in Vojvodina which owns, beside the static penetrometer of 100 kN capacity and static penetrometer of 200 kN capacity, products of Gouda from Holland and complete equipment for field load test of piles until the limited force of 2000 kN.

    Let us be fundamental, rational, let us project and build safe and sound with a help of needed geotechnical researches.

    Segedinski put 86.
    24000 Subotica


    More contacts:

    • Obrada Elaborata
      Tel.: 024/541-249, 
    • Laboratorija
      Tel.: 024/543-705, 

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allowed capacity of soil
cbr experiment
circular plate experiment
cubical mass of soil
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 532820
    Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 40
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 063/88-68-455
    Fax: 021 6301 427
    on the map


    • Daf
    • FAP
    • Iveco
    • Man
    • Mercedes
    • Tam
    • Volvo

    service description:

    Production and import of spare parts for trucks. We sell all kinds of repressed bearings and drive shaft carriers.

    Product-In Ltd. is a company which was established in 1981. in Indija. The occupation is mostly producing of parts from metal, rubber and plastic.


    We produce spare parts for trucks. The main products are all kinds of repressed bearings and drive shaft carriers,axle trap, shaft spring, hanger spring, bronze capsules of all types, mainstreams, screws. Our products are made of metal (high quality metal), cast iron from well known foundries, plastic and rubber.


    Our services are: welding (various materials), turning, milling, cutting to fi-500 mm, fine grinding, drilling, etc. We have 12 machines in our production. There are series production and piece production by sample or technical drawing. We repair drive shaft carriers and water pumps.


    We also trade spare parts from import - Man and Mercedes. Those are clutch sets, water pumps, air valves, clutch systems, drive shaft carriers, etc. There is an opportunity of goods import by order thus the goods are not in our domain.


    From January 1st we are repairing Wolksvagen vehicles and marketing vehicles too.


    More contacts:

    • Nebojša Ilkić
      Bulevar Slobodana Jovanovića 40 Novi Sad
      Tel.: 063/1796-574, 

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bearing sale
cardan import
cardan service
crankshaft bearings
cross shaft
lorry spare parts
parts for trucks
repair center gimbal
spare parts
spare parts for freight vehicles
spare parts for vehicles
truck equipment
universal joint crosses
universal joints and bearings
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 318878
    Čaki Lajoša 62
    Temerin, 21235
    Tel.: 064 3038 099
    Fax: 021 841 411
    on the map

    service description:


    Vašaš Ferenc was the founder of the workshop in 1931. In a very short time he became one of the most famous potter in Serbia. He made tile stoves.
    In the seventies and eighties he was famous in making flowerpots.
    People from Zadar and Mostar came because they were satisfied with his work. But after the war, his occupation was again pottery.
    Tile stoves - it is a way of warm and economic heating in your home!
    They were made in Germany and are more and more famous nowadays. Through the years, they are changing their shapes, ornaments and the way of construction. In the beginning, only wood was used, but today it is connected to the current and gas with automatic regulation.
    It can also be used in central heating systems - with less firewood, you can warm more spaces.
    It can be especially pretty in your home with different designs which you can combine as you you wish.
    Tile stoves are using about 80 % of fuel. They accumulate the heat and keep the average temperature. If you use tile stoves, you can save a great ammount of energy.
    The stoves are from quality fireproof clay and are hand made in the workshop Keramika - Vašaš.
    Thanks to our traditional technology, we avoid the mistakes which come up at the pressed serial goods.
    We mostly work by orders. So, you will get the stove you like.

    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 064 3038 099, 

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ceramic works
chamotte brick
chamotte bricks
fireplaces and tile stoves
grill plate
heating equipment
production of tile stove
samot bricks
tile stove
tile stove Temerin
ceramic works
chamotte brick
chamotte bricks
fireplaces and tile stoves
grill plate
heating equipment
production of tile stove
    Company Info ::::
    Hits: 1662796

    service description:

    About Us

    Our production is characterized by a modern approach to work, flexibility in the choice of material, shape, surface protection, and high expertise in business, ranging from design and planning, manufacture, finishing and delivery. A good selection of personnel, work ethics and professional conduct provide high quality of our products. In addition to the classical approach to the design and production of wrought iron elements and construction, using contemporary design and modern metal processing technology, we are able to give a new dimension and the spirit of metal and wrought iron structures.

      The main PRODUCTS of wrought iron workshop - "Joilart" are:

    • Wrought iron, production and sale of forged elements

    • Wrought iron gates and fences, design, manufacture and installation of wrought iron

    • Forged accessories and wrought iron furniture, interior and exterior

    • Construction of halls, porches, small prefabricated buildings, staircases, shelves for storage buildings, billboards.


    Ordering can be done personally at our offices, telephone call, fax or online.


    Standard elements of iron and materials contained in the price list of elements is delivered immediately and not later than seven days. Other deliveries are formed depending on your requirements and range from seven to thirty days.
    Delivery of parts, assemblies or materials available to our vehicle by appointment, depending on quantity and distance, or express mail in which transport packets weighing up to 25kg will cost 250.00 dinars.

    Payment method

    Payment can be made in cash, payment cards (credit and debit), by check or wire transfer.


    Zoran Đorđiev, graduated mechanical engineer +381 63 484 888
    Zvezdan Kljajić, economist +381 63 222 252        
    Fax: +381 11 8300 551
    Tel: +381 11 8302 700    
    Web: www.joilart.com
    Email: office@joilart.com

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construction of cast iron
cost of the wrought iron fence
fences and 
forged components
forged handrails
forged iron elements
forged irons
forged railings
forged spikes
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    Nikole Tesle 14.
    Kruševac , 37000
    Tel.: 037/492-455
    Fax: 037/492-455
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    Components manufacturing and distributing for building facilities.

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    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 064/142-33-51, 

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    building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
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    The company "Terming doo" from Kula was established in 1996, when the use of biomass as an energy source was just an idea of innovative. However our main product from the beginning is boilers to burn straw and residues of plant origin.

    Our boilers have now been found application in heating of:
    - individual houses
    - workshops, halls, warehouses
    - pig farm
    - dryers for grains, fruits, vegetables
    - greenhouses

    We have also in each of these areas offered equipment with our technological solutions:
    - equipment for pig farm
    - construction of greenhouses, heat installation in greenhouses
    - driers for cereals
    - heat accumulators, tanks
    - solar panels, boilers, tanks
    - stainless steel and steel chimneys

    We are trying to help you, that winter is cheaper and your heating more reliable.

    Kucurski put bb

    tel./faks +381/25-722-866
    tel. +381/25-726-870
    tel. +381/25-722-233
    mob. +381/63/833-09-84
    mob. +381/63/119-50-91

    web. www.termingkula.rs

    email: termingkula@gmail.com
    email: info@termingkula.rs
    email: terming@verat.net

    Partner for the territory of the Republic of Croatia:
    Kralja Petra Svačića 21
    Beli Manastir
    Telefon: +385/31 70 34 57

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    • KONTAKT :
      Tel.: +381/63-833-09-84, 
      Tel.: +381/63-119-50-91, 

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    biomass boilers
biomass heating techniques
boilers for central heating
box for farrowing sows
corn drying
equipment for animal breeding
equipment for central heating
equipment for pig
floor heating
grain dryer
grain dryers
heating hall
heating system furnaces
home heating
household heating
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    M.P. "I L G M"

    Production of elements from 6 mm tin-plate. Soldering, flexion, cuting. Production by CNC machines.

    Our main occupation is production of metal constructions and parts of constructions.

    Ilgm MP is mainly an Italian company with headquarters in Kragujevac. It offers contemporary CNC equipment and makes parts and circuits from the field of tin deformation processing (cutting, bending, punching and welding).

    Quality guarantee of our products or our services are based on machines from a world well-known company "Amada" and on a long work experience of our employees gained in Italy.

    Ilgm MP meets the strictest requirements of its consumers in the field of tin processing by cutting, bending, punching and welding.

    It cooperates with italian, german and french companies and uses tins which are imported from Italy.

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archival office shelves
bathroom shelves
cabinet for clothes
cnc machines
cnc machines cutting
cnc metal processing
console stands
cutting sheet metal
gas cabinets
machines with CNC control
metal cabinet
metal cabinets
metal construction
metal containers
metal electro wardrobes
metal shelf
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    Company "Stobex" doo Loznica was established in 26th September, 1990.
    The founder and the owner of the company is Stojinic Dobrivoje from Loznica.

    At the end the company was dealing with:
    -transport service, so it can leater expand its activities to
    -area of production separated grit and crushed aggregates, for which we have our complete plants
    -construction mehanization works
    -automated production of asphalt, raw concrete, concrete pipes and curbs in its own plants.

    Facilities are in "Lipnicki Sor" on an area of approximately 15 hectares, which is a complete process from production to finishing works in construction.

    The company has all necessary construction machineries / rollers, excavators, loaders, graders, pavers...), and a large fleet of transport vehicles including mixers for transportation of raw concrete, etc.

    All these products and transport capacity guarantees timely production, delivery and installation of elements with respect to the agreed deadlines.

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    asphalt installation
asphalt bitumen
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade machine tool equipment
building trade machines
cement concrete binder
concrete installation
concrete mixer
construction company
Construction machinery
construction machinery
ending works of the building industry
goods transport Kosovo
installation of concrete pipes
installation of concrete poles
installing concrete curbs
land digging
production of asphalt 
production of concrete
asphalt installation
asphalt bitumen
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    Vetex toolroom deals only with construction and tool making by order. We produce: tools for plastic injection, tools for wax models for micro molding, tools for tin cutting and shaping, tools for blacksmithing, models and tools (molds) for free metal casting, tools for tire repairing, forms for vacumization, complex mechanical parts and prototype parts, special parts, mechanical spare parts by and out of standards...

    Tools developing, projecting and producing are made by contemporary CAD/CAM programs on CNC and classical machines by 2D, 3D drawings or patterns.

    Radno vreme: Pon-Pet 07-17h, Sub 07-15h

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cnc millers
CNC milling
construction design
machine industry
mechanical parts
metal industry
tool fabrication
tool fabrication 
tool room
tools and machines
tools for plastic injection
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    Psychologist - parapsychologist
    Experience over 30 years!
    Solution for your problems!

    Detection and removal of black magic with the help of photographs.

    if you contact me, your nightmares and questions will stop. I need your photo and after a few hours the initials or the name of the person who is to blame for your problem will appear. The kind of magic that tells me how to remove it will also appear. Even through a phone conversation I can feel what are your problems because I am a psychologist. I am concerned with parapsychology for many years and people from all over the world ask me for help. I am the only one in the whole world in this way who can discover the cause of your insomnia, unfulfilled love, illness ... By personal touch with the help of bioenergetics, I successfully solve problems of insomnia, headaches, spondylosis, neurosis .. I also do weight reduction programs and the cases of changes on the skin. Cellulite, stretch marks ... If you come to me, telephone scheduling is a must, you have to take a photo of you where your whole figure is seen, it has to be in colour but it does not have to be a recently recorded one. Appointments can be done at tel. 011 2332 491 or mob. 064 127 01 08.

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    alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
detection of negative energy
elimination of negative energy
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    The printing and publishing company "GRAFOPRODUKT" was established in 1992. The development direction of the company is not just about the enlargement of our machine park, but also increasing the number of our staff, in order to meet the demands of the market and to find new potential opportunities for collaboration.

    In addition to publishing books and newspapers we can print catalogs, brochures, leaflets and make light cardboard packaging and labels.

    3 operators work on high capacity computers, that allows undisturbed work. We do services like: scanning, filming and CTP panel lighting.

    To satisfy our customers we also do:
    - book fracturing
    - designing of catalogs and commercial surfaces
    - making logos
    - making photographs in high resolution - of buildings, products and objects for different publications.

    You can read more about the delivery of printing material and our offer on: www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

    The basic technology is offset printing.
    We have 4 offset machines:

    - Four colored B2
    - Two colored B2
    - Four colored A3
    - One colored B3

    Our technical abilities allow printing on papers from 60 to 400 grams.

    In addition, we have digital printing and large format printing.

    - Mimaki CJV solvent printer (CJV30-160)
    - Integrisani solvent printer-cutter (Print&Cut)
    - Mimaki CJV30 solvent printer-cutter is an advanced version of the old Mimaki JV3 solvent printer, with a unique integrated system for printing and cutting, what brigs us a much bigger choice and flexibility in our work.
    Starting from souvenir shops, copiers, design agencies, to screen printers, we offer our services of making advertisements and other printing services, the CJV30 series offer high performance printing and cutting to its customers. Advertisements of large format, such as large posters, graphics, POP displays, backlit, window decoration, car graphics, floor advertising, etc..
    We are not able to perform fieldwork (measuring, gluing, etc.).

    We are able to provide the following services: laminating, plastic coating, film and plate (CTP) lightening , design, fracturing.

    There are three professional bookbinders who do finishing works. Their professionalism is completed by our machine park: benders, collectors, plastic coating makers, laminating machines, benders and staplers of large format.
    Besides the above mentioned machine park there are some auxiliary devices which allow us to do:
    - numbering
    - punching up to format B2 (folders, boxes)
    - gluing and sewing books.

    Our business partners can count on fast and quality works.

    Visit our website www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs everyone will find something interesting. Because of limited space, it is impossible to present the full range of the production program.
    Ask us for an offer and detailed information.

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    advertising and business materials printing
big sized printing
board packaging
boards lightning
book printing
bookbinding finishing
CTP device
Design exclusive invitations
design making of invitations
design service
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    Beniš Alexander entrepreneur from Subotica, for more than 11 years, offers:

    - Vehicles transport from abroad
    - Goods transportation to 7.5 tons in the country and abroad
    - Customs service

    - Construction works with a construction
    - Land Works
    - Demolition of buildings, debris remove
    - Working with construction machinery, such as
    cranes, several types of excavator (excavator for stone digging, excavators for channel digging, etc.)

    We have no region limit!


    Our company imports and sales agricultural machines, such as: tractors, harvesters, equipments, etc. from famous manufacturers:


    Services with all kinds of construction machinery
    Sand and gravel are available at low prices with transport
    Forklift services with a capacity from 2T-16T
    Telehender services - 4T capacity at a height of 9m
    Crane services of 30T, 40T and 60T
    Arrangement of parking space
    Stone crusher (service and sales of stone from stock)

    Contact: Tel. 065/258-02-58 and 065/520-06-11
    E-mail address: benisa@ymail.com

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    • Tel.: 065/258-02-58, 
    • Tel.: 065/520-06-11, 

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building Industry services
building operations
building trade machine work
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